Aryanism – a misunderstood word and concept

Villification is an effective way to combat an enemy, since it is in effect, getting others to fight the enemy for you. With some carefully chosen words and images, hate can be incited and the masses will “remove” someone… sometimes literally, other times just through stigma.

Aryanism has suffered such a fate. In the eyes of the masses it is synonomous with hate and terror and war crime. It has been exceptionalized as the worst of the worst.

I once said “Irony’s no slacker” and am continually surprised how right that turned out in many respects with one of those being Aryanism. I can’t tell anyone what to think about it, if you are dead set on despising it, then as Aesop said, “a willful beast must go his own way.” Not to belittle the reader, but in the original fable, the “beast” refers to a mule, though you can see the over-arching meaning at play; it can refer to any sentient creature.

Like the farmer in that fable, who tried to pull his mule back before it runs off, I will show the reader this — — a link to a website dedicated to Aryanism and how really a universalist and benevolent an idea it actually is.

Deep down most intelligent people know that the swastika isn’t a hate symbol, but a sun symbol and it was very prevalent in many cultures before its villification. If the reader can at least accept that perhaps they’ll be encouraged to take a step further on the website and read about “Aryan Race” — another villified term — and see that it too isn’t about hate.

Perhaps the reader is ready to try and understand Aryanism, because only then will they be able to truly say that they accept it or decline it.

About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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