USA – United States of Arya

The United States is both a very good location as well as a difficult location to boot up a strong Aryanist movement. The problem is most of Europe is even probably even more difficult. However, it is in the West that the ripples must first be formed for them to have a chance of forming into a worldwide wave.

Strategically the US and the UK should be the center of initial operations. English is a language known worldwide thus information posted could easily circle the World. However, more importantly, both countries are prime for smashing the villification Aryanism has faced. Villification, is essentially a form of herd manipulation where some select information mobilizes the masses to “remove” an element… sometimes literally, sometimes just through stigma. This tactic is most definitely un-Aryan, but unforetunately it is quite effective. In many European countries just displaying the swastika is a hate-crime and grounds for arrest. In contrast, the Soviet Hammer and Sickle, which represents a system that has systematically caused the deaths of at least 20 million people under Stalin and 50 million under Mao (in additon to other regimes), according to popularly agreed upon and accepted as mainstream statistics, has remained relatively unstigmatized. There is even a Stalin themed coffee shop in Moscow, which I have not seen, but can reasonably assume that said coffee shop is overflowing with Soviet imagery.

There is even a statue of Lenin on Houston Street in New York City and USSR themed t-shirts are not too common, but can be seen around here and there in places frequented by left-leaning crowds. This is because Communism is seen as a beautifully conceived idea that failed; while National Socialism is seen as a vicious idea that failed. It cannot be said that National Socialism as seen in 1930s Germany was perfect or was implemented perfectly and it is with these two few points in mind that we come to the present day United States.

The United States is a very diverse country with people from all walks of life, society and the political spectrum. In fact, most cultures and ethnicities can probably be found in parts of the Unites States; some in larger amounts than others. It is this diversity that the present day Aryanist movement can use to smash the villification that has been thrust upon it. There are Aryans and anti-Zionists in the USA and this means they likely come from a variety of cultures. Thus once enough have been taken aboard, Aryanism will have a great weapon in shedding its curse; our own ranks will show that we do not wish to discriminate blindly. Our ranks will show that we are not neo-nazi loons who are just a form of hippies with their foolishness. Our ranks will show other people in other countries that they can too be Aryans.

This will be the ripple that will start the wave.

However, rationalism tells us that this will only make the Zionist lobby fight harder to further press down Aryanism. This means our unified front will be a vital shield for our movement.

About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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