A correction on "failure"

I feel compelled to offer a correction or slight clearing up about my last post. I stated that “National Socialism is seen as a vicious idea that failed” and this statement was juxtaposed next to one stating that Communism too failed. Now both are are true in a way, but each in its own manner.

First, Communism has failed, but is not gone from the mainstream. In places like North Korea it continues to fester and make peoples’ lives miserable. North Korea, the self-proclaimed “Democratic Peoples’ Republic,” isn’t too keen on doing any sort of PR since the rotten and miserable decay that surely plagues their society will become all too obvious. While Kim Jong-Il buys new Mercedes sedans and crates of Hennesey Whiskey, he has his government print out information for his citizens on how they can get food from the land. Peoples’ Republic, eh? And that’s just one bit of information about this highly closed off and secretive nation.

The USSR is gone and while gung-ho American Right Wingers would have you believe that their favorite president of all time, Ronald Reagan, “defeated” the Soviet Union and “won” the Cold War, the fact of the matter is the USSR was festering much like today North Korea surely is. It’s just that the then head of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, wasn’t stupid enough to continue to let the beast whither so he used his powers to dissolve it and let the surrounding countries take up their own governments. Now Gorbachev supports a social democratic party in his native Russia; a pursuit closer to nobility yet he continues to not see past the dichotonomy that fueled the Cold War.

The nations of Vietnam and China are still under communist rule and much more is known about these countries than about North Korea. Probably because their goverments have steadily been including market reforms in various doses thus fit the general practice of the West more than North Korea and maybe this is why they get more mention in the Western Press. Communism is due to fail there in that it will one day be replaced by Capitalism, it seems.

Now, second, National Socialism failed, as I have said, but in a much different way. National Socialism’s fate is similar to that of Aryanism and it is no coincidence that the two ideas are very much linked; National Socialism was brutally repressed and broke under pressure from a war. It was around for 12 years before this violent end. While it is true that the war strained production capacities in Germany and life wasn’t easy for the citizens there – probably even policy errors were to blame – but the fact is that National Socialist Germany, thus far history’s only National Socialist nation, was a work in early progress. “It failed” is really a wrong way to put it, but I did say National Socialism “is seen” to have failed. Propaganda, mainly by Zionists, is too blame; for the villification, for the mis-information, for the hugely false perception.

National Socialism was never seen 70 years after its birth and implementation. Communism was and we know how that turned out. My father who lived under Communist rule has said that from what he knows of history and from his experience, if the USSR adopted National Socialism during its revolution and not Marx and Engels, it would be a nation still in existance and just as, if not even more, powerful than the USA ever was.

The idea of National Socialism is still strong; people sense it, even those programmed against it have a fearful reverence for it. This means they can be encouraged to see past Zionism and into reality. This is highly advantageous for our spreading of information and propaganda.

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One Response to A correction on "failure"

  1. Once one understands the false dichotomy of Capitalism (Democracy)and Communism as evil twins from the same Judiac womb, then they can rightly view National Socialism as the third path that led to the Third Reich. National Socialism was the application of Aryanist ideals in a shining meteoric flash! A spectacular breakout from the Jewish tyrany of oppression that was gripping Europe after WWI.

    Without the National Socialists the entire continent of Europe would have been crushed under the heel of Jewish-Marxist Communism as was Russia and Eastern Europe.

    The victory of National Socialism under Adolf Hitler was that it provided a stronghold for our people at a time when total annihilation looked imminent, allowing certain powerful factors to develop and establish themselves altogether outside of the control of the left-right Capitalist/Communist twin pillars and leaving them and us with a rich fertile legacy on which to draw from.

    Their race against time, bought us time.

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