A Revisionist Documentary

In light of my last post, here is an example of some solid historical revisionism. It is a documentary talking about a subject that we all learned about in school with the same (more or less) story being given each time the subject was touched upon and with some added complexities once we were in High School. College history majors got an even more detailed version, but at its core it was the same old thing again.

This documentary adds all the details that even the most advanced academic course wouldn’t dare mention. This is not one of those sensationally themed Alex Jones style documentaries that says “forget all that you know” and then claims to show the viewer the actual full picture. No, this is a sober and enlightening look into history. The subject is the African Slave Trade, one of the most heinous, thoroughly premeditated, and longest lasting crimes ever perpetrated on this Earth.

The reader is, by all means, encouraged not to forget everything they know, but to actually keep it in mind so they can see how this information closes many gaps and paints a much fuller picture.

Who Brought the Slaves to America?

This is Part 1 of 6, the rest can be found on this YouTube playlist.

NOTE: I do not take credit in any way for creating this documentary, I am just promoting it. But that was probably obvious.

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3 Responses to A Revisionist Documentary

  1. This is the type of documentary filmaking that should be shown to High School students, not that we will have High Schools in the future, not as they are today at least. What all races have in common is experience with the cruelty of Slavery, a condition that exists today more than ever.

    When I first saw this video it humbled me, yet I consider myself to have been born into oppressed servitude and slavery, I found it enlightening, but it also challenged me as well, to overcome stubborn misconceptions from my past. Thanks komerad for presenting it here again.

  2. Yeah, historical revisionism can be tough to swallow at first, since by default we have to admit to have been duped. Some people are too arrogant to take that step of admission. However, upon discovering the Nobility of true Aryanism, such things become babysteps and the real Kampf begins!

    Also, it seems the video is suddenly gone from YouTube… how interesting… but I reposted another embed and the Google Video link still works.

    Keep up the Kampf!

  3. White slavery is no different to black slavery, and it is equally difficult for all folks to realize their condition and overcome it.

    History is mainly formulated from lies and fabrications.

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