Still Being Revived: Clichés and Propaganda in “Dead Snow”

Is ZC Propaganda running out of ideas? That just might be and the Norwegian horror/comedy film Dead Snow directed by Tommy Wirkola is a case in point. The film is a well-executed little goof-ball of zombie gore, though that is not really saying that much… it’s not like there is a shortage of entries into this genre and it’s inevitable that every now and then they manage to make one that is at least mildly entertaining. The biggest catch here, as well as the main part of the film’s marketing (watch the trailer to see), is the fact that these are not your ordinary zombies… these are Nazi zombies! Or as I have come to see it: Wolfenstein-style satire. Yes, the Jews and their Goys at ZC Propaganda Inc. have revived (yet again) their most-prolific boogeymen in order to have them wreck havoc on young student vacationers in Norway. Amusing that may be, however, the film does contain a bit of clever political engineering that I want to expose.

As a straight up gore-based horror flick, Dead Snow is a pretty competent entry into the genre. Featuring many references and little bits of homage to other movies, as well as better than average effects and production design for a film of its kind, it manages to entertain the masses. Funny thing is that the zombie SS Men have rotten flesh from being dead for over 60 years, yet their uniforms are still in pretty decent shape… I guess Nazis did have the World’s best uniforms! Also, a common movie goof has the SS wearing black uniforms, which were parade and ceremonial attire by the time the war started. In actuality, they should be wearing the SS Feldgrau uniform, however, this “error” is in so many films that it can only be seen as deliberate and a cliché to make the soldiers wearing them seem more ominous. At face value a darker uniform looks more intimidating. This is also done to contrast SS Men from the supposedly “noble pawns” that there the regular Wehrmacht Heer soldiers. It is a slowly emerging phase of de-demonizing the Wehrmacht as a whole and only putting the “evil emphasis” on the SS. Note that the SS as portrayed here resemble the Persians as they were shown in 300.

Just look at those Swastika Armbands, they’re still in tiptop shape!
The Swastika is forever!

This film is perhaps a perfect example of how the ZC Hounds perceive “the Nazis.” They have one, and only one, concept of the National Socialists from 1930s Europe: evil psychotic bastards. Via saturation media propaganda the ZC has effectively “frozen” this image in an attempt at putting it into permanent existence in this state, they want to prevent it from changing in anyway so that it will be forever perceived in the way ZC Propaganda Inc. approves. They occasionally “revive” this image and the result is, among others, a film like this. Old demons that con-men like Elie Wiesel have nightmares about, rise up to shock the World and keep it aligned with the ZC mind. It is kind of like synching an iPod with a iTunes database: you attach one device to another and the host machine aligns the information on the guest device as it has programmed and then lets it go once program alignment is complete. Though, as seen in society, the roles are actually reversed: the Jew mind is the iPod that is attempting to put its contents into the larger body that is Society. Luckily society has a cure for this parasitical Judaic umbilical: Aryanism.

The SS in the film are molded to fit a basic movie monster archetype: the monster that guards a treasure. The protagonists of the film only encounter the zombies after opening a little box of treasure and after a they hear an ominously told story about the Schutzstaffel unit that was assigned to this area in the early 1940s. Thus, some of the most noble soldiers to ever wear uniform and fight for a cause have been reduced to greedy little murdering and thieving beasts. For the Aryanist, this film may very well be amusing, but that’s due to how absurd it is. Once again, I draw a parallel with the Wolfenstein franchise, this movie is simply a little Jewish nightmare projected onto the movie goers of the world.

There is however, a quite clever aspect to the film. A little bit of political engineering. Seeing how the ZC has linked Iran to their favorite boogeyman, they are, in a way, continuing that line of propaganda here. Note the setting and the antagonists of the film: a wild and vast landscape with elusive phantom-like monsters. What does that resemble other than the zombies in this movie? Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, for one. On a subliminal level that definitely seems to be the case. The mysterious hiker who tells the main characters of what happened in the area during WW2, speaks of it as a legend, something that no one really knows for sure, but many people fear. As far as information about Al-Qaeda is concerned, that’s the kind of thing that most people know. However, is was the American CIA, with the intention of fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, that created Al-Qaeda. Yet now American news media, which is just a ZC puppet, paints them as Middle East born psychopaths that hate America due to Islam being a violent religion. This type of falsification can also be seen with the SS: It was the most ethnically diverse military outfit in history, but has been repeatedly shown as just a bunch of white racists from Germany adhering an inherently violent philosophy. Through the rational lens and with an intuitive mind, both demonized groups are much different that ZC would have us believe.

Another interesting thing is that among the weapons, which the main characters use, are a hammer and sickle. These make a very obvious appearance in the film’s trailer. A little Marxist boasting that certainly reflects the hippy nature of the main characters.

Lastly, if the hounds at ZC can only manage to repeat the same message over and over again by linking their current enemies to their fictional version of the Nazis, then I must say that they are running low on steam. Like Arthur Schopenhauer said, “…the religion of the Jews is entirely immanent and furnishes nothing but a mere war-cry with other nations.” Therefore they are stuck with constantly relating things to their fiction about “the Nazis,” which is, to this point, probably the most creative and for the Jew the most useful set of smoke and mirrors. And they will likely hold on to it until their bitter end, even long after the illusion has faded.

The Jewish concept of an enemy will likely always have a black uniform with Swastika and Totenkopf.

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2 Responses to Still Being Revived: Clichés and Propaganda in “Dead Snow”

  1. delendaestziobot says:

    lol. Our little foes never get tired of going round in circles, its like watching a child spin themselves round until they get dizzy and fall over. 'Dead Snow', lol.

    Actually made me think of another film I saw, no wait, I think you have enough films to review at the moment Komerad Miecz, lol.

  2. Heh, yeah, the Jew is stuck in a circle. That's a good way to put it. I actually got into a little heated comment slinging fight on YouTube with a Jew who could only say that the fact that Jews are being commented against on YT justifes them being very concerned for their culture and overall safety and makes all their previous claims right.

    Just think about it: he was using a YouTube comment that he didn't like to “prove” the “holocaust.” haha.

    And yes, I do have a bit of tasks that were delegated to me, so I'd appreciate holding anything may have off for while, but I should be able to get it no problem when next month's delegation desk is written out.

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