The War of Words: Storytelling Front

We are in a War of Words. There are many frontlines in this highly amorphous conflict. The Political Front may be the most obvious, but I believe that storytelling is also vital for this.

“An important prerequisite of a movement is a common vocabulary. The ability to form a unified front against Zionism, as well as the pursuit of Aryanism, requires clean and accurate expression of our positions. Emphasis must be placed on the use of common vocabulary by all supporters and allies of our movement.” ~Aryan Glossary

Thus, vocabulary is absolutely indispensable to the Aryan Movement, but words are only a means to a goal or ideal. Much like the National Socialist view on money, as a tool to serve a purpose and the lifeblood of an economy, words are the lifeblood of communication, be it story/recollection, philosophy or political rhetoric. The Movement may be small now, but as it grows, there will be key ideas keeping it standing and goals still driving it forward. These ideas will have started as mere words and it is how we apply those words that will make the ideas, and goals that they lead to, uniquely Aryan.

In this article the reader can find an overview of the Campaign we find ourselves in. These ideas, however, will apply a little differently depending on role an Aryanist within the movement. A medic, a rifleman, and a radio operator may all be on the same general front line and may all have learned many of the same skills in basic training, but when the going gets real, each has a critically different duty to carry out so that the campaign proceeds forward.

Historically, storytelling has been a vital part of culture. Ancient Greece may be long gone, but Homer’s Odyssey is still being read and discussed. Adolf Hitler may have passed from this Earth, but Mein Kampf, Zweites Buch, Table Talkand his Political Testament still live strong. It can be said that the first two books were key elements in National Socialist mobilization in 1920s Germany. Ideas amount to nothing unless they are communicated, and so Hitler did just that. He effectively spoke to an entire nation – no scratch that – to the entire World with his speeches and books. Mein Kampf alone contains many forms of written word: recollection, philosophy, and political rhetoric. While it was being written, the National Socialist movement was small and had just been overpowered and repressed, so this vital cornerstone that would prop it back up had to arch over many aspects in order to contain the full founding philosophy of a movement.

First there was the Word
Mein Kampf
was a major step in Adolf Hitler’s will to “recreate mankind anew.” The recreating of so many things anew needs to get more and more specific, hence the subsequent recorded words, however storytelling is also one of the next steps. I have looked at some films and media on this blog, in which I have identified both Aryan themes and ZC Propaganda. This is by no means an exhaustive examination of each story presented, but should serve as a springboard into the reader’s examination of their own favorite films. Note that Aryan themes are often subtle and in today’s mass-media they can usually be found in bits and pieces, here and there. Very few works are brimming with Aryanism, though there are exceptions like Cutthroat Island or ThunderCats.

Once a good sense of Aryanism is developed, identifying it in other streams of information should be easier. Today there is an immense amount of information flow, thus Aryanism has many potential routes, but also can be fairly easily drowned out in irrelevance. The mass-media is expert at creating programs that amount to Aldous Huxley’s imagined drug of Soma, thus it is easy to get lost and disoriented. On the other hand, this means that Aryanism, once spotted, is likely to be very obvious. Skepticism is always good for investigation, so take nothing at face value, but with a careful sense and dedication little shining embers of Arya will likely surprise you from very many different vantage points. Go to them!

Also important – start to speak using Aryan rhetoric so that when you are confronted by a Zionist or one of their lapdog goyim (i.e. Neo-Conservative) their words will be powerless. Take careful note of how words apply to your specialization and skills generally, as well as within the Aryan Movement. Again – medic, rifleman, radioman; all different, but part of the same unit.

Aryanism will only live if we live it. In the words of Gandhi, “You must be the change that you wish to see in the World.” Or in the words of Hitler, God helps only those who are prepared and determined to help themselves.

Tower of Babel
This is the Jewish paradigm for goy management. It applies to politics (capitalism vs. communism, right vs. left, etc…) as well as culture (social strife, religious conflict, etc…). To put it in brief, it is an idea to keep the goyim perpetually busy and yet achieve no progress. As the story goes, the people wanted to build a great tower to reach the heavens, but YHWH, the Demiurge and Jewish idol, confused their speech and the tower was never finished. YHWH attacked their way with words to make unity impossible. Jewish-influenced politics today is much the same thing – we have so much technology and capacity and labor power as well as people needing the work and wages, yet what gets done? A recent and iconic example would be left-wingers arguing with conservatives over a Mosque in downtown Manhattan. This conflict also played out along religious lines. The Jew can’t eliminate the Gentiles’ word, so he strives to make it useless and impotent by degrading it down to bickering. He does this all while ever refining his own words. Thus, today’s Tower can be seen as one of language and words, those that are needed to form a unity against the Jews, or the Aryan term: Unity through Nobility.

Work, work, work… and never get anything done.

ZC Propaganda Inc. routinely demonizes and vilifies everything the Jew disagrees with and it is a near perfect transposition of Kosher Slaughter into the form of word and story. Just take a look at some of the films glorifying violence, and especially the Quentin Tarantino trashterpiece Inglorious Basterds. Tarantino showed the film in Israel and the Jews cheered during the final mass slaughter of a shootout, since, in a bit of brutish revisionism, Tarantino has Hitler shot to pieces in a Paris movie theater to conclude the movie. Jews hate Hitler and despite that he has been dead for so long they still want to kill him brutally. Or see him die. The Jewish pleasure with slaughter never ceases to disgust. They literally feed themselves off of it. I direct the reader to my post on The Carnegie Deli to see just what I mean with that last sentence.

The Aryan Counter-Paradigm
Unity through Nobility, as I have said, is the motto behind the Aryan Movement, but our goal is NOT another (and better, stronger, etc…) Tower of Babel. That would be pointless. Our Aryan Counter-Paradigm is a Distillation Tower; only the noblest make it to the top and pass on to the infinity of Arya. Jews would think we’re playing with and stacking blocks… how wrong they are! We are recreating mankind anew with a complex new order that once in place for a solid amount of time, it will be impossible to imagine a different one. Our new system, and the words and stories that we’ll create within it, our new Noble Culture, will be increasingly impossible for the Jews to degrade. They have gotten used to same old thing, for one, but also, not enough people have actually attacked the Jew where it hurts him most – his tools for creating lies, namely his use of words. Render his production facilities useless and he’ll have to give up, and knowing the self-preserving nature of the Jew, he will.

Will you meet us at the top?

One example of this is that the popular term “anti-Semitism” (which is absurd to begin with, but hey, the Jews created it) went from meaning “envy of Jewish success” to “disgust towards Jewish racism” and the new catch phrase “an anti-Semite is not one who hates Jews, but one whom Jews hate” quickly started to make headway. One step in distillation has been made, a little lie reversed and the new meaning pure, but the process continues.

Another important aspect is that the Zionists’ (both Jews and Gentiles) main strategy has been effectively compromised.

Summary of Zionist trick:
1) Promote a policy that they know most people are too degraded to successfully execute.
2) Blame the policy instead of the people for the failure, allow their agents to reverse the policy and thus gain public trust.

Summary of Aryanist countermeasure:
1) Blame the people instead of the policy for the failure.
2) Make the policy work by gathering sufficiently capable people.

This reverse bluff paradigm applies to virtually the whole field of anti-Zionism. An Aryanist should see how it applies in their specialized field.

On the storytelling front, Hollywood plays a major role and all the Jewish owned studios routinely release films that echo what’s coming out of Washington DC. Just note the portrayal of Arabs throughout Hollywood’s history or for a specific example, just look at the film 300. I have a feeling that the recent film Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was a sort of apology from Hollywood about 300 and they finally showed Persia in a more pleasant light. However, they didn’t have any of the major roles played by Persian actors, the main role went to Jake Gyllenhaal (Jew), and the film was produced by the Jerry Bruckheimer (Jew). LOL, Hollywood.

There are films that do contain genuine Aryan themes, some of which I have looked at here. An Aryanist’s examination of some their favorite films might reveal a deeper reason why they like them. Or maybe show that a film is actually un-Aryan. My opinion of many films that I used to greatly enjoy has changed much since I became an Aryanist. Right around the time that I started to read beyond the mainstream about the Third Reich, Tarantino’s Jewish fantasy from 2009 hit screens, and while I still viewed National Socialism as wrong at the time, I was approaching it from a rationalist view point (unlike the being spoon fed propaganda view point I had before) and the gleeful violence ending the film literally made me sick. I was only once before so furious at the stupidity of a movie before and that was when I saw Michael Bay’s Bad Boys 2 (another offering from the Jew, Bruckheimer) and it was also a spectacular disaster of gratuitous excess that all the goyim in the theatre cheered at.

Perhaps, it’s odd that it took me this long to see past the goy illusion, literally it took all of college. Complex steps however, take time. As do campaigns. Aryanism is not an assembly line creation, it is expert craftsmanship and we are still all learning our trade. It took Adolf Hitler over ten years of hard work, which included prison time and the murder of Horst Wessel, among many other things, before his Kampf had a full scale mobilization. To create something genuine in a land of superficiality is hard work, especially when superficiality works day-to-day with illusion to create semblances of authenticity. And so it is, we must work hard and not lose our honorable standards. Never!

Prophet Mohammad, the Muslim’s first teacher, lived by a much higher standard than he demanded of his followers. He was at the top of his movement, but not from pulling favors, he was fit to lead by his own honorable actions.

“The worst one of the people in the sight of God is the one who does not put his knowledge into practice.” ~Mohammed

The historical archetype for the Jew is the Herder, the sly manipulator and profiteer from slaughter. Today this has been transposed into things like the corporate overlord and sleazy politician. The process remains the same, however, profiting from lies.

The Gentiles are historical Hunters, and the ever scheming Herder has invited them onto his game preserve to chase after his own animals keeping the consumer goyim ever busy trying to sustain themselves all while paying the Herder.

Aryans, the historical Farmers, never cared for quantity so much as for quality. Thus, the Herder’s monopolization has pushed the Aryans into small pockets here and there. Chances are that if someone, somehow, discovers Aryanism, they’ll be alone in their immediate area.

What binds us is our writing, our words. Be they stories, philosophy, political rhetoric, or even a short humorous anecdote. Though, stories remain unique and ever important, since they do not merely communicate the possibility of an idea, they show the idea in action via the art of fiction. This is a powerful tool that can be used without the compromising of one’s own honor. Use it.

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” ~Siddhartha

About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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3 Responses to The War of Words: Storytelling Front

  1. Elysium says:

    Superb post!

    The best analogy I have heard about the Jewish construct that is our society came from the mouth of David Icke. He lickened it to a treadmill, where everyone is hurrying and rushing to get nowhere.

  2. Thank you, Kamerad.

    Icke's analogy is apt, though I'd say that it is not society that is a treadmill as a whole, but each one of us starts on their own personal treadmill. The keen get off it and many then go to profit from their new found knowledge. The Noble, however, use their new found position to enlighten others.

  3. delendaestziobot says:

    Greetings komeraden,

    “the little shining embers of Arya”

    The Zionist Media machine is a sophisticated illusion, as you rightly point out, the art of fiction presented as reality, it is – 'dissimilation' – a false semblance, making unlike. 'distillation' is a brilliant counter, to distill is to subject a product to the process of vaporisation and subsequent condensation, as for the purification or concentration. So in terms of language we aim to seperate all the false volatile words, ideas themes, etc, and condense and concentrate the authentic pure words, ideas, themes, etc, that will be needed for Aryans to communicate.

    In this distillation process the pure and noble elements will naturally rise to the top.

    Unity Through Nobility.

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