Messages in Majdanek

2020 Update: The USHMM does not consider Majdanek to be a “death camp” anymore.

I recently had an unexpected chance to go to the Zionist Propaganda Museum in Majdanek, just outside of Lublin, Poland. I took the opportunity and the visit was interesting, to say the least. By today, the city of Lublin has grown much and practically reaches vast open field that is the former internment camp from the Second World War, though this area was never really as far removed from urban areas as the other camps of its kind. The official information at the camp even makes note of this “exception.” On the way to the museum one can read the official name that has been given to this place, “Majdanek Museum of Martyrdom.” If you are coming from center city Lublin as I was, you have to drive along the aforementioned field for a while before coming to the main visitors’ entrance. Along this stretch there is a great stone monument that will aptly sum up the rest of your visit: impact.

Not information, but impact. Be it visual or from the mouth of a tour guide, impression making tools await to mold your perceptions so that they are as guided as the tour itself.

The Majdanek camp was turned into a museum in August of 1944, well before the war even ended, and less than a month after the Soviets captured the area. This was done under the direct supervision of the Soviet Propaganda Machine, which would go on to serve as a main provider of “evidence” against the Third Reich in 1945. Immediately local, regional and national publications churned out Soviet-approved stories of what went on in the camp and all this information was promptly used to demonize National Socialism. This may also explain why Stalin was so intent on keeping Eastern Europe under his control, it gave him exclusive control over the so-called “death camps” and what evidence was extracted from them and then used against the Germans.

Interestingly, Majdanek is one of those infamous “death camps” that supposedly had a homicidal chamber and massive crematorium going on overtime to exterminate any and every person that “the Nazis” disapproved of. Let’s take a look at the official camp tally.

78,000 dead. Given poor and dirty wartime conditions, which included a typhus epidemic and the Jews’ own lack of cleanliness, this number can begin to make sense. Odd is the fact that the Polish word by this figure is “zgineło” meaning “died” (there is no “killing” implied), yet the English version, and the one most international tourists invariably read, implies murder. The other translated pairs match up accurately, says this native Polish speaker. Also, note that the former estimate of fatalities at the camp, 300,000, is faintly visible after having been revised down in the early 1990s. Click the image for a larger version to zoom in and see.

45,000 transferred to other camps. Wait, transferred? I thought this was a Nazi Mass Murder Machine death camp? Hmm… maybe I was wrong.

500 escaped. Ah, yes, a few rogues are always to be found. Also, it seems security wasn’t that intense: escaping from a guarded labor camp that’s next to a militarily occupied city in the middle of an occupied country and remaining officially declared as escaped seems like the Germans were not so intent on killing everyone in this camp. In addition, nothing was mentioned about what these escapees said… did they testify at Nuremberg in 1945? To the Soviets? If so what did they say and what was done with that information? Did it just not align with the propaganda so it was swept under the rug and the escapees then sent by Stalin to Siberia so as to remain forever quiet? Questions, questions; ones that demand answers.

18,000 released. Ok, seriously. They actually release people from “death camps” now? Why would those fiendishly evil, mass-murdering Nazis hell-bent on genocide ever do that? Well, if they were not “hell-bent on genocide” than this board of numbers is starting to make sense.

1,500 liberated. The Soviets “saved” less people than the Schutzstaffel. How amusing. Though this was, in all probability, just the amount people who were there when the Soviets showed up and after the Germans retreated. Many more were likely to have left the first chance they got, meaning right after the SS cleared out. There was a big city nearby to go to… why wait inside a prison then if the door’s open?

One should also note the numbers are all nicely rounded, thus making them estimates at best. Odd, that a world famous museum has a mistranslation and estimates as main parts of its information and message, especially since it exhibits a topic that countless scholars were said to have accurately studied and reported. However even with estimates, we can see a clear pattern.

Also, back to that mistranslation, this was not the first time I had seen a suspicious mistranslation related to WW2 labor camps. I say suspicious since it effectively makes the information presented not objective. In the movie Shutter Island from 2010 there is some back story involving the Dachau Massacre and in the dialog the main character first says “death camp” in English and then in German as “Konzentrationslager.” Strange, since the German translates to simply “Concentration Camp” (the direct literal translation), but the term “Internment Camp” can also be used. Ever wonder why the Allied forces have “Concentration Camps” but the Germans have “Death Camps?” It’s WW2 Allied propaganda still in play and it has become firmly rooted into peoples’ psyche. Even if one looks at the fact that the German camps did have more death, especially towards the end of the war, it’s because German resources were stretched very thin and often down right destroyed from the air courtesy of the Allies and their aerial carpet bombing even on civilian areas. Dresden would be the most infamous example from the latter category here: people flooded to the Saxon city as refugees as it remained the one major supply hub for civilians in the area, and then the city was bombed despite having no military or strategic importance. If civilians fared this well from the efforts of the “heroic” Allied forces, then how might you think prisoners had it?

Mistranslation here, misunderstanding there, white washing here, exaggeration there… WW2 history is plagued by these things and all those little mistakes play against the reputation of the Germans and those who were at arms with them. This cannot be a grand coincidence. It’s deliberate LIES.

The gate to the main compound in Majdanek has a sign that says, among other things, that no one under 14 years of age will be admitted. Given the horror stories visitors hear inside, this may very well be some good sense, but something else made me think different.

There was an Israeli student tour group at the camp and all the kids looked junior high school age more or less, 14 or just a bit older. Interesting fact of psychology is that kids learn quickest and are most impressionable when they are under 12. The brain is still developing and many childhood lessons go on to define the shape of the adult to come. Israel is fanatically exacting about controlling the flow of information pertaining to it or information that it has interest in. Just look at any one of the countless “controversial incidents” involving the IDF, the smell of a cover-up or lies seems to be practically synonymous with such things. Jack Bernstein, an American Jew (and a man who is clearly leaning more towards rationalism than Zionist Propaganda), was disgusted by Israeli power hungriness and lies, noted in his book that when he went to the supposed “haven” for Jews of the World, that tourism was strictly monitored, what people could see was tightly controlled, where they could go was very directed and under constant police supervision. Are we to believe that the Israeli educational system is all that different? Those kids when they are still under 12 must be drilled to the core with Holocaust lore and completely shaken up by all the gruesome Zionist hyperboles. Then when they finally come to these “museums” to “learn” the indoctrination doesn’t stop. Not at all.

There was a tour group of slightly older Polish students at Majdanek that day too and I linked up with them during one exhibit, the one containing the overview of the entire camp. The tour guide was being intensely emotional and his speech was punctuated with key words that go along with the museum’s design of teaching by shock and instilling a desire for a passionate reaction of hate or some sort of defense from fear. This “tour guide” with his sorrowful voice amounting to cheesy dramatic acting said that the camp commandant would take his young daughter to see mass executions of Jews (of course Jews, always Jews) and would even strategically cross the camp with her so they’d go through as much ground as possible so that maybe she’d get a glimpse of a “random lynching that the SS often carried out” on one of the numerous gallows that were “all over the camp.” So apparently, the men of Schutzstaffel weren’t just mass-murdering psychopaths, they were also the World’s worst parents.

In the moment, when I heard the last word of that anecdote uttered, I was convinced that Zionist Propaganda lost some of its usual bad taste and picked up a whole lot of idiocy to be more variable in distracting from its morbid absurdities.

There is one section of the camp that has been kept standing and the normal tour path goes through it, however, there were renovations being done there, so I just happened to come across it on a day when it was closed. The workers were making a new stone walkway through the camp grounds. I did notice, however, that there were none of the aforementioned gallows to be seen. The area was being renovated, but only a walkway down the center was being placed, the buildings by which the “numerous gallows” were said to have been were not being worked on. Another flub in Zionist Propaganda, in all likelihood.

The last site to visit here is the flagship of the tour and of Holocaust lore: the crematorium, where the industrially efficient mass-murder was said to have taken place. First off, the standard for “death camp” is incredibly shaky. If Auschwitz is a “death camp” with 1,000,000 dead, then how does Majdanek even begin to compare with 78,000? Majdanek is a lot smaller, so that could explain some discrepancy and it does have one of those supposed “gas chambers,” thus it doesn’t matter how many people died, but how they died. Ok, fair enough. Let’s look at a gas chamber from the era of when this camp was in operation.

Above, we can see a diagram for a clothing fumigation gas chamber. Conceived, designed, planned and ordered with all relevant scientific, military and government paperwork to be researched. How come none of this exists for the supposed homicidal gas chambers?

The resources on this page can begin to provide some serious details about gas chambers, including the explanation of 1920s and 1930s era gas chambers, and including ones that used Zyklon-B. Also, is worth noting that they were made by Degesch, a German company. Thus Adolf Hitler, being the Führer, effectively had unlimited access to this technology if he so desired. As did Heinrich Himmler, the SS Reichsfuhrer who oversaw the entire penitentiary system of the Third Reich.

I can tell you, dear reader, that there is nothing in Majdanek that even begins to resemble such a large and complex machine, and you are encouraged to investigate for yourself.

What can be found at Majdanek are some ovens, standard mortuary ovens, that were used for cremation. It was a very necessary process to contain disease and likely ALL dead were cremated, SS Man and prisoner (the city morgue in Lublin had also been likely ordered to burn bodies), since corpses can harbor massive amounts of germs and disease, especially when people died from typhus or any other deadly disease and each body in the ground was basically a lethal germ warehouse. The Germans went so far as to be thorough that they dug up previously buried dead and started to cremate them… hence the pictures of mounds of dead and crematory ovens going overtime. It was a massive and frantic effort of sanitation that, for all intents and purposes, was meant to save lives of all those in the area – German soldier, Polish citizen, and all prisoners be they POWs, political detainees, whether Jewish or not.

One major reason that the gas chamber horror story remains official history is due to Soviet propaganda, which had enormous Jewish contributions. Soviet Commissars were greeted by Jews when Stalin invaded Poland, because many of them were Jews themselves. In fact, why didn’t the West declare war on the USSR which invaded Poland like Germany? Well, the fact is that Jews were riding high in the Soviet Union. However, Hitler had freed German society and culture from the highly disproportionate and destructive influence of the Jews and was promptly branded as the Devil. The International Jews’ War was with the one man who so boldly defied them, the USSR merely provided one of the front lines of attack.

Fortunately, some rationalism remained in the West and after the war on that side of the Iron Curtain the so called “death camps” were forensically examined to reveal no homicidal gas chambers, but ones for standard fumigation purposes meant to prevent the spread of disease. The USSR leadership, to help keep the focus away from monstrous Soviet crimes, did not permit Western forensic investigators to inspect the “death camps” in Poland, nor did they carry out such an investigation by themselves. They just rebuilt (often clumsily) the destroyed parts of many of the camps to accentuate their own anti-National Socialist propaganda, which then played a key role in the Nuremberg Show Trials and the playing down or deflection of Soviet war crimes.

Majdanek MonumentThe monument at the beginning of the tour route

Today, it is being used as indoctrination information and those Israeli students were, in effect, its latest victims. They’re kids, young and impressionable, and out of all the students on this planet who “learn” about the “Holocaust” it is those young Israelis who probably get drilled like no other. First at home, then they go on these school trips so that they can evoke their first passionate internal reactions. Then they will return home, finish school, and go on to their required military service, and by then they’ll be packed with as much Jewish fanaticism, persecution myth and blind devotion to the blue hexagram as possible. They are victims because they are being deliberately misinformed so that they can perpetuate the Zionist crimes and related madness. They are being primed to be hate-filled IDF criminals and then life-long Zionist fanatics. About as much as you can expect from a cult that starts its newborns with physical scarring, the subsequent mental scarring is in the same vein.

The intensity of “education” can be seen even right during the tour. One girl started to cry, others sang a requiem of some sort by the crematorium ovens. There was also a little bit of vandalism that I spotted: there were these signs in a side room, shaped like gravestones, and each one had the name of one of the nationalities of “Holocaust” victims. The sign for The Germans was scratched and some of the letters had been scraped off. Some apt pupil had already learned what his masters want him to do.

Questioning the official mythos of this propaganda is a punishable crime in virtually every Western nation, except the United States where rational investigators are merely shunned, stigmatized, and passively secluded from their job, their peers, and the decent life the may have had before they asked a “wrong” question or two. Or reached an “improper” conclusion, however logical it may be. In Poland, an example of academic fortitude, Professor Dariusz Ratajczak, who published a booklet called “Tematy Niebezpieczne” (Eng. – “Dangerous Topics”) in March of 1999, which raised questions about the official Zionist Approved Story, saw his life disintegrate professionally and personally for just over 10 years until his murder, which was officially declared a suicide. The Israeli Mossad was known to be operating in Poland, a supposed ally to Israel, but the Zionists spy and perpetrate crimes against everyone, so are we really all that surprised?

There are still rationalist investigators for the truth working out there. Both did time in prison and both push on in their mission of enlightening the World. They are also more known worldwide than Ratajczak was, so their prospective lethal subversion by the Mossad would not be as covert as the Zionist fanatics normally like their crimes to be.

Truth doesn’t fear investigation, yet “the Holocaust” does. What does that tell you? Even if you don’t see the folly of it all.

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2 Responses to Messages in Majdanek

  1. delendaestziobot says:

    Nothing worse than to be made to pay for a crime you did not commit, the Germans have been made to pay for a crime they did not commit, the “Holocaust” is a false accusation, and diabolical lie!

  2. Unforetunately, everyone, in a sense, pays for “the Holocaust” in one way or another. Though, undoubtedly the Germans have paid the highest price: the reputation of their people and culture. As well as their country's greatest contribution to the World, the succesful implementation of National Socialism, has been slandered beyond belief and hijacked by racist fools.

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