Traces of Aryanism in a Heavy Metal Song

In my post on the Storytelling Front of the ongoing Aryan Kampf, I mentioned that little bits of Aryanism can be seen in many places and, perhaps, even in greatly unexpected places. Films and television programs are perhaps the easiest place to look as they are both very popular and, in general, very available mediums. However, I’d like to introduce another medium here: music. Most people tend to enjoy music like they do movies, on a simple level. This means that they don’t explore deeper themes that surely the creating artist must have been aware of or even outright intended to convey.

Metallica have been a popular band ever since their debut album from 1983 entitled Kill ’em All was released. On a surface level examination, they write pretty standard heavy metal music with all the fast riffing, blazing solos and pounding bass and drums that heavy metal fans get a kick out of. However, their enduring success seems to suggest that there is something more about them and in particular their music. Many bands come and go, many are just one hit wonders, and even many of those that have a lengthy career rarely reach as many people as Metallica. Surely luck plays a part, but it can’t explain all of Metallica’s success. There is a profound artistry to many of their songs, especially from albums before 1991, that most heavy metal bands never even come close to achieving.

Guitarist, front man, and main song writer, James Hetfield, was raised in a strict Christian household and religious motifs can be seen in his lyrics. Songs like “The Four Horsemen” may be obvious, however many more contain much more universal spiritual and metaphysical aspects. It’s an element of Metallica’s music that most headbanging heavy metal fans probably don’t pick up. It’s decidedly a recurring theme in much of Metallica’s earlier music that was eventually toned down as the band inched massive commercial success and hasn’t been present as much since.

Here are the complete lyrics to the song “…and Justice for All.” Read and Listen.

Halls of Justice Painted Green, Money Talking
Power Wolves Beset Your Door, Hear Them Stalking
Soon You’ll Please Their Appetite, They Devour
Hammer of Justice Crushes You, Overpower

The Ultimate in Vanity, Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can’t Believe the Things You Say
I Can’t Believe, I Can’t Believe the Price You Pay
Nothing Can Save You

Justice Is Lost, Justice Is Raped, Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth, Winning Is All
Find it So Grim, So True, So Real

Apathy Their Stepping Stone, So Unfeeling
Hidden Deep Animosity, So Deceiving
Through Your Eyes Their Light Burns, Hoping to Find
Inquisition Sinking You, With Prying Minds

The Ultimate in Vanity, Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can’t Believe the Things You Say
I Can’t Believe, I Can’t Believe the Price You Pay
Nothing Can Save You

Justice Is Lost, Justice Is Raped, Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth, Winning Is All
Find it So Grim, So True, So Real

Lady Justice Has Been Raped, Truth Assassin
Rolls of Red Tape Seal Your Lips, Now You’re Done in
Their Money Tips Her Scales Again, Make Your Deal
Just What Is Truth? I Cannot Tell, Cannot Feel

The Ultimate in Vanity, Exploiting Their Supremacy
I Can’t Believe the Things You Say
I Can’t Believe, I Can’t Believe the Price You Pay
Nothing Can Save You

Justice Is Lost, Justice Is Raped, Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth, Winning Is All
Find it So Grim, So True, So Real

The song has obvious political themes as it describes corruption in the justice system. The line that stands out the most is the first line of the chorus, it is repeated three times throughout the song: “The Ultimate in Vanity.” Does that by any chance remind the reader of a particular group often discussed here? From that view point, doesn’t the rest of the song seem to make a profound sense? Like in They Live there is no direct and obvious connection to the International Jew, but isn’t it interesting how well these lyrics describe him?

The lines “apathy their stepping stone” and “inquisition sinking, you with prying minds” are also particularly relevant to the reality of the Zionist crime network, which proceeds if people are apathetic to their parasitizing of the World, though invariably most people are simply not aware of it. This means that few are actually fighting against Zionism and thus the aforementioned “inquisition” can readily “sink” them with “prying minds” – merely disagreeing with the ZC approved version of history is a crime in many nation states.

Note that the third time the chorus is repeated there is slight change in the lyrics. The “I can’t believe the price you pay” becomes “I can’t believe the price we pay.” This is precisely what is “so grim, so true, so real.” Everyone suffers and apathy is effectively suicide by way of sloth.

The song is the title track to Metallica’s 1988 album. Note the cover art:

Just who is pulling those ropes?
And who is overloading those scales with funny money

The cover art has a dual meaning, as the falling statue can also be seen as the fall of art and culture from excessive commercialization. After all, it is a classical marble rendition of Lady Justice. The album name in the corner looks as if it was spray painted and that is essentially blunt vandalism, but given the wider themes in the image, it is vandalism of not just justice, but also of art, of culture; in short vandalism of vital aspects of Nobility.

Overall though, Metallica’s music, as well as that of any other band in the mainstream, is not genuinely Aryan. The traces of Aryanism are likely just general attempts to convey honor and to look at corruption, but given the rock and roll lifestyle – Metallica’s nickname for a while was “Alcoholica” due to their drunken reputation, even on stage – these musings amount to basically just wishful thinking. A typical slave wants to be free or richer or anything to improve his present state, but what does he really do? He just keeps on working so as not to get beaten. Wishful thinking doesn’t accomplish anything by itself. Metallica have never been activists nor have they deserted from the formation put together by their corporate masters to pursue the messages in their songs, thus it must be asked, do they actually believe in them?

Music can be a very powerful medium and I propose that a Pan-Aryan anthem be composed. Perhaps an update of “Die Fahne Hoch” the classic NSDAP anthem to which I translated and updated the lyrics. However, that work is a piece of history and the anthem suggested above may very well be a new composition altogether. Though an updated musical arrangement/remix of the classic “Horst Wessel Lied” would be great! I suggest consulting the main theme to the Aryan themed film Cutthroat Island (I also wrote about the film on this blog) to see just how powerful music can be. The many versions of the NSDAP anthem that I have found online do not come very close to matching the musical power of this piece.

This activist thinks that it’s about time that changed.

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3 Responses to Traces of Aryanism in a Heavy Metal Song

  1. delendaestziobot says:


    Today I am very tired, last night the ancient 'Pitris' the ancestral spirits of the deep came to give me a message, so I will try to relate it the best I can.

    Aryan music we alive have never known, in our oppressed age, because it is only manifested in the vocal harmony of great numbers of Aryans when they sing together all of one voice, this last happened in the Third Reich, before that in the stone Cathedrals of Sacred Europe, times now long gone.

    True spiritual power of Arya is unleashed when a unified group of unified purpose sing together, by their voices alone it is brought out in connection to that time and place, a copy is merely an inferior empty echo.

    With todays music, this vast coporate industry channel spirits of their Masters, certainly in the case of Metallica the band members have little to do with the arrangements of the sounds and the spellbinding words. They are idiot savants raised from birth by the elite houses of Zion, and behind them exist a secret industry of vast proportions, who devise lyrics and sounds based upon the information they recieve from their target audience, the spell works better if it is artfully designed to echo your own emotions, this is what they attempt to do, but it is actually from the viewpoint of the Master, so the listening audience may feel some connection, it sounds familiar for they are the listner's own words, but they are actually coming from the Masters via their selected trained outlets, designed to appear genuine, like a geniune voice of the slaves expressed, but it can be seen from two different angles i.e.

    “Justice is lost
    Justice is raped
    Justice is gone
    Pulling your strings
    Justice is done
    Seeking no truth
    Winning is ALL”

    Here it is the Master who expresses and voices his mind, the Master glorifies his own power over his slave masses, and they cheer him on, celebrating his power, they cannot hear their own voice or anybody elses, only the Master can be heard, as he invokes his domination spell, the singer and band memebers will be drugged, a ritual that is performed together time and time again to connect them with the spirit that will guide them through the spell, the spirit will represent the secret Masters of Zion who need not reveal themselves. Heroin is used or a mixture of Cocaine and alcohol, the spell will be more effective if the listening audience has also consumed these drugs.

    This particular spell “And Justice for ALL” is the Masters declaring their victory over the Roman Goddess Astreia, they have torn her down and corrupted her system with a false set of weights, thus destroying her power, in the song spell they celebrate this victory, from their own point of view, but the hook is to get the audience to believe that it is their voice and point of view, this maximises the effect of the spell and the Masters derive even more pleasure from their power to decieve and exploit.

    The Masters of Zion often declare their dominance in these ritual like spells of the music industry, they gloat, they love to gloat in their own vainty, but they are of course to cowardly to come forward themselves, the ugly depraved beasts that they are.


  2. Hmm… interesting comment. Like you said, the speaker's voice can be seen from two angles and I actually see this album of Metallica's as still being pretty uncorporate. They did have their first music video on this album though, for the song “One.”

    However, with the release of their next work in 1991 there was a great shift in Metallica's music and an even bigger one in 1996, that's when I think they really sold out. Their music lost its hard gritty edge and became mellow and corporate radio friendly. They have since tried to amend this image, but it didn't really work as far as their own music goes.

    The newest album of theirs from 2008 is a little better and more like their old stuff, but given the circumstances under which it was made, big budget and corporate studio recording (unlike their album 1988 and before), that's your falseness, I believe.

    On the flip side, I do view most heavy metal people as “lone wolves” and not true Aryanists, though there are traces of Aryanism here and there. This song here being one of the better examples of that, though still, I must agree with you that it is not “Aryan Music” just music with some Aryan traces. But that's how Aryanism is in the World now.

  3. delendaestziobot says:

    Oh yes, there are Aryan traces, when I was a teenager in the 90's Metallica was one of my favorite bands. But the Aryan elements are artificial and insincere, and the result of detailed research and data mining in fact, to make the spell more effective it has to resonate, its designed to gain access into the conscience and to do that the sounds, the rythmn, the words, the imagery all must seem geniune, as if it's origin is from you, its trying to resemble your thoughts and feelings and echo it back to, so you recognize it and open your concious mind to it. The reason why Heavy Metal listners are lone wolves is because they have been conditioned so by the spells, loud modern music has been developed to prevent unity through harmonic singing, that's why night clubs and music concerts and now ipods are there, so you cannot hear anybody else,or even yourself, the idea is to isolate the concious mind.

    As the musical spells reach a wider and wider audience the sophistication of the authenticity design is reduced, it slackens off and the more subversive propaganda is increased, this is what listners will call, “selling out”.

    so you end up finally with this:

    The main propaganda hook in this Metallica official video is that is right to point a automatic machine gun at human of Middle Eastern appearence on the road side, and even more so, at a woman wearing a veil. The propaganda is aimed directly at the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies. It's not a question whether the band members agree or disagree to such blatant propaganda, its just that they have simply been programmed from birth to play a musical instrument and do and say what they are told, which they do, they are very conservative members of Zion, hence their longevity, they know who butters their bread, James likes hotrods and expensive booze and cocaine, and Lars likes modern art and expensive booze and cocaine.

    It appears to me that the ancestral spirits were correct and we have no Aryan music today at all, unfortunately.

    Even so called NSBM – National Socialist Black Metal, will be of no use to Aryanism, in fact it would be negative influence I feel.

    Ohh the tragedy of the Aryan warrior, Hyperboreans “Beyond the North, beyond the ice, beyond death – our life, our happiness…”

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