Fatherland: An Alternate Version of Popular Absurdity

In 1994 a made-for-TV movie called Fatherland was shown on HBO. It was based on the “alternate history” novel of the same name by Robert Harris, which had been published two years prior. The film adaptation has many differences, but the general story arc, along with all of its tired Nazi cliches, is quite the same. The movie also takes the ending one step further and this is the film’s most absurd moment. It is so ridiculous that it actually works as a satire on the Mother of all 20th Century lies.

The Alternate Version of Official History
The main story of the film takes place in 1964 in days prior to Adolf Hitler’s 75th birthday celebrations, but the introductory sequence gives an overview to the film’s alternate history.

We learn that the Normandy Landings in June 1944 were a disaster for the Allies, which caused Eisenhower to resign in utter shame and for the US to pull out of the war. This left the UK to be overrun by the Axis Powers, but Churchill had managed to flee to Canada. With the western front secure, the Wehrmacht turned its full strength to the east and steadily took back lost territory, eventually making it to Moscow. Though, Stalin had fled to an undesignated hiding spot and continues to rule a Soviet rump state. There is also a seemingly endless guerrilla war going on the Urals between the Wehrmacht and pockets of Soviet soldiers and/or Russian partisans.

In Berlin, however, there is peace, though an uneasy one. Albert Speer had built his long planned Volkshalle and the grand Arch of Triumph to commemorate the victory in 1945. The SS is now a police force under jurisdiction of the Gestapo, which is shown to be a typical dystopian police, power-hungry and ruthless. The book gets into more details: Reinhard Heydrich (having survived the mid-1942 assassination attempt that in reality had killed him) is now the SS Reichsfuhrer after Heinrich Himmler perished in a plane crash. It is strongly suggested that Heydrich had the crash orchestrated so that he could become head of the Schutzstaffel.

Germany, now called “The Empire of Germania,” which is something that Hitler never had planned, rather he planned on giving Berlin the title, “Welthauptstadt Germania,” once Albert Speer’s planned architectural projects were completed. This film version of “Germania” is hollow and cynical; it is shown to be much like an Orwellian Dystopia. There is even a “Ministry of Information” that tightly controls all the media – this mirrors 1984‘s “Ministry of Truth.”

Portrayal of Adolf Hitler
Hitler is shown in a typically approved and wholly Zionist Correct (ZC) way. Early in the film, there is the notion that Hitler wants Germans to abandon all religion and worship him instead. Xavier March, the main character, notices this when his son doesn’t say Grace at the table, but a lyric about the Fuhrer. Considering that the actual Hitler had a whole personal library that he amassed over many years, with many books on religion, this notion is sheer nonsense. That article is from 2003, while the film from 1994, but Adolf Hitler never hid his religious views. Mein Kampf makes it clear that Hitler considered the metaphysical just as important, if not more, than the physical.

“The great tragedy for man is that he understands the mechanism of things, but the things themselves remain an enigma to him. We are capable of distinguishing the component parts of a molecule. But when it’s a question of explaining the why of a thing, words fail us. And that’s what leads men to conceive of the existence of a superior power. If I have an observatory built at Linz, I’ll have the following words carved on its front: “The heavens proclaim the glory of the eternal.” It’s marvelous that this is how mankind formed the idea of God. The almighty being that made the worlds has certainly granted to each being that he should be motivated by awareness of his function.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

The scene where Hitler appears in the film makes him seem like a blabbering robot as he repeatedly shouts “SIEG!” to the crowd, which then replies “HEIL!” This goes on and on and on. In fact, in this highly fictional Germania, people don’t even seem to say “hello” anymore, just “Heil Hitler.” The culture conscious Hitler would have never allowed this to happen. It also makes it seem like all Germans were devoted party members, when in actuality NS Party membership totaled at around 6,000,000 out of a population of 80,000,000 in the Greater Reich. State and Party posts were also separate, thus not that many people wore a black uniform with SS Totenkopf and red Swastika armband. The NSDAP Emblem may have been a common visual in NS Germany, however it’s not like every corner was a decorated military parade ground.

“The total membership now approximates 6,000,000. After all, that is not a very large figure in comparison with the 80,000,000 Germans who inhabit the Greater Reich. The Party is thus still fairly exclusive…” ~Heinrich Himmler

The full interview with Heinrich Himmler discussing the NSDAP and its functions in Germany can be found in this Institute for Historical Review article.

The portrayal of Hitler as an old, arrogant and cold-faced man is also wholly false. In fact, this fictional Hitler in the movie is an apt reflection of the Jew who cannot bear to look at his own ugly nature and tumbles into a fury over criticisms of his people’s historically documented crimes. The Jew simply paints over the mirror in front of him and says, “see that’s your enemy, through that window!” And even today most of us are tricked into looking with disgust at one of history’s greatest men as we chase ZC created phantoms into the mountains of Afghanistan.

Authentic Adolf Hitler
“None of our projects of a practical nature will be completed in less than a period of ten to twenty years. None of our tasks of an ideal kind can be completed before fifty or a hundred years have passed. I started the National Socialist Revolution by bringing the movement into being, and since then I have guided its actions. I know that none of us will live to see more than the very beginning of this great revolutionary development. What then could I desire more than peace and tranquility? But if it is said that this is merely the desire of the leaders, I can reply that if only the leaders and rulers desire peace, the nations themselves will never wish for war.”
~The Real Adolf Hitler on May 21, 1935

The self-centered nature of the Jew is also apparent in the way he writes history, always putting himself in the center. Hitler didn’t care about Jews as much as he cared about the German people. He wanted to get the Judaic mindset out of them, their society, and their culture. The Jews were definitely not at the center of Hitler’s efforts, though they love to see it that way. Hitler did what many people have done before him: shut the Jew out, along with all of his manipulations, so that society can be free and so that culture can be unblemished. Hitler’s focus was reform in Germany. Jewry was but one obstacle in the way.

Film Plot Overview
The plot of Fatherland is a rather simple thriller/conspiracy plot, just with cartoonish Nazis as key players. Xavier March, an SS officer and homicide detective, is investigating an unusual murder which leads him to smell a cover-up. The dead man was a formerly prominent NS Party member who had retired. The Reich is in general excitement as Hitler’s 75th birthday is coming up as well as a visit from the US President, which will hopefully ease the Cold War between Germania and the USA. March’s investigation uncovers some startling information after he meets with a US reporter who hopes to cover the story of the Fuhrer meeting with the US President. Maguire, the American reporter, had received some mysterious information from a man named Luther who asked to meet her. She warily accepts and Luther gives her evidence of a horrible crime that took place during the war.

March’s investigation ends up becoming linked with the many other murders that have recently taken place and he realizes that the Gestapo is secretly killing all those who attended the Wannsee Conference in early 1942 – they are trying to forever bury all evidence of the “Final Solution.” Naturally, March turns “true patriot” when he realizes the crimes his country has committed and out of the blue decides to defect to the USA! Maguire sneaks her way to where the Germanian Fuhrer and US President are to meet and hands the President the “evidence.” And so once the “secret” is out, the USA severs relations with Germania and Hitler’s empire collapses.

Yeah, ok.

Unintended (or ingeniously subversive) Satire
It is worth noting that the main character, an SS Officer and Kriegsmarine veteran, is named “March,” which is not a German name. He also doesn’t speak with that cheesy Hollywood German accent, but guess who does? The “evil” Germans do! So German people who sound German are bad, but German people who sound Anglo are good? Ok, right.

This becomes most apparent when Maguire conveniently hears the confirmation for all the “evidence” – a slimy voiced lady with an over-the-top German accent tells her all about the “resettlement” program – “vee resettled dem… een to ze air!” This lady is said to be an actress who didn’t find success in Hollywood due to all the studios being “run by ze Jooz.” We are supposed to think that this is just another stereotype, yet Jews themselves boast about this fact. Also, given her profession of acting she wouldn’t likely have as thick of an accent in a foreign language as, say, Xavier March, a career soldier. But since March is good and she is bad, the “evil German voice” must be spoken by her.

After that incredibly useful and spontaneous confession (known in screenwriting as “a plot device”) we get to what just might be the best HO£A¢O$T€™ satire ever. Note that in the scene “where the truth is finally revealed” takes place at a huge ceremony in the middle of a militaristic empire’s capital city with the leader and an all-important international visitor present, thus security would be very strict and with good reason. Yet, Maguire manages to run through the crowd, through the rank of soldiers keeping the crowd in line, through the US Presidential limo’s security, and right up to the US President and Ambassador to whom she hands an envelope, which they take and get back in the car without even looking at it or with a greater reaction from the “security.” This would be just another lame plot device, but it gets better. The President then looks at the few muddy photographs of dead people and this convinces him of the awful truth.

The genius of this moment is that this is exactly how the “Holocaust” has been “proven.” First, there was “testimony” and “confession” – parodied with the slimy accented lady’s impromptu war crime confession dialog. Second, there were plenty of muddy and staged photographs that “prove” every single claim of Axis crime – parodied in the opening of the envelope with the few pictures. The film first mentions the “evidence” as “documents, photographs and signed orders.” But they only end up showing some photographs, since that is the only “evidence” that actually exists! This is because photos can be taken out of context very easily, while with documents this is not so easy to do on such a wide scale. Documents have a trail, classification, stamps, signatures, etc… However, with a photo of typhus victims, it can just be said: “Look, dead people! PS: the Germans killed them all.”

Really? Dead people? After a war that lasted 5 years and nearly starved an entire continent? You’re kidding right?

Other Issues
Germania is said to utterly collapse after the US severs relations. Pure fiction, since the real Hitler had made his country economically self-sufficient, by releasing Germany from the death grip of Jewish usury and by putting together a very sound economy that was based on work and progress, rather than pure profit and funny money. Thus, March is simply the stereotypical “good German” who loves the Jews, despite the fact that they raped his country economically.

Early in the film, as March first goes into the Police Headquarters building, some of his colleagues are discussing a sexual crimes arrest: “a pure Aryan woman and a Polack caught right in the act.” So the woman gets resettled and the man gets 10 years hard labor. This brief scene serves the classic lie that “Aryan” means “ethnic German,” as well as underscores the National Socialists’ supposed race/biological obsessions. One only needs to look at the roster for the Waffen SS & Axis Foreign Volunteers to see that “the Nazis” were more tolerant of different ethnicities than the American Armed Forces, which were segregated along racial lines. Also, Hitler may have encouraged cultural purity and thus discouraged mixing (in all cultures, not just his native German culture), but it is hard to believe he approved laws condoning draconian punishment for what may as well have been teenagers having a romp. In fact, from the start he was encouraging a sense of austere and if this film is supposedly about a Germany 29 years after it won the War, there would have already been at least one generation raised completely on those values.

This bit also serves as a good example for that fact that NS Germany is not so much outright lied about, but rather it heavily distorted via strawman arguments:

Aryanist: “Aryans seek to re-create the ideals of the Aryan Race through unity and nobility.”

Jewish Strawman: “Aryans like Hitler want to breed a ‘Master Race’ based upon racial ideology.”

Hitler’s goals were rooted in much more in social order than in manipulating genetics. Though, Hitler’s plan for a healthy society would inevitably affect genetics in the long term.

On the flip side of things, Dresden is mentioned and 100,000 Germans were said to have died there. That only begins to show the truth: in reality, at least 300,000 people died in Dresden – they were burned alive, a literal “holocaust.” Also, this scene mentions that Germany threatened to drop the A-Bomb on the USA: Germany having the A-Bomb is not unreasonable in this alternate history, however Hitler made it clear that he didn’t want war with the West and offered the UK seven peace offers which the stubborn Zionist lapdog Churchill did not accept. Similar conditions were offered to Poland’s leadership, but Marshal Rydz-Śmigły was as much of a dupe as the rest of his Allied counterparts. So, in reality, it’s the Allied Powers who wanted war. Or, since they were dupes, maybe it is more accurate to say that they were manipulated into war to bring down Adolf Hitler. That is no excuse for their crimes, but as Carl Jung said, “The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved but only outgrown.”

The ending of the book is slightly more ambiguous than in the film. Maguire is on her way and escaping Germany by fleeing to neutral and still independent Switzerland as a step in getting the “evidence” into the US Government. March distracts her pursuers by leading the pursuing Gestapo to where Auschwitz once stood. There is nothing there, but he finds some overgrown bricks. The end. Gas chambers, as that is what I presume the book is hinting at, were for the most part not made from bricks – Degesch, a German company, made metal gas chambers and US gas chambers from that era were very similar. Both were used to fumigate cattle cars to prevent disease, but smaller versions, such as in Dachau, were used to fumigate clothes. Also, the small brick building in Auschwitz that has the most Zyklon-B stains has been determined to be a more primitive fumigation chamber. It was built that way, since resources were very tight and virtually all metal was going towards production of military equipment.

There is also a scene that condemns the euthanasia and sterilization as practiced by the NSDAP on the sick and crippled. The problem is that they forget to mention that every Western nation did that at the time and many continued to do so well after NS Germany had been defeated. In fact, Jews themselves are willing separatists: they see themselves as different and superior. Such blatant and outright supremacist arrogance that leads to hate and violence on a Worldwide scale is praised by Jewry. Yet it’s “hate speech” for non-Jews to point one the same information. I guess, the “chosen” people can choose their words, while the non-chosen can’t.

So overall, this is just a film that hates you. It’s pure nonsense. Or what can be called “Historical Escapism,” since it effectively departs from reality as much as the James Bond movies, which are popular “escapist entertainment.” The closing narration even bashes “holocaust deniers” and this closing narration (same voice as the opening narration) is revealed to be March’s son, Pili, who escaped to the USA. He is proud of what his father has done and is happy that he can “follow his father’s example” as all boys want to do. Thus, we have the final ZC Propaganda point – “honor your father by believing in the Holocaust.”

I will not be doing any such thing, thank you. Never.

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4 Responses to Fatherland: An Alternate Version of Popular Absurdity

  1. delendaestziobot says:

    Sounds like a very unfortunate viewing experience, but someone has to destroy the lies of the Jews and return honor and glory to those who deserve it. It is truly sad and pathetic that the Gentiles and Goyim of this world have no mind except what has been falsely invented for them by their Jewish masters, which consists of tall-tales, fantasy, 'historical escapism', actors in costumes, fakery, the degenerate fantasy of a Jew becomes the life of the Goyim and the life of the Gentile, the Jewish dream is their only reality! How sad and pathetic it must be for them, what a depraved existence to live out an existence based on the lies of someone else, and to defend those lies until death.

    “look! a photo of dead people, – German Nazi's killed them, Help Jews, kill Germans” – Media.

    Oh right, OK, say the Goyim and Gentiles; “We Believe”……

    What hell to live out an existence based on the lies of another.

  2. Yes, I was in pain by the time the halfway mark of the film rolled by. Though, I must say it was worth reaching the ridiculous ending since it only shows the hopelessly flimsy case for the H'c0$t.

    It is also nuts that the ENTIRE plot centers around dead Jews. It's insane, you can't talk about National Socialism without mentioning how evil it was and then talking about dead Jews. In any public forum, if you don't you are called a hater or denier.

    Such is the parasitism of history's most persistent pest.

  3. Elysium says:

    The film (I haven't read the novel) struck be as another layer of Holocaust doctrine. It adds a few lesser-known facts that may somewhat endear NS Germany (the architecture, the technological advances, etc.); but makes the same conclusion.

    I sense that the same will be done with the non-European volunteers, amongst other issues which would dispel the average Westerner's notion of 'Nazism', in the future.

  4. The problem with information about NS Germany is that is is centered around the “Holocaust” and German atrocity. The Info Czars of the Mass Media make sure of this. This film is a good example, since the whole plot boils down to “the evil of Nazis.” The Jew gets his fix by being placed as the central figure and the victim. This must stop.

    Also, Hitler is often placed as “just another murderous tyrant.” This is controlled opposition since he is still being lied about. The hard part for us is, that there is very little historical precedent for what Hitler did as a whole. He was quite the trailblazer. So the image of “authentic Hitler” is really out in the open to be hammered by ZC Propaganda.

    As far as the Waffen SS roster goes, I think the Jew will use this as another “proof” of Worldwide “anti-Semitism” (Jew definition) and further justification for occupying Palestine.

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