“He-Man” was a Nazi – Part I

I was given a link to a particular video not too long ago. This four minute video was basically a simple video-essay on how the cartoon character, He-Man, was a drawn from Nazi images and themes. The ominous music accompanying the piece seems to suggest a steadily creeping evil. The ironic part is that the video, on a simplistic level, is quite true – the show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe did align for the most part with much of the image of National Socialist Germany as propagated by the Allied and Soviet propaganda machines. However, the people behind that propaganda painted the Nazis as Devil Incarnates, but in the show, “the Aryan barbarian,” He-Man, is the good guy of the series. We’ll get into why in a little bit.

First, the video: Nazi He-Man!

The video is a rather lame propaganda vehicle, at best. Let’s identify its weak points.

Target One: The Opening Quote
The opening quote is by Robert E. Howard, who was the American author who conceived the character, Conan the Barbarian. So it is not unreasonable to associate his writing with He-Man who is quite similar in appearance and general mythos. He-Man creator, Louis Scheimer, even based his character on Conan, though he opted for a less violent protagonist by writing He-Man as character that delivers a positive social message. The end of each episode features a short lesson or moral derived from the episode’s themes. Robert E. Howard wrote in the 1920s an 1930s when racism, especially white supremacy, was rampant in the United States, thus the quote from one of his works is really a product of its time. When the video’s author links the quote to the Third Reich, however, he mysteriously does not provide any source nor does he provide proof that any leading NSDAP Official admired Howard’s fiction or anything of the like. If the German National Socialists were so obsessed with blonde-haired and blue eyed people, they wouldn’t have approved of Hitler as their leader since he had dark hair. Thus, this video’s attempt at connecting National Socialism to racism is just a bridge to nowhere.

This point is further weakened by the fact that the video then shows a dark-eyed He-Man. He doesn’t have blue eyes!

Target Two: The Iron Cross
The video then links He-Man to National Socialism by pointing out the cross on his breastplate. It does, in fact, look like an Iron Cross, but the Iron Cross is not a NSDAP creation. The Iron Cross became a military decoration and recognition of a soldier’s valor in Prussia in 1813. The design was by Prussian architect Karl Schinkel, who based his design off of the cross of the Teutonic Knights. The Iron Cross also bears a strong resemblance to the Maltese Cross, which has its origin back in the Crusades when the Knights of St. John engaged the Saracens on the island of the Malta. The Saracens had weaponized fire, which proved to be a very effective weapon. The many knights in that battle who had saved their comrades from fiery death were award badges of honor, and these featured the cross that eventually became knows as “the Maltese Cross” – a recognition of bravery in the fires of war.

The design dating from the 1600s in the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania appears to be the oldest of the Iron Cross variants, but it was actually a hoisted banner used by the Hussar Cavalry and was known as “Husarski Krzyż” (Eng. – “Hussar Cross”). The first time it was used as an award was with the 1813 Prussian variant. Also, the 1920s Polish version of the Iron Cross was a unit insignia, of the “Death Hussars,” during the Polish-Soviet War and not an award.The basic design for this military icon is far from being exclusively Germanic. The pictures above are only a fraction of badges/military decorations that employ the Iron Cross/Maltese Cross motif. Note that even US Fire Departments make use of a similar design for their badges, this refers back to the story from Malta. Also, the German Armed Forces today, the Bundeswehr, not only use the Iron Cross insignia on vehicles, but also award a new variant of the Cross for valor.

Target Three: The Tiger
Prince Adam has a humble cat companion named Cringer. When Prince Adam assumes his warrior form of He-Man, the normally calm Cringer becomes Battle Cat, whom He-Man rides into battle. The main German battle tanks during the Second World War, were named after large cats – the “Tiger” and the “Panther.” However, the connection to National Socialism is, once again, totally superficial. The Bundeswehr’s main battle tank today is called the Leopard, another big cat. Also, the video makes the point that the Tiger symbolized the Third Reich’s military as a whole, however this image was the product of Allied and Soviet propaganda. Thus, the video just effectively contradicted itself.

Target Four: The Lightning
When Prince Adam transforms into He-Man, he does so but drawing a sword and taking on his powerful alter-ego with a flash of lightning, which also transforms Cringer into Battle Cat. The video then states that the “Nazi military” was so effective due to the use of “Blitzkrieg” (Eng. – Lightning War) tactics. In a way, this is true as the Blitzkrieg was a revolutionary general attack strategy that coordinated ground and air forces, as well as gave officers in the field much more flexible orders for how to command their own soldiers and how to approach objectives. All this amounted to rapid military advances, but also allowed for quick, coordinated fall back moves as well.

The Blitzkrieg was conceived by the military strategist Heinz Guderian who served in the regular army, Deusches Heer, and not the Schutzstaffel as the ominously placed SS Bolts seem to suggest. By war’s end, Heinz Guderian was not convicted of war crimes and his conduct was deemed that of a professional soldier. His military theories went on to redefine war strategy and, like the cat names for German tanks, as well as the Iron Cross, those theories are still in effect today and are used by every modernized military.

The maker of this video must see “the Nazis” in his sleep, since a warrior figure with thunder and lighting reminds me more of the Norse god Thor than anything else. The Scandinavian countries, to this day, have big cats as centerpieces for their national emblems.

Target Five: The Eagle
One of He-Man’s key helpers is the Sorceress, who is said to be “an Aryan woman who dresses as, you guessed it, a Bundesadler Eagle.” Actually, the Sorceress’s bird form is a falcon, but I suppose that we could let that one slide. What we cannot let slide, however, is that the hopelessly naive out there (among whom the video maker can be found if anyone cares to look for him/her) will never comprehend the fact that “Aryan” does not mean “ethnic German” or “Germanic” or anything ethnic specific. Two of the largest ancient Aryan sites are not located anywhere near Germany – one is in Russia and the other one is in Bulgaria. Russia and Bulgaria are Slavic nations. According to Allied and Soviet propaganda that has become so firmly entrenched in peoples’ perception of the Third Reich, the National Socialists were said to have detested the Slavs right down to their core. Thus, news stories about archeological sites like this don’t ever make mainstream news, since they effectively put a huge hole in the established lies and perpetuated illusions.

Also, it is down right to ridiculous to say that the Eagle logo is exclusive to the NSDAP, since there are many countries that use an eagle for their Coat of Arms, present day Germany included.

Target Six: The Protocols
The text, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (there are some variations as to the exact title) is said to be the “Anti-Semitic, Conspiracy Theory manifesto.” The video then states that said manifesto “paints its ‘Jewish conspiracy’ as a Snake eating the world, as orchestrated by a Secret Society called Skull and Bones.” The Skull and Bones is a secret society from Yale University and it has many pro-Zionist politicians on its exclusive list of members, including former Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush, father of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and grandfather of yet another man to hold that office, George W. Bush. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who ran against George W. Bush in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election, is also a member. However, this one society, based in one university is hardly worthy enough to be blamed for all of the Jewish subversion in the World. Thinking along the lines that this video proposes will result only in foolishness. One must actually apply what they learn to the real World. And one famous American did just that.

“The only state I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. THEY FIT IT NOW.” ~Henry Ford, as quoted in an interview in ‘New York World’ on 17/2/1921

Henry Ford didn’t start to circulate and print copies of this text out of unprovoked hatred for the Jews. Though, the expert victim Jew likes to see it that way; he likes to paint his opposition as irrational so that anyone who speaks out against Jewry can be easily just branded an “anti-Semite.” This goes for people that possess numbskull hate (as seen in neo-Nazis and racists) as well as people utilizing rational observation and application of knowledge like Adolf Hitler and authentic National Socialists, the latter to this day. Additionally, the term “anti-Semite” is intrinsically absurd as Arabs are also Semites and the main source of anti-Arab hate in this World are none other than Zionist Jews – thus they brand themselves with their own malicious label! Just don’t expect them to admit that. It would be too much of a hassle for them to see past the illogic of their own arid hate and think of something rational to call their enemies.

Of course it is not just the Jews that fall into this self-perpetuated pit of folly. Long before he became Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler had noticed this in a great number of people. His thoughts are aptly summarized in the following passages from Mein Kampf:

“I know people who read interminably, book after book, from page to page, and yet I should not call them ‘well-read people’. Of course they ‘know’ an immense amount; but their brain seems incapable of assorting and classifying the material which they have gathered from books. They have not the faculty of distinguishing between what is useful and useless in a book.” ~Adolf Hitler

“The material which one has acquired through reading must not be stored up in the memory on a plan that corresponds to the successive chapters of the book; but each little piece of knowledge thus gained must be treated as if it were a little stone to be inserted into a mosaic, so that it finds its proper place among all the other pieces and particles that help to form a general world-picture in the brain of the reader. Otherwise only a confused jumble of chaotic notions will result from all this reading.” ~Adolf Hitler

This idea of applying knowledge was also something Tolkien wrote about in relation to his great work, The Lord of the Rings. He didn’t want people to see it as an allegory for Europe and European nations – he preferred “applicability.”

“I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its prescence.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien, forward to ‘Fellowship of the Ring’

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is routinely called a “forgery” and “a fraudulent text” by the mainstream press. About six months after Henry Ford, a famous and influential person, went on record as supporting the distribution of the text, an Irish journalist named Philip Graves, who worked for The Times, a London-based newspaper, “uncovered” that it’s actually a hoax. The nature of this connection is about as solid as the “proof” for homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz. The story took a while to invent, note that they didn’t just automatically refute Ford, but needed time to cook up the right story. Eventually, a newspaper from one of the main hubs of the International Bankster Jews, produced the “refutation” that was immediately taken as “sacred truth.”


Well, there you have it. The weak points of this enemy vehicle. You know what to do with that Panzerschreck.

Basically, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe contains allusions to National Socialist ideas, though just on a simple level. The maker of the video above undoubtedly noticed this, but they can’t get their head around all the anti-NSDAP propaganda that they’ve been fed since grade school. In fact, given the intelligence level of most anti-Nazi information, I was expecting that at some point, someone was going to label Skeletor as “the evil Nazi,” since his face is like the SS Totenkopf, his castle represents the snake that corrupted Adam and Eve, and his cohorts are brutes – that image is actually how Nazis are most often represented – “the incarnation of absolute evil.” It is, in a way, ironic that the video’s creator saw Skeletor as the Jew; it was a keen observation, but they took the final step, applying the story’s symbols to the real World, the wrong way and saw He-Man as subversive evil.

SEE ALSO: Part II, review of the actual show.

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