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Popular culture is in a pretty low state these days. Western culture has become driven by promise of plenty via little to no effort. Indulgence has become a good thing, as long as a worker doesn’t neglect their responsibilities more than the relativist boss allows; this inevitably leads to cutting corners in effort all the while expecting more in return for the work performed. These indulgent desires spill over even more in social life as I have seen during my socially bizarre journey through college. Instead of discussing things like literature, history, politics, our studies or anything mentally stimulating, the point of social activity was inebriation in its highly limited number of forms. By now it has gone so far that most people take these absurdities as normal. It is a dangerous mix of decadence and accepting an overarching fate.

Gizmos are also a big thing today – a small portable phone with a camera and internet access is, by today’s standards, simply a “cell phone.” Added to the fact that most of these devices even have a multitude of “applications.” One of these “apps” (people don’t even say whole words these days) was called “The Lightsaber Application” and the whole thing was a simple display of the famous Star Wars prop that made the associated sounds as you move the phone around. Pointless – a goy bisciut – but people go nuts for these things.

My cell phone camera, which has spent a great deal of time being perfectly useless, or one could say “dormant,” up until fairly recently when I decided to put it to use by noting several observations around society.

This appears to be an ad for the fast food chain McDonald’s that tries to tap into the “more is better” craze. The man looks sad that he is only getting a small chocolate dessert with water, instead of a gargantuan portion of culinary chemistry in both solid and liquid form.

On slightly closer inspection you can see that it is actually a satire on McDonald’s. Note the smaller print (click image for larger version) that outlines the dangers of consuming fast food, yet it does it within the confines of the ad, which grinds not only against McDonald’s, but also against the elusive quality of corporate advertising. It also looks like the text of “possible side effects” that prescription medicine commercials have: while showing happy people the narrator quickly reads off a list of possible side effects and if written out, they may very well be as long that the ones listed here.

Next we have a joke about the absurdity of too much free choice or uninformed free choice.

This is part of the whole “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design” debate. The details of said debate are beyond the scope of this essay, but it is worth noting that absurdity is gripping an ever firmer hold on our society. The obsession of “rights” and “free choice” is one such thing as this cartoon demonstrates. Citizens of an Aryan State do not have “certain inalienable rights” as the whole concept of “right” is un-Aryan. Rather, citizens of an Aryan State have certain unassigned, yet always active, duties. Ensuring that the younger generation has plenty of chances to bloom with a solid education is one of them. When that is done with rationalism, the younger generation will have much free choice and, critically, their options will not be as ridiculous as the ones pictured above. The Historic Aryan Farmer lets his crops grow as they please, but first ensures the soil is fertile for them to do so.

A humorous take on the Arizona immigration issue. There is an NS joke in there, but I think that only reinforces a truth that most Americans are not aware of (due to corrupt education) or one that they just simply deny.

The power of an astute message is awesome.

A political cartoon that shows the nature of Judaic selfishness.

The black splotch over the Goldman-Sachs banksters looks like a simple space-filler for the composition, but to me it looks like a monstrous belch of pollution and it appropriately radiates from Lloyd Blankfein’s rotten corpus.

This is largely self-explanatory.

It is also largely true. Click to read text in larger version.

Very interesting image here. Look carefully.

Some very interesting details here. First off, Adolf Hitler, apparently, wasn’t the worst tyrant of them all. The death tally attributed to each of these leaders has drifted to and fro and varied from source to source, but this only points out the quality of the mainstream. I have seen 20 million next to Stalin before. For Mao, this is quite low as I have usually seen him “awarded” with 50 to 70 million. However, the 15 million by Hitler is quite strange. The official “holocaust” narrative comes to a total of 6 million. The total dead during WW2 is commonly said to be 50 million, and Hitler has been blamed for starting the war, so why not just make him the worst of the three leaders here? Probably, because that is so ridiculous that it cannot even make it into the mainstream. Thus, Hitler is left with just 6 million, but then he would look fairly tame next to the others, so the cartoonist just multiplied by… er, 2.5… yeah.

What is also interesting is the shape of each head. Note the roughly pyramid shape, which could possibly refer to the “evil power pyramid” as seen on the back of the US Dollar Bill. Each leader’s two eyes would be below the ominous all seeing eye at the pyramid’s apex. As they are drawn this “third eye” seems to be in their brains – evil men thinking up evil schemes. Stanley Kubrick would approve of this view and showed many ominously themed pyramid compositions (particularly in A Clockwork Orange) and also equated the NS movement to absolute evil (even in the same movie).

Though, as we have seen, the false images are such cartoons.


There was a large tack board that I passed one day and saw a very interesting detail. The frame of the board was lined with 4 identical strips that has a design of various international flags. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) the German flag and the Israeli flag were next to one another. There was also a tiny and precise bit of vandalism that was quite consistent. The top strip was covered with announcements and photos, thus mostly obscured. However, the other three were very visible. I photographed a detail from each of those. Click image for larger version.


This was in the halls of a New York university and there are many Arabic students enrolled at this school who no doubt have expressed their feelings on a certain illegally occupied territory that is administered by criminals guilty of mass murder and actual blood libel.

Society, there is much in the details.

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