On Talmudic Methods as Tactics: Occidental Observer

The Boromir Syndrome (BS) is rampant over at The Accidentally Talmudic Observer. They recently published this article in effort to seem sound on the issue of violence. Little do they know, they are using definitions from history’s most nefarious book and thus continue to spin in their goy wheel.

On Violence as a tactic
By Kevin MacDonald

A correspondent concerned about the connotations of some of the commentary on this site sent the following:

Some patriots, especially the young, become frustrated and angry and want to take direct action. That is understandable because we are facing a life-and-death threat to our national existence and our political class is demonstrably failing to show leadership; indeed, major elements are leading the attack on the American people. But it is both morally wrong and tactically counterproductive to advocate or practice violence.

SoE: So “taking direct action” and “advocating or practicing violence” are the same thing? If you are a BS Gentile than they sure seem to be! That illusion is part of the Paradigm Prison, which is ZC approved definitions for everything. Going by them will never lead to progress, they are designed to be ineffective.

The mentioning of “patriots” and “threats to our national existence” and other assorted tribalist vocabulary makes the failure of this article all the more plain. Failure when dealing with Zionists that is. Technically, the goal of this article is to present Babel, and in that, it succeeds.


The rule of law is critical for the maintenance of civilization. In many ways, it IS civilization. We might not like some of those laws but unless we limit our protest to legal means, we contribute to the slide to barbarity that has done so much harm.

SoE: Again, they are trapped in the Paradigm Prison. The Aryan State (the true remedy for Jewish corruption) does not use the law as a “maintenance of civilization,” but rather to progress civilization towards an ideal. Law, by itself, is in no way the actual civilization. By appealing to the corrupt laws that have allowed Zionist crime, how does MacDonald hope to stop it? Maybe next he’ll recommend that an organized crime syndicate aide the police in catching a big time mobster, who may or may not be their boss.

Violence or its advocacy would allow our enemies to call down the full power of the state apparatus upon us. Even if we were strong and had a chance to win elections, it would be fatal to become outlaws. Many many Whites would feel compelled to withdraw their support. A movement that had taken decades to build would be dismantled overnight, its assets liquidated, its leaders jailed. And even if violence had a good chance of accelerating victory, going down that path would soil the vision of our New America. We want the freedom we seek to last; we want to set an example to other Western peoples and to other civilizations that will make our liberation permanent by setting it within a compatible international order. We can only do that by appealing to the highest personalities, to the natural aristocracy of other countries. Only then will they gain the moral courage to act in their people’s interests. We can only do that by being demonstrably decent, by being the sort of people they want to be. This is one of the practical implication of being a cultural Christian.

SoE: The bold faced emphasis (added by me) is MacDonald’s solution. Close, but no cigar, MacDonald. “Aristocracy” not only has elitist and un-Aryan connotation, but the current ruling classes, to which MacDonald suggests that his readers appeal to in order to find a solution, are the ones most likely to be most corrupted by the current system. MacDonald does not offer radicalism (the Aryanist definition) and seek allies outside of the current establishment, thus the ones most likely to have true Noble motivation.The only thing that MacDonald gets right is by saying that those who want to enact change should be decent, but he doesn’t lay out how they can also be effective and thus this is another TOO dead end.

TOO Programming Language
“Ctrl-Alt-Delete” is Restart, not Revolution.

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2 Responses to On Talmudic Methods as Tactics: Occidental Observer

  1. Ja, it appears Kevin MacDonald is appealing to the only law he knows – Talmudic law, law of the Rabbis.
    The Aryan State truely is the answer to jewish corruption.


  2. Wir kämpfen fürs Arisches Volk! Wir werden für sie zu gewinnen!

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