Tunnel Vision over at the Occidental Observer

Avatar, James Cameron’s feel-good adventure story is wholly unoriginal on the Storytelling Front, but very imaginative in the visual department. Since it was a such a huge production with the highest budget thus far allotted for a movie project and the biggest box office intake as of this date with some $2.5 billion in Worldwide earnings, it speaks a good deal about what today’s audience likes: elaborate sights and sounds with simplistic story arcs.

The BS Gentiles at The Occidental Observer reviewed this film and that was really just a continuation of their fixation on white race preservation as can be read in this review of the blockbuster film. Replace “white” with “Jew” and you’ll have a typically racist, rabbi written op-ed.

In the article, Kevin MacDonald writes: 

“So, in a nutshell, Whites from Earth are colonizing another planet whose indigenous wonderful hominids with primitive technology but great butts and neural connections to plants and animals, are in the way of The Company which wants its precious mineral called Unobtainium. (This was the only in joke in the movie I think.) There are a couple of social workers trying to get the natives to move and save Precious Life. They are of course outmaneuvered by the capitalists who want their unobtainium and start to bulldoze the magic forest.”

If all MacDonald can observe about this film is that certain white characters are greedy and unpleasant, than he is missing much of point due to his skin-pigmentation fixation. He also misses the satire on Judeo-economics… “unobtanium” is quite the way to put it.

In the film, there are mixed characters on both sides. Good humans aren’t all white and neither are the evil humans. Though, the commander of the mercenary unit deployed to protect The Company is white, as is the main representative of the evil corporation, and it is from these two bits that MacDonald’s main concern springs: evil white people. Odd that a professor of psychology would evaluate character’s based on their skin-color. How about delving into their… *ahem* ….psychology? Meaning, looking at the characters’ intentions, goals, means to achieve these things, and the like. From this we can see that the commander and the corporate officer are slimy, arrogant bastards and deserve no sympathy from noble people.

Practically all of the main Zionists in Israel have light skin that could be called “white,” so does this mean that MacDonald sympathizes with those war criminals? And does he find any news report that points out Israeli criminality as offensive, since it criticizes “white” people? It would seem so. MacDonald decidedly prefers the shallow end of the pool. His allegiance to his “white” skin is like the Jews’ allegiance to the Law of the Rabbis – what’s good for (my group’s name here) is good in all senses of the word.

More from MacDonald’s article:

“So, the Good pseudo-native , like in The Last Samurai, goes native and war is begun with the CapitalistImperialistWhitePigs. Spectacular battle scenes with the Good natives mounted on the backs of flying Teradactyl like birds beating the White Man’s machines. As in Tarzan movies, the animals also come to the aid of the natives, after having sensed that the White Man is a greater danger.In the battle, the chief Bad Guy is a jarhead (Marines) colonel who wants to kill all the Good Natives. Blue eyes and a very White Marine, he of course, is beaten by bows and arrows and big scary animals (a la Tarzan). As he is about to kill our pseudo-native hero, who has of course betrayed the mission of The Company, the colonel yells, “How does it feel to be a race traitor?” With that, two arrows from the love-interest native female sink into his chest.”

MacDonald’s race-themed defensive posture is virtually identical the ever-apologetic Jew, who will always find a way to mask or excuse his deeds – from cries of “anti-Semitism” and “blood libel” to the quintessential racist attitude of “We’re the Chosen People.” The BS Gentiles at TOO simply substitute “White” for “Jew.” In their eyes, criticizing whites is “anti-White” or maybe “anti-Occidentalism.”

By the time the reader reaches this part of the article, it comes as no surprise that MacDonald chose to end his piece with the most overt racism – a saving the “best” for last sort of thing via the BS Gentile mindset.

“Like Bladerunner’s replicants, the natives are more human than homo sapiens — Whites that is. The few other folks who help the natives are Earthlings — Blacks and browns, who of course, side with the natives. They recognize a brother when they see one.”

Oh boy. Quite the absurdity, in addition to the racism.

At no point in the film is it so bluntly said that the Na’vi (the “natives” from Avatar) are “more human” than the humans. What is said, via the story, is that they are less overcome by greed and material desire. This makes them more noble and thus they are the story’s good-guys.

“The material interest of mankind can prosper only in the shade of the heroic virtues. The moment they become the primary considerations of life they wreck the basis of their own existence.” ~Adolf Hitler

The human mission on planet Pandora is primarily concerned with material interests, while the Na’vi are heroically defending their homeland. That is why the humans and their corporation loses. However, by the end, a few humans, the noblest stock, joins the Na’vi. They do this to pursue ideals and probably didn’t consider “race.” In fact, in the film, it is only the bigoted Gentiles that bring up “race” and such terms. They cannot see past the end of their nose.

I do agree with MacDonald that Avatar paints a pessimistic portrait of humans, however, unlike him, I am not at all surprised. Just look at the day’s news, mainstream source or not: there’s violence, treachery, greed and hate that comes from people of all colors. Oddly, since MacDonald is so Euro-centric, he only sees the media point out evil white men and takes offense to this. That sort of arrogance and ignorance hand-in-hand is very Jewish.

The fact is, all peoples suffer and all peoples are to blame. The state of the World is decayed, decadent and filled with drudgery. The popular films that come out simply reflect this. Complaining about such a film is like complaining to a mirror for showing you a scar on your face – it’s not the mirror’s fault! You did something that gave you a scar and the complaints won’t help heal it.

“Man has become great through perpetual struggle.” ~Adolf Hitler

And he can become great again, but this means primarily proactive effort. This means seeing your own faults in addition to those of others, and this is something the Gentiles lack.

Taking a look at this essay is a good start for them to steadily veer away from simplistic bigotry and tunnel vision.

Alternate version of the rebuttal HERE

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2 Responses to Tunnel Vision over at the Occidental Observer

  1. Jacopo says:

    I don’t fully agree with your article. I read TOO and TOQOnline and obviously, being american and therefore conditioned by centuries of jewish propaganda and politcal domination, they share some common moral and methodological features of the USA (especially TOO) which real aryans do not appreciate, but this is unavoidable at the current point of american counter-action against jews. You need much more time to get rid of what the jews have inculcated into you, but nonetheless I think their action is pretty appreciable as a starter.
    Anyway, what I’d like to say, it’s that obviously I don’t think that MacDonald is concerned about the skin-pigmentation of the humans in the movie “per se”. What he is pointing out is a common problem and strategy used by the jews in the USA and in many parts of Europe (but in the US the weight of this strategy is much heavier, far heavier!): the biologically white community in America is in danger (and, personally, I don’t think u can defend aryan values without defending aryan biology, even in the small degree it has remained in the world: I adhere to the spiritual racism of Evola but it is a fact that the Evolian olympian values have been historically embodied by the White race and our duty is to awaken those values in our people inculcated by the jews) and nonetheless, the american strategy guided by the jews is to make the Whites appear bad. Obviously I, as a NS, am able to recognise in the invaders of Avatar the capitalist jewish mentality and to refuse them as a representation of the ideal and true white and aryan community, but common people (who are the majority) is not: they will just get the message that Whites are bad and other races or peoples are good and brave. That’s what MacDonald is pointing out: I’m sure he doesn’t approve the actions of the whites in Avatar, but he notes that notheless it’s the Whites that are represented as bad and evil. They are imbued by thoughts and deeds which, talking historically and “aryan-ly” they shoould not embody if they were permitted to live naturally without alien and jew influence.
    That’s MacDonald point and honestly I agree with it: white people, also the honest ones, are pushed by propaganda to view their kin, ethny and race as bad and to favour other races, with the result of making the whte people becoming a minority. And we cannot just stress the importance of nobility per se. All people can be noble, universally: blacks, whites, yellows and so on… If we just defend nobility, we shouldnt call ourselves aryanists. Because aryans means noble and were noble people, but they were noble in their own peculiar way, as were many yellows, blacks and so on… I think our duty is to guarrantee the right and possibility of aryan (white) people to be noble in their own characterustical way once again, by developing a healthy and noble culture. But without white people (and I also refer to skin pigmentation as a factor in defining the average aryan) this won’t be possible anymore. We will just have noble balcks, noble yellows, noble browns and so on… Would you be satisfied with that?

  2. Jacopo,
    First understand that “Aryan” does not mean “white.” It means Noble, or “refusal to accept slavery.” Any race can spawn Aryans and most of them, in fact, have at time point, though all in tiny quantity. The concept behind Aryanism is the unity of all noble peoples. There are very few, thus we cannot have division of “noble blacks, noble yellows, noble browns and so on…” There are too few Aryan-minded people to even consider this as feasible in some way.

    Consider the following situation. What would be better: a noble person reproducing within own race with the goal of “racial purity” or a noble person reproducing out of own race, but with another noble person, with the goal of keeping Aryanism alive?

    We must overcome the conventional meaning of “race.” In a country like the USA, where MacDonald teaches, this is necessary since national identity there does not at all coincide with ethnic identity. The “whites” have willingly absorbed American Indians’ lands, imported Africans, annexed swaths of land with Mexicans and brought all these people under the US Government. Thus, any national folk that arises there will be mixed. In a country like Finland, where national identity and ethnic identity coincide (Finland didn’t go off on bloodthirsty colonialist ventures is the reason why this is), your idea may work, but then again… consider the situation previously mentioned.

    Aryanism is about not being confined by conventional categories. For a readily available example, check out the fictional universe of Star Trek – people of all Earthly races live and work together, wear the same uniforms, serve in the same star fleet and even have non-Earth allies. All exercise discipline together. This is not just straight-forward liberalism and “tolerance” – it is unity in struggle. There is much to Star Trek and the franchise has seen many authors and interpreters, but at its core is actually something quite folkist in terms of the human characters.

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