Perceiving Aryanism and National Socialism

I can imagine that one day long ago when a system of mathematics, that eventually became one of Persia’s greatest achievements in the form of algebra, started to play a key role in various transactions and this made certain sneaky merchants angry as it is harder to lie with numbers than it is with simple sleight of hand. Perhaps many of these dishonest merchants saw the logic of mathematics as “evil” since their schemes were now easily disprovable.

An analogous situation occurred in Germany when Adolf Hitler rose to power and very quickly started to push out all the Jewish schemes from the economy. Hence, National Socialism has been branded as “evil,” since it caused trade, culture, and society in Germany to be truly of the people and by the people thanks to its revolutionary new system. Those who did not wish to participate in, as well as those who sought to subvert, the new order were detained and set on course to be re-educated in camps. Hitler knew the dangers of subversion as it was such actions that caused the German defeat in the First World War… a war during which not one shell impacted German home territory. Marxist organized strikes, engineered class conflict, crafted hate of the intelligentsia and ethnic groups in addition to other subversion caused rampant chaos in Germany and in the newly created eastern nations of Czechoslovakia and Poland – strife in the Sudetenland and uprisings in Silesia as people felt displaced or left out from where they wished to be. No doubt that the sloppy Treaty of Versailles was meant to cause all of this. If it wasn’t proven before, it was proven now – the masses are asses.

Enter Adolf Hitler. He had been carefully watching events unfold since his first sojourn as a student in Vienna – the futility of the parliamentary system, the dishonesty of the Press, the decaying of culture all at the hands of puppeteers who relished in chaos among the goyim for it allowed them to implement their own selfish solutions and appear to be like geniuses and saviors – a perfectly fitting situation for the Jewish ego. Out of chaos cannot come an order, but rather an order must be made from the chaos, for the chaos was Germany herself. Hitler wasn’t seeking to advance the country, but first revert it back to a stage from which it can successfully advance – he believed in the Original Nobility of the Germans.

However, he also displayed a belief in the Nobility of other nations, namely the Slavs, who at the time were a great nuisance to Germany. Russia was overrun by Judeo-Marxists, the Czechs and Poles were aggressive about their new borders and the regions from Pomerania down to the Sudetenland saw ethnic strife, but most critically, the Soviets had already launched a war, barely after the conclusion of the giant preceding one. The Bolshevik onslaught was pushed back by the Poles after going as far as the outskirts of Warsaw. From this the Poles saw the USSR as their enemy, but also, in one of their greatest blunders, didn’t see their German ally who had put forth conditions for the co-existence of Poland (as well as the Czechoslovak state) next to Germany as a joint buffer against Judeo-Bolshevik terror. Hitler wisely recognized his nation’s real enemy and the enemy of all nations of men: it was the Jew who out of the chaos of the Great War was still busy creating more and more chaos on all fronts – social, geopolitical, and economic.

“I have no hesitation in saying that in those men who seek today to embroil the patriotic movement in religious quarrels I see worse enemies of my country than the international communists are.” ~Adolf Hitler

The sleight of hand of the ancient dishonest merchant had grown to horrific proportions. The ancient herder’s manipulative tactics had adapted into an intimidating and complex force. Adolf Hitler didn’t back down in cowardice of it all, he wasn’t baffled into fear by the sheer scope of it, and he wasn’t selfish and thus didn’t keep the solution to himself for his own gain. He spoke to his fellow citizens with a fiery energy that hasn’t been matched by any statesman since.



It applies to every country and international relations.

Revert the mess of society back to this:

Thus, making it possible to progress forward to this:

The key perception that we must see is that National Socialism is as German as Algebra is Persian or Geometry is Greek. Each has its source and will forever be known as hailing from there, but the applicability of each is so universal that it should be absolute standard. Algebra and Geometry are standards, however, National Socialism is not. Algebra’s application, though, has been corrupted by the Jew who is at the ridiculous point of pulling numbers out of thin air, or simply typing them into a digital interface, so as to push forward his false transactions – it’s the same old lying merchant and manipulative herder at work.

The result:


Aryanist solution and continuation of Hitler’s Kampf:


About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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2 Responses to Perceiving Aryanism and National Socialism

  1. Brilliant! Erstaunlich!

    Where did the ideas come from for the Aryan goldan ratio graphics? Miecz can you email me all the graphics on this article?

  2. Thank you, Kamerad.

    I was searching for Golden Ratio pictures and I saw the Pantheon with the GR grid on it. In Photoshop I took the grid and fit it over the photo of the Reich Chancellery… and sure enough, it was a perfect fit. No doubt that Speer planned it that way.

    Another GR picture to come up in the search was the triangles, which looked to me like one Swastika hook, so again in photoshop, I made a full Swastika and then added our avatar in the center.

    The spiral also showed up in the same search and I just noticed that it resembled and ever expanding Sun Wheel, which is an apt metaphor for the spread of Arya and Rationalism. Put together in photoshop.

    The hexagram and paddock was made in the same fashion – two images put together – to symbolize Zionist slavery.

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