ZC Weapons: Harnessing of Hate

The Zionists are a kind of absurdity in addition to being a pestilence. They always want war yet they never want to fight, so they create loads of propaganda in order to set groups of goyim into conflict with one another. Divide and conquer is their quintessential program and it is the exact opposite of the Aryan goal of Unity through Nobility.

This spreading of propaganda to incite hate and division also well summed up in a quote by George Orwell: “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” Divides masses are easier to control. However, the key is that the masses themselves are not yet under control, just their perceptions, which need to be kept in line with propaganda. Two films from the 1980s, Iron Eagle and Death Before Dishonor are a case in point here.

As film art (if one could call it that), these movies are absurdly awful, low-grade garbage about as intelligent as young boys playing an army game with water guns. However, as manipulative propaganda they serve their goal quite well, with a few exceptions.

Iron Eagle
This 1986 action movie starts with a US Air Force officer being shot down near an unnamed Arab country’s airspace, while on a “routine reconnaissance” mission and then being sentenced to death by the evil Arabs who hate all Americans. The downed pilot’s son, Doug, is a hotshot pilot and decides to rescue his father. Doug manages to do this when he convinces a decorated retired Air Force officer by the name of Chappy to train him and arrange the stealing, yes stealing, of two F-16 jets, then flying into the unnamed Arab country, blowing up a sizable chunk of its armed forces, rescuing dad. Doug even manages to take out the country’s military dictator leader in a final dogfight. Just read that again: an amateur kid who had just completed a crash course in flying a jet shoots down an ace fighter pilot.

Essentially, the film boils down to two US Air Force jets wrecking an unnamed country, which is pretty weird considering that in the film’s opening scene there is a 2 vs. 2 battle with the Americans losing – one pilot retreats, the other is downed. However, now, with a young hotshot and a retiree flying identical jets they manage to out-maneuver and/or annihilate the entire nation’s armed forces? Yeah, ok.

Funny thing is that this film features Louis Gossett Jr. in the supporting role of wise mentor who trains a young American on how to steal jets. Gossett Jr. had come to prominence as an actor after his Academy Award for An Officer and a Gentleman, a supporting role, and he seems to have not been able to break out of those “supporting” roles, even when they cast some no-name lead who was never heard of doing anything notable ever again… or ever, since this movie is only notable when it’s being trashed. It makes one wonder if the film’s distaste of non-white skin is not just limited to the story, but also present in the casting choices. WASP arrogance, the young bastard brother of Jewish supremacy, is rampant throughout this celluloid garbage.

There is also a very interesting bit here and that is that “unnamed” Arab country. It is not really unnamed; one just has to know where to look and where to draw the connections. The following juxtaposition should help.

The man on the left is Colonel Gaddafi, who has been making headlines recently, if you recall. He doesn’t really wear that uniform anymore, but he did in the 1980s when this film came out. The man on the right is the arch-villain of Iron Eagle. So basically, the film is just saying, “look how awesome it would be to bomb the shit out of Libya.” Doug even plays rock music as he bombs, strafes and destroys people who never meant him any harm, but hey, who cares, they’re Arabs! Only a Judaized mind could enjoy mass killing so much.

On a historical side note, in 1981, two US Navy planes shot down 2 Libyan planes in what become known as the Gulf of Sidra incident. A virtually identical incident occurred in 1989 also over the Gulf of Sidra. The events from 1981 in which no pilots were killed caused a rapid deterioration in US-Libya relations. Demonization of Libya’s leader as seen in Iron Eagle was one of the results. Now just imagine if the US Navy took out an entire military base killing hundred of soldiers as happens in this film. That would be nothing short of a declaration and immediate start of a war. And this film makes that look cool. Again, only a Judaized mind could enjoy this kind of thing.

Now imagine if a film studio in any Arabic country made a film where an Israeli military base gets shot to pieces from the air, just to save one non-Israeli soldier. That would actually be hilarious, since approximately 10 seconds after the start of the first screening, the Jews would yell their favorite word that starts with the sound of “hollow” and ends with the sound of “cost.”

The villain of Iron Eagle, Colonel Nakesh, said he will execute USAF Colonel Masters, Doug’s father, which is what inspires Doug to break pretty much every international law, as well as the laws of his own home country, to save his dad. Obviously, no one bothers to ask if Colonel Masters was breaking any laws in the beginning, such as carrying out an incursion into a foreign country – and if he was, then the US Air Force was very quick to simply not give a shit about one of their pilots. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Period.” Thus, the ultimate message of this movie ends up being an adrenaline-packed justification for rampant US military aggression. After all, it was ok to kill all those people since you saved one American, plus there didn’t seem to be any repercussions either, thus giving the illusion that pro-America violence is perfectly acceptable no matter what.

The US military often lends a hand to film productions that are military oriented such as this one, however, the US Air Force refused to help with this film’s production since the plot involves the theft of a USAF jet. Despite this set back, the film production received much military assistance from… the IDF. It is really no surprise that a film which glorifies the Arab mass slaughter was produced, in part, by Israel. It also condones to stealing of aircraft for that matter and pro-America violence is basically pro-Israel violence. Additionally, what would the repercussions be for a Middle Eastern country whose military was suddenly shattered? The Zionist bloodsuckers would waste no time in either outright take over or offering to “help” rebuild by giving their own companies lucrative construction contracts made possible by a pro-West/pro-Zionist new puppet of a leader. After watching the Libya situation in the news the past weeks, it looks as if that it is already set to happen.

Death Before Dishonor
The following year, the film with the above title was released. For this anti-Arab/pro-USA film the US Department of Defense actually helped out with production, since there is no plot element involving the stealing of military equipment – there is just a bunch of ass kicking by a US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. The opening to this film is hilarious. We see what are soldiers sneaking as if to infiltrate a perimeter and they keep hugging the ground in a manner that involves a weekend warriors’ army game. This ends up being just a training exercise, albeit on an elite USMC training ground. Similar ridiculousness permeates the rest of the film with laughable gun handling and military tactics from both soldiers and militia.

Predictably, the latter are all evil, America-hating Arabs. We get a taste for this evil when two terrorists kill an Israeli official and his family at dinner. Israelis reappear in the film in a key twist that actually speaks a profound truth about Israel if one reads past the propaganda.

The film takes place in the fictional country of Jemal and Gunnery Sergeant Burns is assigned to protect the US embassy there. The country has a new US friendly government and the Marines are also delivering weapons here as well as helping to train the new military so that they can settle political unease and fight a shadowy militia group. In other words, Nation-Building, Inc. is raking in massive profits.

Soon after arriving in Jemal, typical action movie crap ensues – Arabs are shown as evil and incompetent haters of “righteous” Zionists and Americans. Though, it is interesting that Zionism is actually named in this movie as a force at work in the whole spectrum of things. However, the film makes sure that all characters that mention Zionism are the bad guys and all of these characters condemn it, thus we get a version of one of ZC’s main talking points: only bad people criticize Zionism or even mention it. As with most parasites, the Jew prefers to exact influence from an unseen vantage point, while his goys do the dirty work. And wouldn’t you know it that is exactly what happens in this movie.

Burns, being a typical Lone Wolf, eagerly uses force to solve everything. This gets him into some trouble, but as virtually all films of this type, the events that unfold seem only to justify his previous excesses and make way for new ones. Burns chases after a truck of stolen weapons leaving much civilian property wrecked. He threatens a reporter who sympathizes with the militia. He is even away from his post to conduct a vendetta-style raid on one of the militia’s safe houses when the embassy is destroyed by a van driving suicide bomber. It is at this point in the film that things get so ridiculous that many will not have the patience to continue watching. USMC Gunnery Sergeant Burns who had been tasked with being the head of security at the embassy is not held responsible for his gross negligence – not even a slap on the wrist – his dereliction of duty is not even mentioned in the film. The only thing we get is “those damn Arabs bombed us.” Burns then gets a tip from a kid that a mysterious contact at a warehouse has the answer that he is looking for, namely who is leading the militia and from where.

The answer comes from – get ready for the surprise – Baphomet’s Chosen. Yes, the Mossad have been in Jemal all along watching the events unfold and only now do they bother to share any information. The photographer that Burns was firm with earlier is also an Israeli spy, thus the Jews have been playing both sides! As they always do! However, the good American goyim don’t notice, they just go along with the “intelligence information” that the Mossad gives them and they shoot to pieces another, now bigger, militia safe house.

In this final battle, the US Marines are on the ground fighting, while the Mossad agents take potshots with Uzis from the roof tops… is this a satire on the Jews who almost never get directly involved, but instead get others to fight for them? Maybe. However, one has to see past the film’s ZC programming to pick this up. Members of the film’s target audience will just be enjoying the shooting and explosions and the final climatic stunt when Burns jumps a jeep into a truck killing the two main bad guys. Despite the huge crash, which completely tears the truck apart and causes Burns’s jeep to flip over at least 5 times, leaves the bad guys dead, but the good guy alive. Why? Due to Baphomet’s “grace” – he killed the enemy of the Jews, thus the Devil lets him live so as to exploit him further in the future.

I was so happy right after this moment, because the credits rolled.

Harnessing Hate
Both films discussed here are good examples of propaganda creating and then harnessing hate. At the time when they came out, they presented a ZC view of various world events. Now with the bombing of Libya and the Mossad being as busy as ever, they still do. If scores of films like this hadn’t come out then it would be much harder for the Western governments to sell the idea of a “righteous” war in places like Libya. Due to propaganda like this, the Western masses, and in particular the American masses, are so used to seeing the Middle East bombed that they just don’t care anymore and subconsciously they probably believe that the right thing is being done. By controlling the news and entertainment industry in the present, over much time ZC has effectively created a past, albeit and artificial one. Now, in conjunction with the continual present efforts, they are really getting close to controlling the past and present. This means that the future is doomed to go in the “Chosen” direction. The Western masses have become the willing executioners of this entire scheme by accepting it – their hate is first engineered and then harnessed to fight for Zion. The parliamentary systems that “Western Democracy” spreads so forcefully are just an insurance policy for the scheme’s future. They are designed weak so as to be easily infected and thus succumb to the artificial remedies that will then make them forever loyal.

Iron Eagle is just pure contrived BS – one-sided propaganda to be disarmed and burned. However, Death Before Dishonor has that unintentional truth about Jewish espionage tactics of leading both sides until they are weakened enough so that the favored one can just barely survive, thus ensuring loyalty to the Jew for “saving them at the last minute.” By looking carefully at this film, one can actually see that it actually is about a puppet show. That Zionist reverse bluff is always good to catch and throw back at the Beast.

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2 Responses to ZC Weapons: Harnessing of Hate

  1. delendaestziobot says:

    The Pentagon has always worked hand in hand with Hollywood, and they both work for the Federal Reserve. It is very much about the creation of an artificial past, and an artificial present and a artificial future.

  2. Yes, the Department of Defense, headquartered in the Pentagon, was created after WW2. No doubt they helped in the creation of the numerous “war movies” that were coming out each year and pushing the popular myths. Ironically, though, “gas chambers” didn’t receive one mention until the 1970s! It was quite the mid-production script rewrite.

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