The Weird World of ZC Censorship

ZC censorship has a relatively simple objective: “serve Zionist interests.” However, they often go about it in an absurd way, especially when it comes to with the National Socialism in fiction. Here is a case in point.

Bionic Commando was a side-scrolling action game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1988. It was just a typical run and gun type of game with a slight innovation: the main character cannot jump, but rather he has a bionic arm that he can swing around on. It was a small bit of dynamic originality, but it made the game popular as it offered an alternative to the usual dynamics of jumping. The plot of the game was a typical Lone Wolf Action Hero story of a heroic commando jumping into action and kicking major bad guy ass. This notion is aptly summarized on the game’s cover art. Most Nintendo games of the time had two major releases, one in Japan and one in the United States, with the main difference being the in-game language.

There were exceptions of all sorts and now avid collectors vie to buy up various copies of games that are either rare or for whatever other reason. However, the main point of interesting with Bionic Commando is that this particular game received a major graphics overhaul for its US release.

At left is the Japanese original and at right the US version.

The bad guys in the original game were “evil Nazis!” The plot is that a National Socialist state called “The Empire” arises on the World stage and plans to revive Adolf Hitler, thus threatening the entire free World. It is up to the heroic Lone Wolf to “save the day” yet again.

Note that the NS elements were not removed, but rather just smudged over. The “censored” eagle logo bears enough resemblance to the German Imperial Eagle and the color scheme was left as exactly the same as Hitler’s swastika flag. The main antagonist was originally called Weizmann, a German name, but this was changed to Killt in the US version. Killt also bears the rank of Generalissimo, which can readily be associated with fascism and therefore easily conflated with Hitler and “evil.” Historically, Spain’s Francisco Franco bore the rank of Generalissimo, for one. Stalin also had a similar title, “Generalissimus of the Soviet Union” – thus ZC is just playing their game of putting all “evil” into one pot.

In an another calculated move, the image of Hitler that appears at the end went unchanged. However, the antagonist was renamed to “Master D.” This begs the question, if certain graphics that were deemed objectionable were changed, why was this one left as is? The reason is that the ZC idea is not to remove Hitler from memory or consciousness, but to present a persistently confusing picture of him.

Take a look at Weizmann, or Killt as he is known in the US version:

This image is from the 2008 XBox revamp of the game. It’s just your everyday, run of the mill, fascist bad guy from the ZC factory assembly line. Note the eagle insignia on the peaked cap as the most obvious reference to Wehrmacht uniforms.

Another reason why Hitler’s likeness in Bionic Commando was left unchanged is that the player gets to see a gory (though 8-bit) animation of Hitler’s head explode upon winning the game. It’s a funny little four frames of ZC’s favorite idea: a bloody Hitler death. Quentin Tarantino essentially repeated this notion in Inglorious Basterds as one of his Jewish grunts shoots Hitler’s head to pieces at point blank range with a submachine gun. At that point in the movie, Hitler is already dead, but Jewish bloodlust can never be satisfied when it comes to killing Hitler. They’re probably just not over the fact that they didn’t kill him in Berlin in 1945!

Speaking of censoring Hitler’s image, at least one game actually did that. It was the Nintendo version of Wolfenstein 3D.

On the left is the image of Hitler as it appears on the Mac version of the game (it is based on a real portrait), but on the right we have the Nintendo version. Note, that they not only removed the swastika, but also Hitler’s mustache! Also, swastikas and Iron Crosses were either changed to plus signs or just removed entirely. The latter bit means that the Third Reich war ensign became a plain red curtain!

It’s quite the absurdity, but it didn’t stop there. For the censored Nintendo version, the term “Third Reich” was changed to “Master State” – a simplistic euphemism. Also, the in-game dialog was changed from crooked German (they obviously didn’t hire anyone knowledgeable in the language for the original game, but rather just recorded guttural German sounding gibberish) to American English. And lastly, Adolf Hitler, with removed mustache, was now known as the “Staatmeister.” See how they remove some German, but then also throw some of their own in? It could be called “ZC Operation Mindfuck.” The whole point is to make it as difficult as possible for people to see an accurate picture of Hitler. Adolf Hitler is the Jews’ chosen evil, thus they do not approve of him being reduced to being a character in a simple little game. This is also why ZC manipulates Hitler’s image to suit their needs. Unfortunately, their inherently absurd state of mind is quite apt at producing these absurd and confusing results… but in a great irony, this means that the lies about Hitler are a mere by-product of Judea’s own insanity and not an actual intended result!

The popularized Holocaust narrative, the Jews’ Holiest of Holies, is also manipulated in a way much like Hitler’s image. For instance, the Jewish religion openly tolerates and promotes the use of goys (the slaughter of animals and manipulation of non-Jewish people) to serve Zion, yet some Jews, like Isaac Bashevitz Singer were ardent promoters or vegetarianism. Of course, Singer’s ethical basis was comparing the meat industry to the Holocaust! “For the animals it’s an eternal Treblinka.” As a result, Jews like Abraham Foxman criticized Singer’s notion by saying that it’s “offensive and takes chutzpah to new heights.” Thus, continues the mission to keep the goyim from not ever spending too much time thinking about things other than the Holocaust. The very relevant issue of animal welfare is mixed in and overshadowed by Jewish horror fiction (an “aggadah” to use the Jewish term). One should also note that these “criticisms” of comparing the meat industry to Treblinka were launched despite the fact that the mechanical slaughter of animals is actually quite comparable to the Holocaust tale (the supposed industrial mass-murder of 6 million Jews). However, the Holocaust is so sacred, so unique, and so awful and what have you, that absolutely no one can compare anything to it. This alone demonstrates the monstrosity of Jewish self-importance – “our suffering is worse than your suffering, since our people are better than your people.” The kicker is that even fiction about Jews suffering is more “sacred” than the actual suffering of others, such as the millions of Germans (vast majority civilians and non-NSDAP party members) who were killed in the years 1944-1947.

The Jews could also learn Godwin’s Law – “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

Oddly, even if one hates Hitler (like the good goy they’ve been conditioned to be) then Hitler’s achievements are still in view, though it’s not quite a plain view. For one, there is the unmistakable fact that Hitler transformed Germany from suffering an economic depression to being a production powerhouse. This is still taught in schools, however, the fact that he did all this for “evil” is quickly underscored. However, in theory, positive connotations could be drawn, yet the good goys never do such things. Hitler fixed the economy all right, but according to the Jews he did it to kill all Jews.

ZC loyalists know that they must profess constant undying hatred for Hitler, but their disgust towards him puts them in a tricky situation, as they have to constantly think about and produce images of the Führer to further their propaganda. However, even these negative images have to fulfill certain requirements and a Nintendo game bad guy is not one of them, apparently. It’s not evil enough. Whatever the reasons, ZC loyalists fate themselves to constantly deal with the man that they hate the most! It’s like a vampire assigned to carefully manage the distribution of holy water, or better put, access to sunlight. They know that the Sun is not going anywhere and they surely know that they cannot defeat it! And so, with their mega-maniacal power-lust they herd everyone to their own artificial darkness that prevents them from roasting to death as they cautiously allow the rest of the World only controlled and confused doses of real sunlight. It’s just enough to keep the World going, but not enough for it to truly flourish.

It doesn’t take a man like Hitler to set in motion the turnaround towards the flourishing; a man like Hitler will arise from the events of the turnaround once it is set into motion.

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2 Responses to The Weird World of ZC Censorship

  1. Craig says:

    Good blog post. You should do more articles about video games but with more subtle ties to National Socialism. Have you considered doing an article about Gamergate? There is some pretty good interesting things going on there.

    It’s an attempt to create a “right wing” backlash by injecting feminism into video games by “professional annoyers” such as the gaming “journalists” and their parent media using incredibly bad arguments.

    Good news: The backlash isn’t coming from only white males which is the media’s narrative, it is coming from all demographics.

    Bad news: Both sides seem to be spearheaded by jews. Christina Hoff Summers came in defense of and is very much respected by gamers. Also, many are comparing feminism to nazism.

    • I do not have access to many games, thus I only reviewed here with that I had previous experience. You are right, though, many games do have subtle ties to NS, and even more show good heroic archetypes that would mesh well with NS and Aryanism.

      As far as feminism being compared to “the Nazis,” you can thank Rush Limbaugh for that, he coined the term “feminazi.” No surprise, really, as he’s a typical traditionalist with his head either stuck in the Old Testament or in his own gargantuan ass.

      National Socialism was about transcending the obvious differences between male and female to create a newer and better social order.

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