The Inevitable Progression – Part I: Ridicule

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed….”

The idea of National Socialism has been the single most lied about thing in the past century and very likely in the whole second millenium anno domini. These lies have been carefully manipulated over time to illicit the desired reactions from the masses. In fact, the whole business of lying about National Socialism is much like the Jews handle money: with distortions and half-truths, with outright lies and total fabrications. Basically in the only way that the Jews and their Gentile allies can ever hope to do anything. The interesting and inexorable thing is that that there is a clear pattern at work and it is this that ultimately betrays and exposes the shills at over at ZC Propaganda Inc.

LHitler-Dead-Or-Aliveet’s examine some propaganda up close.

Hitler: Dead or Alive
In November of 1942, Hollywood released a 70 minute farce known as Hitler: Dead or Alive. The plot takes place in the same year as the film was made and begins when some gangsters, just released from decade long prison terms, take up a rich American businessman on an offer. If you haven’t yet guessed from the title, the offer is bring in Hitler dead or alive. The reward: $1,000,000. That was a lot more money at the time than it is now, but what doesn’t change is that it took the promise of a hefty fiat money prize to get our protagonists to do their patriotic duty!

Also, you might ask, why is this businessman offering such a deal? It is because the Gestapo killed his brother after he “told the truth” about Hitler! An eye for en eye, lusting after material reward, some heroes we have here! They are the perfect goys.

The film jumps around important plot points quite a bit, such as when it resorts to voice over narration to explain that the Americans join the Canadian military without any incident, then get shipped to England, assigned to a paratrooper unit, hijack their own plane during a training exercise, and fly into Germany with no sweat, not even when one of our  “heroes” shoots down a pursuing Luftwaffe fighter plane with a Thompson submachine gun! The only absurdity worth going into here is that the set the film production used for the plane carrying the paratroopers looks just like the corner of a warehouse, which just so happens to not resemble the interior of a troop transport plane at all.

Believe it or not, things get even more absurd.

They bailout of their plane and find themselves 200 miles west of Berlin. While still dressed on their Canadian Paratrooper uniforms, they pull over the first truck they see and demand to see the driver’s papers and he shows them. Get it? This is Nazi Germany! Papieren bitte! The driver is, of course, wearing a black uniform (as every other Nazi in the film) and the man next in the passenger seat has a stahlhelm with SS insignia. The “papers please” was only a ruse and they beat up the two soldiers and take the truck on the road which just so happens to be a straight shot to Berlin, where presumably Hitler is waiting so that they can kill him. Things have worked out smoothly so far, so why not some more? Anyway, the truck ride proves to be fun when they find out that the back is loaded with beer… ok stop… let me get this straight: two SS men were transporting a load of beer? Fürs Vaterland, indeed.

After many miles of drinking and driving the Americans dressed as Canadians get pulled over by some SS. And they actually convince the Germans that they are on a top-secret mission directly for the Führer and they must speak to him as soon as possible. I mean, it sounds plausible, right? Three inebriated guys speaking English and wearing enemy uniforms who were driving a speeding truck can only be on a top-secret mission for the Führer. It just makes too much sense. The “SS” take the Americans to the nearest POW camp, which happens to be Dachau, which is located 570 kilometers from Berlin, a city that not only has Hitler (the man they need to “talk” to), but also was only 150 km away from where they were on the road. And Dachau was not even a POW camp! Ever. It was for political detainees!

The notorious “POW” camp of Dachau mysteriously has a flimsy wooden gate and backwards swastikas that look like they were spray painted on by art school rejects. The commandant of the camp is intrigued by the “secret mission” that the American gangsters dressed as Canadian soldiers posing as German spies tell him about and decides that it will be a much better career move if he delivers it to Hitler himself. Unlucky for him, the gangsters get bored in prison and breakout as easy as 1-2-3. One of them gets shot and killed in the process, but considering that about 20 SS were shooting at the Americans as they fled in an easily stolen car and crashed through that flimsy wooden gate, the Americans are pretty lucky to have only suffered one casualty. They are also lucky that only other motor vehicles in the entire camp are two motorcycles and that the soldiers driving them get bored with the chase after about a few hundred yards down a nice country road and pull over to admire the tranquil Bavarian countryside. Seriously, that’s how the scene looks to play out.

At this point our heroes actually have enlisted the help of a good Hitler-hating German and she hides them in the basement of her mansion. Lucky for them, this woman is going to sing for Hitler in a private engagement, so the Americans pose as her band! The eager to be assassins have also learned from another good German named Meier (a common German surname and for all of this film’s utter incompetence, this is actually a mildly clever propaganda device) that he had saved Hitler from the brutal results of a bar brawl some 20 years ago. The young Adolf was seriously roughed up by some drunkards in a beer hall and this left him with a scar on his upper lip and so he grew his now famous mustache to cover the scar up.

This is odd considering that photos of Hitler from 1919 already show him with a mustache, albeit differently styled than his iconic one. Hitler also despised all forms of decadence, which would include alcoholism, thus even if he enjoyed the occasional pint, it’s doubtful he’d go to a bar with lowlifes as clients. Those places aren’t exactly subtle. However, at this point, we cannot expect the filmmakers to be knowledgeable on the man. We can just see further evidence of their carelessness and inanity.

Anyway, back in the film, the good German named Meier would then go on to despise Hitler for his politics and has now decided to go with the Americans’ idea: let’s kill Hitler. It’s just as easy as 1-2-3.

The band sets up on a small stage, which is supposedly in some super secret compound. It sure looks like it. There are 5 or 6 SS men on guard, including their commanding officer, who wears regular army insignia on his uniform. There are a few guests, also officers, it seems. Then… Hitler arrives. Everyone stands at attention and whips out the Roman salute and Hitler responds by explaining how Mein Kampf outlined his plans for world conquest and that the Allied powers are stupid for not seeing the war coming. He also goes from speaking in a stereotypical German accent to an American New York accent at some point during this scene. All in all, that makes just about as much sense as this movie: zero.

Hitler is then grabbed by the Americans (who have also managed to sneak guns into this “secret compound”) and taken as a hostage. The lead American takes Hitler to the basement and shaves off his mustache to reveal a noticeable scar. Throughout all this time Hitler is whining and screeching like a baby and this only get worse as the SS throw smoke grenades into the basement and flush everyone out. The SS may be incompetent, but they are able to carry out the Führer’s policy of “even-handedness.” This means shooting all enemies foreign and domestic. And so, the little town, like all the little towns in Eastern Europe, has its inhabitant dragged out by the SS to be shot, since they were harboring enemy spies. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, now that Hitler has his mustache shaved off, the SS do not recognize him and take him for one of the townspeople who all now deserve to be lined up and shot.

Let’s consider this scene for a minute: the man with the most famous face in Germany at the time, and also the most famous voice (Hitler was a prolific public speaker), goes totally unrecognized by the men who are most loyal to him, the Schutzstaffel.

Mustache-less fake Hitler then runs off screaming like a baby, but the SS gun him down. “To sink zat Germany could haff prodewced a piece of filth like you!” BANG!

The evil SS men with over-sized stahlhelms then execute some kids, before placing the American and his good German helpers before the firing squad. It is here that the film’s bizarre tone turns dead serious: the American hero, wide eyed in terror, speaks of how evil Nazis are for shooting kids and women and civilians in general. Really, he’s surprised? I thought all this was all outlined in Mein Kampf 18 years ago? Whatever. Our super-tough American hero takes 3 volleys from the firing squad to die.

The moral of the story: it’s not just Hitler that was the evil, but all of the “Nazi warlords” still in power. We must fight them not just for the good of American, but for all the “good and honest” Germans as well. THE END.

The film makes no mention of Jews, extermination policy or any of the now popular Nazi mythos. It just makes Hitler into a general madman who hates everyone, including many of his countrymen. The film also seems to make one joke that works against it as it depicts an organized crime group working with a government that’s trying to kill Hitler. Considering that Hitler stood up to shadow banking cartels that were working with the Anglo-sphere and Soviet governments, that’s one bit of satire that cuts the other way!

Next, the ridicule continues in a quite different fashion, though the point remains the same.

Der Führer’s Face
The barrage of absurdity continues with this short cartoon that was produced by the Disney Company in late 1942 and released on New Year’s Day 1943. It includes some catchy music, slapstick humor, racist caricatures, and a conflation of Stalinism with Hitler’s National Socialism. Essentially, Germany is shown to be a hell with spewing pollution, overlong work hours, draconian regulations, mundane tasks and non-stop swastika and Hitler worship. Swastikas are literally everywhere, even on clock faces (instead of numbers) from which a stahlhelm wearing cuckoo bird emerges!

Donald Duck, who stars in this piece, works at a war factory assembly line where he attaches caps to artillery shells of various ridiculous sizes. The thing is that to show his absolute loyalty to the Führer he must salute and shout “Heil Hitler!” whenever a portrait of Hitler comes up and this happens non-stop. Framed pictures of Hitler actually come down the assembly line along with the shells and our hero risks being bayoneted by soldiers with over-sized stahlhelms if he doesn’t salute the pictures.

It’s the old socialism equals total slavery myth. It is important that total state control can potentially equal slavery, such as under Judeo-Marxism, which is the actual subject of this film and not Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism. Evidence lies in many sources for those who actually care to look.

First, there is what Hitler wrote, such as this passage from Mein Kampf in which he speaks about State authority:

“The authority of the State can never be an end in itself; for, if that were so, any kind of tyranny would be inviolable and sacred. If a government uses the instruments of power in its hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual citizen.” ~Adolf Hitler

Second, there is what Hitler actually did once he was legally elected to the post of Chancellor. A record that surpassed all that came before it and one that has yet to be surpassed by any political leader anywhere in the World.

Today people whine and complain that Hitler was authoritarian and not democratic, but it is because they only look at the face value of any given political system. Democracy, in theory, means everyone gets a voice. Authoritarianism, in theory, means one leader has final say. Both true. However, we must look at the track record of each. Hitler examined the Vienna parliament very carefully for a period of about one year. He would look on, along with some other curious members of the Austrian public, into the main chamber and see the proceedings take place. It is that, seeing democracy in action and up close, which led Hitler to formulating the following idea:

“It is not the aim of our modern democratic parliamentary system to bring together an assembly of intelligent and well-informed deputies. Not at all. The aim rather is to bring together a group of nonentities who are dependent on others for their views and who can be all the more easily led, the narrower the mental outlook of each individual is.” ~Adolf Hitler

Since the Chamber of Parliament in Vienna was the State authority and it was leading the nation to ruin via its own festering and fruitlessness, Adolf Hitler saw what his duty as a true and individual citizen really was. It was to free the people from this sordid grasp of “representative democracy.” It is not surprising that Der Führer’s Face was produced in Hollywood, the main engine of American propaganda that always seeks to spread democracy and thus allow American corporations to reap plunder abroad after lobbying to minimize their obligations to their own workers in the USA. Those same ones, which they had laid off so that they could use slave labor in places like Mexico and China. You see, Americans cannot be employed into enslavement, so they’re just unemployed into enslavement! Some get to keep their jobs and they make bad, but revealing, jokes about their situation, such as this one by an American comedian:

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” ~Drew Carey

Funny thing, but that essentially was Hitler’s attitude at one point in his life. His chapter of life and work in Vienna, as outlined in Mein Kampf, can be crudely summed up in that above quote, minus the drinking and with a healthy dose of actually doing something about it. In total contrast to the Americans’ chosen fate, the Germans and Austrians under Hitler enjoyed their work. Work became purposeful; work became fulfilling on a personal, community and national level; work became valued on all those levels as well. Arbeit Adelt! Work Glorifies! Through this struggle one nation returned to its previous greatness. Something the United States or the West will never achieve under their precious democracy, yet this film stubbornly disagrees.

After collapsing from complete overwork Donald Duck actually wakes up in red, white and blue pajamas and realizes that it was all just a bad dream. He happily hugs his miniature Statue of Liberty. THE END.

As with Starship Troopers, this little short film is a reverse bluff from ZC Propaganda Inc.

Additionally, just as in Hitler: Dead or Alive, there is no mention of Jews or mass-killings or genocide whatsoever. Perhaps, this is understandable for the short cartoon geared at kids, but why not in the live action film? Now it is hard to imagine anti-NS propaganda without regurgitating all the evil things that Nazis were said to have done to Jews. We’ll see that the “importance” of Jews in the official version of the Second World War was steadily made to trickle in and the image of “the Nazis” was steadily changed as well.


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2 Responses to The Inevitable Progression – Part I: Ridicule

  1. Mark Hess says:


    Another excellent piece. Thank you for writing it.

    I recently came across another work that underscores the ridiculousness of painting such an awful picture of Adolf Hitler. It is “Crimes of the Bolsheviks,” edited by Isabella Fanfani. It can be found at You and your readers might appreciate reading it.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I hope that you are doing well.


  2. Mark,
    Comments appreciated.

    Interesting piece that you suggested. If the Slavs are ever to mobilize a true NS movement then they must realize the true nature of Bolshevism and works such as that one will be a key part of the process. Many in Russia today still praise Stalin… it’s crazy. Then, vilifying Hitler is standard all around Slavia pretty much.

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