Supernanny: The Way of the Gulag

Written by Anthony

One of the best examples highlighting Aryanist complaints about childcare is the TV series, Supernanny, in which families with children who have ‘behavioural problems’ use the services of the ‘Supernanny’ to bring their children into line. Note that we disagree with the term ‘behavioural problems’, seeing such behaviour as a justified protest. Whatever the underlying problem behind the child’s displeasure may be – poverty, overcrowded conditions (which is typical of our society – see the section on demographics), emotional coldness from parents, parental conflict, bullying at school – the child is justified in protesting against these conditions, and against being brought into a world rife with suffering involuntary. It is outrageous for parents to commit this act of violence, then complain that their child’s behaviour is an inconvenience to them. The Supernanny does try to solve the underlying issues during the course of each episode, but crucially, she also demands the child’s obedience and pacification whether she succeeds or not. This is ignoble both because it encourages passive reliance on authority rather than personal responsibility and heroism (relevant also to the section on religion) and because, like the communist, the child is basically being encouraged to sacrifice its dignity and autonomy to work towards a ‘coming utopia’. This lie is frequently spread by Jews, and is present in Judaeo-Christianity, which teaches that servility on Earth secures a place in Heaven. Failure to abide by the Supernanny’s rules results in being sent to the ‘naughty step’, where the child must ‘think about what they have done’ or, in more honest terms, accept that lack of obedience will lead to further punishment. Allowing someone to ‘think about something’ but only permitting them to come to one conclusion reflects how the idea of freedom is perverted in both democratic and communist societies. In the gulags of Soviet Russia, people were supposedly re-educated in an atmosphere of free enquiry, but it is clear that only one conclusion could be tolerated. In the West, academics ‘study’ the works of Hitler, but only one conclusion is acceptable. We impose limits on freedom of thought, but at least we are honest about these limits, unlike our enemies.

Ideas like the naughty step brainwash the child into believing in false concepts like ‘justice’ which, unless it achieves an objection other than to punish the offender (such as genuine, non-servile rehabilitation), the sole purpose of punishment being to satisfy the victim’s irrational, base instincts and hide the ugliness of reality from them, is just another word for ‘revenge’. There is no place for ‘an eye for an eye’ in Aryanist society. If a person were serious about feeling compassion towards other people, they would not endorse an idea that increases the suffering of one person (the offender) without alleviating the suffering of others. It is a plain contradiction. Finally, the idea endorsed by the Supernanny, that we should love the people who punish us and restrict our freedom, is perverse. Jesus himself said ‘If any of you come to me and do not hate your father and mother… you cannot be my disciple’. The French philosopher Foucault once said that Fascism and National Socialism come from a desire to become the very thing that dominates us, our parents, but from this page, you can see that in fact National Socialism agrees that love of the thing that enslaves us is perverse, and this is just another example of the shallow treatment of National Socialism by the Western powers, of the ‘inevitable conclusions’ they come to.

But enough of theory. Here are some quotes and events from only one episode of Supernanny, with commentary. You can decide whether my theory fits and whether I am right:

‘Meet the youngest teenagers in town. They eat what they like, go to bed when they like…’
Why should adults be more qualified than the children in question in deciding how much to eat and when to go to bed? A baby cries when it is hungry, and the adult feeds it. A child eats when it is hungry, because its body is telling it that it needs food. The body tends to be good at sending the correct signals and maintain itself – it was built to survive and the human form has lasted for thousands in years, even in the harshness of nature. There are many cases, of course, of children wanting to do things like eat ice-cream for dinner, and gorge on it until they can eat no more, but why not let them, so they can learn from their mistakes? Adults pick up all kinds of nasty habits in later life, including this kind of gluttony. Perhaps if they had not been held back from the opportunity to indulge their desires for so long, but got over them quickly and been allowed greater experimentation, they would not feel compelled to do so.

Likewise, children tend to fall asleep when it is healthy for them to do so. I would argue that if a child does not want to sleep, they have not had enough exercise that day, something which is disturbingly common in this age of city apartment blocks and endless school-work. In NS Germany, it was mandatory that children join state-controlled organisations like the Hitler Youth, where they exercised and took part in wholesome activities, without the boredom that might lead them to gorge on ice-cream until they vomited. Maybe the obligatory membership was not so much to force children to join, but to prevent their short-sighted parents and teachers from preventing them from doing so.

The Supernanny might raise these kinds of points and spread awareness on healthier lifestyles and institutions that could benefit children, or education reform. But she does not.

‘The children have an answer to everything.’
This is a common cliche, but what does it actually mean? So many negative ideas are bound up in this utterance: the idea that children should not question authority, the idea that power trumps reason, the idea that children must always be obedient. Earlier, I said that children are uncorrupted, with none of their instincts having yet been brought out of tune, no false ideas and lies having been sown into their minds, giving them an unblemished perception of reality (they lack knowledge, but they also lack misinformation), and hence can be trusted to choose what to eat and when to go to bed. Now, I also add that if they question something, the adult should not adopt a haughty arrogance, but wonder whether this question is justified, and whether the child’s unspoilt view of the world has noticed an absurdity that has slipped past the adult mind, which operates on lies accumulated over decades, and has been twisted by negative experiences and despair. The idea that the child’s mind is uncorrupted and that corruption occurs over time is called ‘Original Nobility’ – an Aryanist answer to both the theological concept of Original Sin and to the secular Myth of Progress. Jesus said that whoever wants to know the place of life should not hesitate to ask a child of 7 years old, and there are many cultures holding that children have a divine status, such as the Inca of South America. It is only by believing in Original Nobility that we will be able to make real progress, sorting that the mess the Jews and Gentiles have made and returning things to their original purity.

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7 Responses to Supernanny: The Way of the Gulag

  1. Very perceptive essay.

    One of the aims of the Hitler Youth was to rescue the children from their physically and psychologically abusive families. A family is a very low form of society, that does not mean that it is essentially bad, but the society based on the family unit has undoubtedly proven itself to be a sordid and degenerate form of humanity.

    Under National Socialism and Aryanism the family unit is to have a minimal influence on society, and eventually the family unit should by phased out altogether.

  2. Lineman says:

    I haven’t watched the show under exam and have no plans to do so, however, I have had some experience in the content. It’s my observation that children begin life basically complete in; personality, disposition, and intelligence. All a teacher, parent, or senior officer can really provide is; education, structure, and example.
    Education should be specific and foster the child’s inherent talents. Structure should be broad, universal, and suit the age of the children along with the societie’s immediate necessities. Cultural examples or role models should embody the goals of the society.
    In our current degenerate epoch, we a have broad (one size fits all) universal education with virtually no mechanism for talent based individualization. Structure (if any) is random and usually designed to suit individual parental work any TV schedules. Role models sell products, individualism, and egalitarian mythologies.
    The TV program in question sounds like quirky voyeurism, and exacerbated drama. The idea of a crisis manager “fixing” children (or parents for that matter) is misleading and actually rather stupid when considered.
    I’m going to agree with Deledaestziobot for the most part, families are a low form of society.

    “Some children have so much vitality that they can’t sit still, and won’t and can’t concentrate their attention. It seems to me useless to try to force them. I understand, of course, that such an attitude annoys the teachers. But is it just to deprive a child of the possibilities that life offers him, simply because he’s unruly?”
    Adolf Hitler – Hitler’s Table Talk


  3. Lineman says:

    Excellent essay by the way.


  4. Delendaestziobot,
    You’d phase out family completely? I see it as society, something that needs healing from corruption. Though, that also means that if a child is in an abusive family, then the Hitler Youth can help, but as they grow, they very well may want to start their own family. All under NS and Aryan principles, of course.

    That quote from Hitler is quite telling. Anyone who says that “totalitarian Nazis want to destroy all traces in individualism and freedom” or the like, is a prime candidate for having their head examined. But then, why bother? Let the good crops grow, the others can be recycled.

  5. Miecz,

    Eventually the family unit should be made redundant under a National Socialist or Aryanist system, being nowhere near that stage the family unit is going to be with us for a long time yet unfortunately. Because under a true Folkdom or even a true Nation (from Natal meaning ‘related’) the people are one family, the family unit is in fact the entire people, so it is the reverasal of the curse of the “Nuclear Family”, why do you think the Foe promotes smaller and smaller family units until we get to the stage where a single mother and a child is considered a family? They promote the reduction of the family unit into its smallest denomination, that way the population is divided and easy to control, The modern democratic Family system is just the reduced vestiges of the old Monarchy system. Under National Socialism or Aryanism the entire people become one people, you could say one Family, the children do not belong to the parents who gave biological birth to them the children belong to the Folk to the Nation, they belong to everyone. You see that is why the Democratic stsyem is in reality still the Dynastic Monarchy system, except it is fractured into millions of seperate little monarchies all sordidly competing with each other. So, as it has happened in the past and as the Philosophers have said; the end result of democracy is another Royal Dynasty, and after that will come another Democracy, and then after that another Royal Dynasty, or both can exist similtaneously like they do at the moment, where we have Royal Dynasties holding hands with Democracies. Democracy does take power from the Monarchies, but essentially they are based on the same immediate biological family structure.

    I understand that all this seems very radical and some would be quite shocked by it. There is no problem in recognizing that we have a biological mother and father and siblings, but there is no need to think of them as anything more than that, as soon as a people are divided into family units, there end will come quickly. The Race is above family, the People are above family, the Nation, the State, the Folk, the Tribe, the Clan, all are above a single family unit, the family unit is the lowest and weakest form of society, and most primitive, it will be ovecome.

  6. Ok, I understand what you are saying. I had a feeling that you meant that the family should be phased out from influencing society and end up as something incidental. It is very true that extensive family relations end up creating a mafia of sorts (just think of the “Godfather” movies) with inner-group identification and clan warfare then, in turn, becoming the state of affairs within a nation or even within one city. Folkism become impossible.

  7. ancient_man says:

    Family is based on human’s natural instincts and politics is law.
    If law would dictate responses to human’s natural instincts the Aryanism would be another concentration camp.
    There must be a dictator who ensures that law is upheld and politics does not interfere with family’s instinctual behavior.
    It is not possible to have Aryan sates without strong dictator backed by military force of superior power.

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