Wall-E: The Realizing of Purpose

After a stretch of horror and subversion, it is now time for some positivism. Surprisingly, this comes from the Pixar film, Wall-E, but it is true: a big budget, American production house (that is owned by Jewish dominated Disney), has created a quite remarkable children’s film with a story arc that has many elements of Aryanism and even some not so subtle references to National Socialism.

Living In Desolation
The story begins with Earth in a state of total desolation. The buildings are wrecked, there is trash strew about, and everything just sits lifelessly and slips ever further into decay. The Buy n’ Large company logo is visible in many places and on many objects and it is also in a state of erosion. This set-up strongly resembles the fall of an empire with its banner now as decrepit as its ruins. The Buy n’ Large was a worldwide corporate monopoly that produced everything that human consumed, but then it collapsed under its own weight and excesses leaving behind a trash covered Earth.

Amidst all of the refuse we can make out that some of the “buildings” are really carefully piled trash heaps made from cubes. This is the work of Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class), a BnL robot meant to clean up BnL’s mess. He was once part of a huge fleet that was certain to succeed in its mission while Earth’s population vacationed on a BnL sponsored holiday aboard the Axiom, a huge spaceship. However, something went wrong and only one “Wall-E” is left. He is dutiful, but stuck in desolation.

Wall-E’s daily routine consists of making endless cubes of trash and organizing them into neat piles. A seemingly futile task that is occasionally accentuated by surprise when Wall-E finds something amidst the trash. Usually this is nothing too exciting, though there are several hints to Wall-E’s quality of character in addition to his sense of duty. One day he discovers a cockroach and befriends it and even lets it live in a corner of his improvised home. In this shelter, Wall-E has collected various objects and seems to have catalogued them in a makeshift archive space. This strongly suggests that he his trying to make greater sense of his existence. Also in this archive, he has spare parts for self-maintenance and self-repair. Part of Wall-E’s daily routine is recharging himself by basking in the sun with his solar panels extended. With all of this considered, Wall-E seems to be more of a metaphor than just a straightforward robot; he is self-reliant and self-sufficient, dutiful and persistent, and he also shows a concern for caring for others, namely his new roach friend.

This idea goes to the next level when Wall-E discovers something that he has never seen before, a plant. It is one, tiny little stem with miniscule leaves and unmistakably green. Wall-E is dazzled by it, baffled by it, and fascinated all at the same time. He has never seen anything like it.

Wall-E’s solar powered system is a mirror of the plant, which is solar powered life. What’s more is that Wall-E puts his new find into a work boot. A plant – symbolizing life – is now in a work boot – symbolizing labor and productivity – it is a bit of hope from amidst all the desolation. Additionally, when the plant first appeared, it was obscuring a BnL corporate logo in the background. The symbolism is unmistakably Aryan.

The Other Half
Things change dramatically for Wall-E with the arrival of another robot. This new machine seems to be radically advanced (it flies and has some strong firepower), equally persistent as Wall-E, but it doesn’t share his friendliness. Rather, it goes from place to place searching for something and ignoring Wall-E who is as fascinated with it as he was with the plant. Wall-E eventually wins the trust of the new robot, named EVE, when he saves her from a sudden sandstorm. The relationship between Wall-E and EVE starts as a straightforward “boy trying to woo the girl” story, but soon takes a much different path.

Like Wall-E, EVE is a metaphor and not a literal robot. She is shaped and colored like an egg (spawner of life) and, as it turns out, EVE is an Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator robot. The target of her search was evidence of life on Earth. When Wall-E shows her the plant and boot that he had gathered, she scans them like everything else, but now the light that had been flashing red with each previous reading flashes green, and this just before a bigger green light appears and begins to pulse in a rhythm akin to a heart beat.

This new green light has a plant icon in the middle. The light is placed right above EVE’s heart given that she has a very basic anthropomorphic structure. This location is only part of its symbolism, the other half is the design of the symbol itself. It appears below at left.

At right we have the logo of the Reichsarbeitdienst, or the Reich Labor Service, a workers’ organization that operated under NSDAP guidance in Germany. This is the final connection. Between Wall-E and EVE, the boot and the plant, there is a metaphoric scenario for the start of an Aryan settlement amidst the desolation of Earth. However, we soon see that discovery is not enough, since upon finding this harmony, EVE’s programming goes into effect: she takes the plant, hides it inside herself and goes idle with that one green light flashing.

Unbeknownst to EVE, her progress was being monitored, and when she finally found the pieces to the Aryan puzzle, of which she herself was a part, she get’s locked away along with her findings, which leaves the other remaining elements of Aryanism separated and seemingly hopeless. In effect, sinister forces have let these elements meet so that they could then separate for good. It was a ruse. Thus, we see that discovery of Aryanism is not enough. Struggle, no matter how benign the scene may seem, will be essential.

Taking the Reins
The same space craft that initially dropped off EVE now comes to pick her up. Wall-E manages to grab onto the the rocket that eventually ends up at the Axiom, the ship containing the remainder of Earth population. The step to be taken here is key. Though, it only makes the situation seem even more hopeless, but it is a step that must be taken. The Axiom is comprised of two parts. One is run by robots that move along pre-drawn lines and take care of everything with the most impeccable, mechanical precision. The second is populated by humans that the robots serve. These humans are morbidly obese and cannot even move on their own. They are permanently sitting in hover chairs (that travel along predetermined lines) and press buttons to receive service in the form of engineered food or on screen entertainment. These humans do not even communicate with each other face to face, but only through computer screen interaction. The ship is one large vacation cruise with the humans reduced down to the most basic (and pathetic) desire: a want for good food. Even their clothes are engineered to change color with the press of a button so that they don’t have to waste time shopping, but can just sit on their hover chair/computer/prison bubble. Of course, they only change the color of their clothes (all in unison) when an announcement shouts out a consumerist slogan: “Blue is the new red!” The slaves obey and press a button and the clothes change color.

The fact that the clothes change color with one press of a button seems to suggest that this function was already programmed into the machinery. The humans were not exercising free choice, or even following orders, since orders can be disobeyed. Rather, the press of the button was a simple reaction mechanism, as that is what these humans are, the simplest of reactionaries that have succumbed to fate so much that they have even forgotten that such a concept exists, let alone that it is possible to influence it. The sugars and salts of their food substances please them, the omnipresent voice of annoucements guides them, the pervasive visual stimulants lock them down and focus their perceptions, and their bodies are practically vegetative. They are the best kind of prisoners: totally ignorant and complacent. An interesting visual detail here is that the section of the Axiom that simulates a large outdoor pool resort has the BnL logo as an artificial Sun.

Corporate and consumerist symbols permeate the landscape. They block windows and sunlight and constantly pry peoples’ brains with base commands: Consume. Watch TV. Borrow Money. Be Complacent. Times Square in New York City is also filled with monstrous corporate ads that block windows to buildings. The landlords agree since it the ad companies compensate them with money. The tenants agree since their rent is lower than it would be otherwise. But they willfully live in darkness. That is Zion in a nutshell.

National Socialist Germany was in complete opposition to this. The Swastika emblem was seen everywhere on flags, banners, sculptures, uniforms, etc… However, it didn’t block, but rather pointed at the Sun. A wide boulevard with Swastikas is a cured blood vessel of civilization that is rid of its previous consumerist cancer and clots.

The huge fleet of robots aboard the Axiom shows signs that they are like Wall-E in that they appear to have personalities and are thus also metaphors, as are the humans. The greatest prison is that of the mind and that is what all of these characters represent: sets of mind. The dutiful are represented as robots and it is their sense of duty that is used to trap them, in other words to keep them working, but their productivity is all channeled to the top of the pyramid and not to a folk. The hedonists are represented as the obese humans and it is their vice that is used to keep them trapped. A prison so fluid and varied is then used to simulate a convincing reality.

The computer that runs the Axiom is represented by Auto, which is an interesting metaphor in its own right. Its name, “Auto,” can refer to “autopilot,” however this autopilot decided to become the only pilot, which shows the danger of over-reliance on machines. Auto is a reference to the computer HAL from 2001 with the red light being the visual connection. Auto is motivated only by total control and has six points making him more than a subtle reference to Zionist obsessions.

There is another reference to Kubrick’s famous film as the Axiom’s human captain (obese like the rest) finally sees past his bubble and tries to stop Auto, which involves walking on his own two legs. In this scene, Thus Sprach Zarathustra plays, a piece that symbolized biological evolution in 2001, but here is symbolizes the struggle to abolish Zion. This scene is also the triumph of Original Nobility, since despite being conceived and nurtured in a hedonistic, materialist, artificial world, the Captain realizes his true calling: he turns into a real leader, a real captain, and actually takes charge.

Auto had monopolized his control over the systems of the Axiom. Every computer process is under the watch of his eye. Thus, when the Captain starts to fight Auto from outside the system, by taking his own steps, Auto becomes increasingly powerless – the monopoly that he imposed never predicted force from outside. Wall-E, too, does not and cannot manipulate or reprogram computers, but only work with his own two robotic hands and move on his treads. We soon see that authentic and determined struggle cannot be stopped, but this does not make it easy or even enjoyable.

Return to Arya
The film’s overall theme is a reversion back to an agrarian state of civilization. First, we see Wall-E as a robot bound to futile duty in a desolate world, this is the farthest progression of Zion. Second, we see the humans as goys bound to hedonism and too distracted to do anything, though it is possible to put up a fight in this field. Third, we see struggle and the overthrowing of a materialist, hedonistic prison. Then finally, we see the characters return to Earth and begin farming settlement. They are free from manipulation and begin a purposeful existence. Generations ago and back on the Axiom, Auto had a similar realization, but his purpose became “sustain” and this quickly turned into “keep enslaved” as that is the inevitable result of empirical thinking.

The revolution on the ship Axiom started with so much as a nudge, literally. When one of the hover chair riders fell off, due to Wall-E bumping into him, he suddenly realized that there is a world beyond his computer screen. The trick here is that if it wasn’t for further and more persistent effort from Wall-E, the people would have still been trapped on the Axion, albeit out of Auto’s reach for some, but presumably brief, time. The nudges must go on and on with persistence until a sensible goal is reached with complacency being an enemy. In this film, where everything falls into place nicely, that is just what happens. The man freed from the hover chair then nudges another rider and their hands touch and thus they realize that humans are not just on their computer screen.

The Captain also was nudged by a piqued curiosity and began to search the Axiom’s computer archive. Amidst an incredible mass of useless information, he found that life is possible in a completely different form. Wall-E, too, had a realization of a purposeful life when he first saw EVE. The relationship between Wall-E and EVE plays out like a typical boy-meets-girl romance, but it is right along the film’s major story arc of realizing purpose. In effect, the robots in the film willfully overcome their programming and go on to achieve something new and transcendent of their previous mundane existence.

Overall, this is a very apt elaboration and bringing up-to-date of Plato’s classic cave metaphor – once people stop seeing projections and start seeing the real thing, a serious phase of disbelief and disillusionment follows. When the truth is first seen, it is as blinding as one’s first glance towards the Sun. Along with the plant in the boot symbol of life and work, the film’s presents new forms containing eternal truths that our consumerist, materialist, survivalist and mere management orientated civilization has hidden or simply fallen ignorant of.

At the film’s conclusion, with everyone on Earth, the former goys march out of the Axiom and see the Sun for the first time with their own eyes. The walk on real land with their own two legs. They plant the first seed of their new folkdom. The plant in the boot is akin to the NSDAP concept of Blut und Boden – Blood and Soil, which was symbolized in the Odal Rune. The humans and the robots are not goys anymore, the work that they will do now will be service to their new folk.

“A solid stock of small and medium farmers has at all times been the best protection which a nation could have against the social diseases that are prevalent today. Moreover, that is the only solution which guarantees the daily bread of a nation within the framework of its domestic national economy.

With this condition once guaranteed, industry and commerce would retire from the unhealthy position of foremost importance which they hold today and would take their due place within the general scheme of national economy, adjusting the balance between demand and supply. Thus, industry and commerce would no longer constitute the basis of the national subsistence, but would be auxiliary institutions.

By fulfilling their proper function, which is to adjust the balance between national production and national consumption, they render the national subsistence more or less independent of foreign countries and thus assure the freedom and independence of the nation, especially at critical junctures in its history.” ~Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

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About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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22 Responses to Wall-E: The Realizing of Purpose

  1. ancient_man says:

    Looks like you have fallen a victim of yet another grand size jew poison deception.
    You must be in your early thirties or else you would not have fallen for this Pixar crap.
    I am download the wall-e and will comment on the poison soon.

  2. ancient_man says:

    Done watching..
    Prison Planet/Alex Jones. OWS.
    “I told you it was going to happen”.
    Blame corporations for robbing the planet of all resources and blind self destruction by drowning in gigantic pile of trash that is higher then satellite orbit.
    Group of surviving humans are all portrayed as obese down syndrome retards and two robots
    as heroes who saved the retards. The rest is just CG FX with false representation of reality.
    Overall fear mangling of human Armageddon. Complies with the present trend of gadget mania hi-tech weapons and love for war.

    You, gentiles are bad retarded consumers, you just want to borrow, have a good life for free and not payback our banks.That is why the economy is bad and you loose your jobs.

    The fact is that corporation are born out of real need and progress.
    But at some point they get corrupted or killed by jew just like individuals are.
    Example: Wall Street corporate take-overs and destruction of small corporation by Wall Street gambling of their stock.
    Remember Adolf Hitler did not destroy corporations but only devised a protection schema against corruption and overproduction.
    If you think corporations are at fault look what Japanese are doing at home and around the planet. Many corporation work and live just like socialist families.

    If you care about your children do not let them see wall-e.

  3. delendaestziobot says:

    Excellent critique Miecz,!

    I would like to see this movie, it seems interesting.

  4. Ancient_Man,
    I never said that we should completely do away with corporations and I am well aware that Hitler did not abolish them, but focused their efforts to benefit the folk. This film, however, clearly shows the downside of corporations and what Hitler’s efforts prevented for a time. Also, this film is not the ultimate answer to anything, it is but one story, but definitely one of the better ones. If you can’t see it, but only choose to see “Zion Jew poison” everywhere, well then I cannot help you.

    Thank you, Kamerad.

  5. ancient_man says:

    There is no difference between jew and zion jew anymore.
    The movie shows genocide of human population and no one cares.
    It will instill indifference to any extreme foul play into our children. They will grow up thinking war is as normal as holiday adventure and weapons of mass destruction and genocide are normal every day tools and toys.
    If you do not see the damage such story inflicts on children and do not act against it then you will
    just be a another score point on jew “positive” poison effect score list.
    There is no movie ever made by jew that does not contain intended deception or simply jew poison.
    Example: see the movie Cat Ballou (1965)
    you can download it here:
    If you could describe the jew poison you would gain more experience in evaluating jew products of
    mass deception and genocide .

  6. Niebo says:

    Ancient man seems to have a point.
    This CHILDREN’S movie shows systematic genocide for nearly it’s entirety and all the obese fools do at the end is drop a seed in the dirt and shout about pizza?
    That doesn’t teach a CHILD or anyone anything! No work ethic is taught, no further instruction, the child is left dumbfounded.
    And yeah the fight the captain undertakes to save mankind
    is a giggly little quarrel with the “auto”-The Jew. Yeah, that fight is ran to the tune of a Tom and Jerry number(guess who we are?).

    Wall-E tells children its funny to be obese, to be deceived, removed from nature, and to plant “pizza plants”! That is it.
    Also, unlike many other children movies based on good vs evil, there’s not a single physical Aryan in the whole movie(compare The Sword in the Stone, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast,Sleeping Beauty etc)

    This movie should be destroyed, It’s sickening, there’s not one damn thing good about it.

    Thank you Ancient Man for the Kampf!
    And, of course, thanks Kamerad Miecz for being the scout to call Wall-E to attention!

    “Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales told to me in my childhood than in the truth that is taught by life.”
    ― Friedrich von Schiller

    Walt Disney would be Righteously Furious!


  7. Niebo says:

    Kamerad Miecz,

    Really look at that picture you have of EVE and Wall-e walking across the land.
    You dubbed it “Life”.
    Metaphors aside, and with simple communication being most important in this age,
    in an Aryan age… Is there anything ARYAN about that picture? I see two soulless robots, which is what all robots are.

    Aryan Men and Women Forward!

    Best Regards,

  8. Niebo says:

    “The Jew realized the Aryan will accept craven images as soon as the word “God” is mentioned”

    Replace “God” with “agrianism” and thats this whole conversation!

  9. delendaestziobot says:

    In the Third Reich the corporation was a non-entity, it was seen as a fiction, as fictional as a Disney cartoon, as such any corporation existed by the grace of the Fuhrer. If a corporation was not economically beneficial to the folk then it was to be eliminated. The National Socialists removed all laws and statutes that legitmized or gave rights to a corporation. It would be true to say that during the Third Reich the ‘corporation’ lost all of its previous legal foundations. Aryan Law is found only in the living blood therefore a corporation has no access to Aryan Law, if it is to exist it exists by grace as an invented fictional entity.

  10. delendaestziobot says:

    Correction: it exists by grace as an invented fictional non-entity.

  11. ancient_man says:

    Does not mean that if corporation is serving NS that it is fiction.The corporate laws ware revised to comply with ethics of NS economy. Also many ware simply nationalized to ensure total control and no corruption.

  12. delendaestziobot says:

    ‘Does not mean that if a corporation is serving NS that it is a fiction.’ – ancient_man

    Yes it does. A corporation IS a fiction, even under Western commercial law a corporation is by definition a fiction, obviously, it has to be because a corporation is invented as a story by humans, it in reality consists of nothing that it is why it can be dissolved into nothing as easliy as it was brought into the minds of humans in the form of a fiction. A Fiction! If you do not see that then you do not understand what a corporation is. Like I said the NS’s removed all laws and statutes that legitimized or gave rights to corporations.

    ‘Fiction’ – something feigned, invented, or imagined, a made-up story.

    from ‘fictio’ , a making, a fashioning, or feigning.

    And no, corporations were not “nationalized”, they were simply dissolved and therefore eliminated if they were not viewed as beneficial for the folk. If they were beneficial then they were given the same status as a fairy story, or a mythology, or a fictional story, or perhaps some ritualized community belief. If they were beneficial in that sense then there was no requirement for the NS government to seek to control them.

  13. ancient_man says:

    You are twisting like a jew. Corporation is simply group of people working together using own and investment resources. Fiction is something that does not exist in reality.

    Here’s part of a manifesto Hitler produced for the National Socialist German Workers Party in 1925:

    Therefore we demand:

    11. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

    12. Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in life and property, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as a crime against the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits whether in assets or material.

    13. We demand the nationalization of businesses which have been organized into cartels.

    14. We demand that all the profits from wholesale trade shall be shared out.

    15. We demand extensive development of provision for old age.

    16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle-class, the immediate communalization of department stores which will be rented cheaply to small businessmen, and that preference shall be given to small businessmen for provision of supplies needed by the State, the provinces and municipalities.

    17. We demand a land reform in accordance with our national requirements, and the enactment of a law to confiscate from the owners without compensation any land needed for the common purpose. The abolition of ground rents, and the prohibition of all speculation in land.

  14. delendaestziobot says:

    ancient_man, you’re an idiot!

    point 13. refers to “trusts”. a trust is a legal name under common law that holds property or money for one party for the benefit of another party, or a third party.

    Concept of a trust was developed in England, a trust is “created” to hold assets, but itself is non-tangible and private, the trust is “written” and created by the settlor and trustee, it is classified as a “legal fiction”…

    A “trust” is different to a “corporation”, you idiot.

    The English translation of the NSDAP 25 point plan on all the internet versions, where your getting your information from, is incorrect. Original German copies of the 25 point plan from the 1920’s and 30’s are difficult to find, and will cost perhaps a few hundred dollars to purchase.

    Point 13 refers to the making publically known the previously privately held trusts, it does not mean confiscation of private property or assets held in trusts by national authorities, it just means that what is held in trusts must be made known to the public, in other words, they would not allow persons to hold assets secretly in trust accounts.

  15. ancient_man says:

    Who give a dam what the details ware. They ware converted and cleaned of corruption practices.
    They still exist today and serve people well. They will exist in future as they existed for centuries in the past. The are just like families of creative people and surfer from jew poison just like individuals do. I have been with a corporation since it was just two people. And that was 35 years ago. Now we have over 150 employees and we surfer from jew poison as well but our product which serve ordinary people still keep us alive and puts food on our tables.

  16. delendaestziobot says:

    I don’t care how you personally feel about it. I am just explaining what a corporation is and what the legal postion was of the NSDAP regarding them. I don’t care what you think one is, why should I, you don’t know what one is.

    A Corporation is different to a Trust, however they are both defined as “legal fictions” by Western law codes. What is a “legal fiction”? A legal fiction is a fact assumed or created by a court. A “fact” according to law courts does not have to have any actual evidence in real life to prove its existence, which is why its a “fiction” and not actually a proven fact, because it cannot be proven, or so it is according to the court that assumes or creates it, therefore the court assumes that it existed, and it assumes that it does exist, so in actual fact it is a fiction made legal by a court, even though its not a fact!

    A Corporation according to the Judaic Western Law Courts is assumed to be a “Person”, it cannot be because it is not living, but according to the idiotic law courts a person does not have to be living, it can be anything that the courts recognizes as an assumed fact or fiction. It’s a fiction that has been assumed, it is an artificial person that has been made up, but so are the Law Courts, they themselves are representing other legal fictions and artifical persons. The “persons” who form a Coporation cannot be held responsible for something that is not an actual fact, it is just assumed that this created Corporation Personhood exists, but of course it can never be proven that it actually exists as a fact, which is why it is a fiction and not a real fact.

    In reality a Corporation is no different to the Tooth Fairy or Father Christmas and the Elves. And no, the Nazi’s did not ban the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas, and neither did they ban corporations or seek to control them, they just did not recognize them as being real, which of course they are not. Under true Aryan Law, the Corporation has no legal claim on anything, because it does not exist, the Aryan Law says “Law is whatever is good and useful for the Aryan people”.

    Also finally under Aryan Law, Law itself is not the guide, but Man!, Man is over Law, written laws have no power over living beings. The life value of the living is above the law, law is merely a tool to be used in the defence of health and life.

  17. ancient_man says:

    What a lot of jew BS. Corporations exist despite your claims. You must be the Nazi member to publish such crap against NS. I’ve spoken about you with my corporate friends in Germany and they told me that such deception is normal and they heard it many times before. Most of the time the twisters would try to convince you that corporations are self corrupting itself thus defending the jew poison which always is the sole source of corporate corruption.

  18. delendaestziobot says:

    Ahh No, Corpoartions are fictional, they only exist as a figment of the imagination, that has been legalized by other previous fictions, like “Law Courts”, which have nothing to do with “Law” they are just representatives of Central Banks, with an assumed identity, the herd masses of humans are made to think they are real Law courts, just like they think that Corporations have a real existence. They may seem real to people like you, but that is in the same way as Father Christmas seems real to a 3 year old child, they do exist as an actual fact, merely assumed, or invented as a story.

    The herd masses of human goyim, like yourself, are not going to like being dragged out of Plato’s Cave, the light of truth is going to hurt their eyes which have previously only known shadows and the darkness of the Cave into which they were born, they are going to curse and cry, and scream and jump up and down, and protest. I mean when your entire belief system is shown for what it is, I am not suprised you would be upset and angry, when everything you have ever believed in and thought was real and worked and slaved for all your life is uncovered as being no more than a basic form of trickery and deception, it is hard to deal with. The vast majority have no ability to deal with it, they simply want to be victimized, they want to cry out when their masters abuse them unfairly. All humans like you are simply the part of the equation: “will the evil and work the good”, which means your masters can make you do more good for them and make you work harder by doing evil to you and working less themselves!

  19. ancient_man says:

    BS gain. Corporation has the best chance to change political system of any state regardless of BS ties with jew law. You are living in your own BS fantasy World. I, on the other hand had lived trough real NS of Germany and have the actual experience of what is it like.
    I will let you have the last word regardless if you still state that corporation does not exist in reality.

  20. delendaestziobot says:


    I have torn your flimsy facade to pieces…

  21. ancient_man says:

    Hello All Aryans…

    This is my last post as I am discontinuing exposing my personal views.

    Today US government committed a crime of issuing terrifying legislation that allows for Americans to be arrested, detained indefinitely, tortured and interrogated — without charge or trial anywhere in the World.

    I am sure you would understand my decision.

    I wish you all lack in your heroic fight against the World’s enemy number one, the jew.

    May the Aryan spirit be with you to the end.


  22. delendaestziobot says:

    May the Aryan Spirit be with you…

    Now, back to the subject of Corporations, there is nothing in Aryan Law that says that a fictional corporation cannot be used as a tool or weapon in our struggle, in fact using the enemy’s own weapons against them can be very advantageous. But just remember that in order to a destroy a thing you must understand a thing, we must understand the weapons of the enemy if we are to destroy them.

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