Communication in Aesthetics – Part II and Beyond

Aesthetics of Civilization
When we go above and beyond the body, the spirit, the state, and the symbols we use, there we can see how all of those elements interact and compliment each other. This is a grand scale of aesthetics – the Aesthetics of Civilization. This level will be reached when at least one state has become fully Aryanized as well as secured its existence. Right now, such a goal is still far ahead, but it can be glimpsed at nonetheless.

We live in a civilization that dwells wastefully in shapeless urban sprawls. The solution to cleaning up our environment is not just cleaning up city streets and reducing industrial pollution. The solution is the reducing of the factors that cause these things in the first place – this means a radical reshaping and restructuring of our civilization. Like an uncultivated garden overgrown with weeds, we have almost completely lost our sense of grand aesthetic. This has resulted in the biggest mess that this planet has ever seen, but no one sees this mess, since this mess is us. It’s our cities, it’s our industry, it’s our artificial nation states. Growth has turned into a shapeless, amoral, aimless process due to our debt-based economical system. A bank makes money by issuing debt in the form of fiat currency. With profit being the only motivating factor, it works well for the bank and bankers can issue as much debt as possible and thus collect as many dues as they can. From time to time these loans do not perform and from time to time these non-performing loans add up and a crisis occurs, an economic crunch – this is cynically called “the business cycle.”

The ludicrous assumption that we have all been force fed here is that something as artificial as money (a wholly human creation) is as uncontrollable as the weather. It is only a lie that has been crafted and tuned over the years so as to be perceived as such.

Consider the functions and purpose of a power plant. As human settlements grew, it became unfeasible for each household to generate its own power and thus the modern electrical grid was formed and, over the course of decades, brought to the state in which it is now. A modern city can supply power very reliably (albeit, uncleanly) to its residents. The power output is monitored so that the amount that goes out is as close as possible to what is needed. A sudden surge or a sudden lack of power would be at least very troublesome, if not out right dangerous. Thus, skilled and knowledgeable people are needed to watch over and design these grids. They determine where the power should go and what kind of wires or cables are needed. Simply put, the distribution of power can be laid out very systematically and thus be made to work very logically and reliably.

In the National Socialist view, a bank is simply an economic power plant. Money, like electrical power, is a means to an end. It needs to power something, otherwise it’s simply not needed. This does not mean that it will all of a sudden be hard to find uses for money. Not at all. Bakers make fresh bread everyday and people buy this bread. Roads and public works need constant inspection and upkeep and the workers and engineers need to be paid. Additionally, there are times when entirely new projects and innovations are undertaken, such as new building complex or roadway, or the development of new technological designs, and these all need funding. Essentially, money flows everyday, nearly all the time.

The question is: how do we make it flow in way most purposeful for a folk?

Aesthetics of Administration
The false left/right paradigm can be seen in today’s two largest economic powers. First, we have Capitalism and the libertarians’ beloved “free market” and democracy, which just becomes oligarchic and Marxist elements, like weeds, grow into it over time. This can be seen in today’s United States in which six corporations own 90% of all media and a few big banks control 100% of the finances. After a financial crisis that came about from intrinsic errors in the system, it is these huge institutions that received the “bailout” and the system will be sustained until the next bailout will be needed and so and so forth. By default, the top corporations in the United States are like the huge state owned companies in the former USSR. On paper they may be different, but in function, and thus in underlying reality, they are the same. Every major political party in the USA supports this system. Their minor arbitrary differences mean nothing.

Second, we have Communism and the mainstream left’s idea of a “worker’s paradise,” which just becomes oligarchic and Capitalist elements, like weeds, grow into it over time. This can be seen in today’s China in which the Communist ideal is preached by the state, but is far removed from actual function and large corporations, just like in the United States, are in bed with the current government and run the nation. After a financial crisis it is these institutions that receive “bailout” money (courtesy of the central bank) and the system will be sustained until the next bailout will be needed. The USSR managed this for about seventy years before collapsing and thus, not much better can be foreseen for the USA, China and also for the EU.

These two systems both yield to “centrism” for the sake of having the broadest appeal and thus the longest survivability. They will wage wars, abandon their own people to die, spill waste, lie about each other and manipulate just about anything that can be in some way be manipulated just so that they can survive, since all that matters is the digits adding up on their central bank’s balance sheets. Note that the New York Stock Exchange building in New York City has been built to resemble the front of the Greek Pantheon, but the only deity worshiped there is the usurious Demiurge.

The radical alternative is National Socialism, which features state controlled, labor backed money issued according to amount of economic processes. A tax may be temporarily issued to siphon back some currency to prevent inflation. If the economy grows, more money may be issued as needed, but only for the purposes of productive labor. The economy is not centrally planned, but rather, it is centrally directed in a way analogous to a conductor leading an orchestra with each individual musician playing their own instrument and producing their own part of the composition.

National Socialism is only true and genuinely radical alternative that can uproot the current system and plant a new seed. However, National Socialism goes far beyond being an alternative political and social program, it is an entirely new Worldview. There are traces in our past that strongly suggest the human desire for something greater than bestial existence, but these have become muddled with mass consumerism and the resulting waste. Let’s take a look into the past, at our own traces of Original Nobility, before we go forward. Afterall, Arya is first a step back before the new journey forward can begin.

Aesthetics from the Past
Left and Right systems produce a shapeless sprawl and this can be readily observed in the major cities currently under Capitalist and Marxist administration. This goes double for their more recent 20th century additions.

In spite of this, Aryanism has always existed in sporadic traces. Some of this is genuine Aryanism, but most of it is simply the incidental result of crude natural processes. For Aryanism to take a hold in the real world must be product of genuine will power.

A solid past example of nascent Aryanism can be seen in the star fort towns of Old Europe.

These old towns, many of which exist only in old documents today, are precise creations and finite environments that are in stark contrast to the massive and overflowing urban sprawls of today. Such cities can only be the product of a people whose will was united in their calculated constructions. They come from a time when people lived and breathed the art and culture of the day. It was a time when each person participated in their town’s music festival and to this day folk music only feels right when it is being performed and not just watched – it is collaborative and team-spirited art and thus worthy of the word “folk.”

Today’s art lends itself to voyeurism and absurdly convoluted “interpretations” as well as sheer desecrations of classic art. Cities and towns are much the same: shapeless, juiceless, lifeless and stand as ends by themselves. All transcendent quality is gone and the only thing that matters is some form of immediate self-satisfaction to the artist or to the audience. The music video is perhaps the best example of this: sexed up models dance to a beat driven by vulgar lyrics and these products are then sold by corporations to the masses. People have lost touch with the energy that moves their world and thus have lost, or failed to develop, mastery over it.

In the times of Old Europe, when the aforementioned star forts were created, population numbers were routinely culled by crude natural processes. Mainly, these were disease and high infant mortality. Only the strong survived. While man mastered the fight against disease (in some parts of the world) he neglected to see the ensuing problem: excess. Not just of material goods that came with the industrial and scientific revolution, but he failed to see himself as being part of that excess. Population exploded and spilled all over the place. Beautifully constructed classic towns and cities were buried in a mass of lifeless kitsch, like weeds burying a neglected garden.

National Socialism recognized this and just as man mastered the fight against disease, he was going to master his will and himself. However, by that point materialism and mass consumerism had grown to such monstrous proportions that they quickly perceived and dealt with the greatest threat to their existence, which was National Socialism and Aryan thinking. Today, everything, including people, continues to be produced in a mass scale that as purposeless as it is volatile. Reining in this beast can only be the feat of an Aryan Will.

However, I sense a deep irony here. Whether it will be through an apocalyptic “Seven Days of Fire” scenario as seen in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind or through sheer willpower, Aryanism is one of two ultimate possibilities. The question is, will we get there via exhausting every other option as we have almost always done in the past? Or will we get there by recognizing the genius of National Socialism and the Power of the Will? The latter will mean that we will finally transcend our bestial existence and become something much greater. The other ultimate possibility is simple with two variants: self-annihilation or a Malthusian Collapse. Shall we avoid an apocalyptic calamity? Or shall we just merely count on surviving it? Such a scenario may, just may, end with a small group of Aryanist survivors, but don’t count on it. There is no fate, only what we make and creation, first and foremost, takes willpower. Good things have never just happened, they have always been made.

The Grandest of Star Forts
There is still one star fort left to construct. Or to put it another way, there is one “fort among the stars” that has yet to be built. It is a finite eco-system, albeit a very big one, yet still demands rational approach and frugality for it to reach its most magnificent state.

It is our very own planet Earth.This is our Garden, our Star Fort. We must master the cultivation of our own civilization. It is through this highest form of art that we will transcend material existence.

For a less militaristic-minded example, American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s planned, limited population, city concept of Broadacre City can be seen as an analogous concept to star forts.

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3 Responses to Communication in Aesthetics – Part II and Beyond

  1. Lineman says:

    Very good article Kamerad, nice to see you’re still around.

  2. John Johnson says:

    Until I read this article I didn’t realize how compact and efficient the fortified cities were. They are a complete package, if you will, integrating normal city life and a strong defense. Reminiscent of the ancient Greek city-states.

    Have you ever heard of Arkaim, the ancient Aryan “Swastika City” dating back to the 17-20th c. BC? It is in the shape of a circular swastika and is also surrounded by a defensive structure. In addition, it is one of the most accurate archæoastronomy sites, which, intriguingly, is at a latitude very similar to that of Stonehenge.

  3. Yes, I have heard of Arkaim. There is a link to a documentary about it on my YouTube channel.

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