Taboo: The Information and Intuition Stranglehold

Any society that stands against freedom will resort to censorship. The blunt form of censorship is legally barring something from being distributed or being openly discussed. The much more subtle form of censorship, something which Jews have practically mastered, is taboo, or the condition in which people are pressured to censor themselves. This is usually engineered via imposing shame or by spreading fear. In the current Zionist Correct society, the one in which most humans live in, this elaborate censorship engineering almost always pertains to National Socialism in either a direct or indirect way. People have lost their jobs and their entire livelihood, they were deemed unfit and criminals when they grasped the courage to call out the Big Lies of the Jews. It has reached such an extent that even for simply being accused of having “Nazi sympathies” people face being ostracized from society. With such a system, comes fear and with fear comes taboo or self-censorship. The goys of the Jews have been conditioned into their own bondage – it’s a Brave New World.

Something many people don’t realize is that while Jews vehemently oppose the free printing and distribution of accurate translations of Mein Kampf, which has recently become a huge problem for the ZC Establishment with the advent of internet freedoms, and has predictably resulted in Zionists attempting to choke the internet. Hitler and the NSDAP, however, permitted even the Babylonian Talmud to be in circulation. Before, the truth had been hidden in irrelevance, and it was the now infamous book burnings that, like a forest fire, destroyed the excess to expose the true roots of Judaism. With the veil lifted and the face of Zionism exposed, the German populace reacted against the Jews.

Such understandings are taboo as in our current system Hitler can only be seen as evil and by now he is practically a comic book villain. The popular “Epic Rap Battles” videos paired Hitler with Darth Vader, which was a continuation of his portrayal from pulp comic books and videogames such as the Wolfenstein series – to be taken as a madman or loony or both, anything so that he is not studied seriously and intuitively.

Taboo in Film
There are two films in particular that show how taboo has been applied to film.

The first film is Battleship Potemkin, which is shown to practically every film student as a masterpiece of early cinema. It is a film that demonizes monarchy and glorifies the false left ideas Communism and humanism. It was a government approved and carefully staged and edited using techniques that are now standard in fictional narrative film. The film was written and directed by the Jew Sergei Eisenstein.

The second film Triumph of the Will, which is practically never shown and hard to come by. Despite this, it has been called the best propaganda film ever made. This claim is only partly true, as the content of film was not staged nor set up in anyway by director Leni Riefenstahl and she maintained that it was a documentary. This can be verified by the fact that Riefenstahl documented many NSDAP party rallies and one of these documents became her most famous film. Thus, the film is not staged or scripted as a narrative. Rather, it is more of a report on an important national event and scripted only as a documentary as Riefenstahl must have had an event program to determine what she wanted to film. The film’s direction used revolutionary techniques such as motion shots, aerial photography and music woven together with the images and final edit.

Documentaries and news programs on television to this day use all of these techniques. The film is also notable for being a primary source on the NSDAP that doesn’t fit in with the Zionist Correct and approved image: the film contains no mention of Jews and thus does not fit the “evil Nazi” false paradigm. Rather it is reflective of Hitler’s actual ideas.

“Every WELTANSCHAUUNG, whether religious or political — and it is sometimes difficult to say where the one ends and the other begins — fights not so much for the negative destruction of the opposing world of ideas as for the positive realization of its own ideas.” ~Adolf Hitler

Triumph of the Will is the message of National Socialism speaking for itself and this is the primary reason that the film has been banned. The same can be said for Olympia – The Festival of Folks & Olympia – The Festival of Beauty.

Additional Note: The 2013 German television production, Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter (released as “Generation War” in English) sparked a typically Identitarian series of squabbles between Germans and Poles: arguing just how “anti-Semitic” the other was during WW2. The Germans wished to say that Poles were also shamefully anti-Semitic, while Poles retorted that all shameful “anti-Semitism” during this period was German. The discussion was locked firmly within the confines of Zionist Correctness and it held divided the two nations’ views on the Second World War. German-Polish cooperation on this matter was and is taboo. Agreeing to anything other than serving long-term Zionist interests is taboo.

Taboo in Literature
Let’s looks at another two examples, this time from the literary world.

The first book is The Communist Manifesto written by the Jew Karl Marx. This book is considered one of the pivotal works of political thought and is widely studied, as well as criticized and even derided. Essentially, the whole range of opinions about this work can be found in the established academia, thus allowing a student to find one, or even a series of opinions, that they find agreeable. Once this is done, the student is not likely to look beyond the established paradigm. Even if they explore other works, these will further examples of the same paradigm.

The second book is Mein Kampf written by Adolf Hitler. This book is regarded as being anything from the “Nazi Bible” to an early indicator that Hitler was intent on homicidally gassing all of the Jews. This book is not widely available, much less an accurate translation or a genuine original, with the reason being the same as for Triumph of the Will: this is Hitler in his own words. Masking Hitler’s existence is futile, so Zionist Correctness simply transforms him into something that he is not by applying filter after filter until the first image is totally distorted, but then it is presented as original and genuine.

This is the essence of “political correctness” (of which Zionist Correctness is an ulterior aspect) and it is Marxist creation. Political correctness is a Jewish idea that was put forth by a Jewish philosophy. It is Jewish pre-emptive attack on perceived threats.

“For in order to incur the enmity of the Jew it is not necessary to show any open hostility towards him. It is quite sufficient if one be considered capable of opposing the Jew some time in the future or using his abilities and character to enhance the power and position of a nation which the Jew finds hostile to himself.” ~Adolf Hitler

In line with this strategy of constant pre-emptive attack (also a term that Jewish-led Neo-Conservatives from the American political right-wing use to justify US led invasions of nations at the behest of Israel), virtually all editions of Mein Kampf that are available for purchase are heavily annotated and the reader is pulled along on the leash of ZC to the approved conclusions. This is in addition to the often poor translations of the work into other languages.

In reading an “unguided” version of this translation, a reader might be surprised to notice that Hitler did not have an “anti-Semitic” upbringing. He doesn’t even mention Jews until page 42 in a passage where he is describing the political nature of Social Democracy, including its membership and ideological leaders. Essentially, Hitler commits the ultimate heresy according to Zionist Correctness: he comes to the understanding of the Jew as parasitic and subversive via his own life experiences and observations, including debates and examinations of media and press material printed and distributed by Jews! Hitler did not hate the Jews so much as he hated their actions, ones that to this day they voraciously defend as being the high end of the moral spectrum. Additionally, a reader of this Hitler-approved English language translation, might be surprised to notice a complete lack of racism, with only a few words used, ones that were common for their time and in common use long after Hitler died, that would be considered slurs today. There are noticeably more points where Hitler simply uses a neutral demographic/race term.

Hitler mentions “the white race” several times throughout the book (roughly five), but does not exalt it. Rather he criticizes it for falling into decadence due to ineffective and corrupt leadership. Yet neo-Nazis still consider Hitler as someone who fought to preserve “the white race” at all costs. If anything, Hitler wished to drastically improve the quality of “the white race,” and the precise ways to achieve this goal evolved over time up to the point where by 1945, up to 60% of the Third Reich’s Waffen SS was non-German volunteers including groups commonly called Arabs, Africans, Asians, and Muslims in non-segregated units.

This brings us to the final point here: the mythical term “Aryan” is used frequently throughout the book, yet at no point does Hitler equate this term with any existing ethnicity, European or otherwise, due it being a universal term that is not compatible with contemporary, divisive demography.

Additional Note: A link to Mein Kampf in PDF format at the SoE Research Page.

Taboo in History and Science
Any attempt to rationally revise the deeply flawed and Zionist Correct narrative of the Holocaust is met with the Orwellian charge of “Holocaust denial.” Free thinking investigators, ranging from members of established academia to history and science enthusiasts, are ostracized and shamed for daring to think beyond Zionist dogma. However, independent research has continued and virtually all of this work is based on multiple first hand sources, including meticulous examination of actual places where “the Holocaust” is said to have taken place.

Revisionism has persisted and corrected virtually all of the initial absurdities that were initially proposed in the Holocaust narrative, these include shrunken heads, soap from human fat, human skin lampshades, homicidal electrocution chambers, homicidal steam chambers, pedal-driven brain bashing machines, which have all been accepted as false. The total fatality figures at “death camps” have also been drastically reduced. What’s more, initially all German-run detention centers were considered death camps, but this was revised with forensic examination immediately after war, and to this day the only “death camps” are the ones that did not have such examination, meaning those occupied by the Soviet Union. Despite this the death toll at Auschwitz has been revised down numerous times, but the artificially infamous homicidal gas chambers along with their accompanying mass cremations are still insisted upon. The kicker is that even these have already been proven as false.

Revisionism has achieved so much that the Jews have resorted to just asking people not to investigate Zionist bunkum.

“Let the gas chambers remain closed to prying eyes,
and to imagination.” ~Elie Wiesel, All Rivers Run to the Sea

“Some events do take place but are not true; others are — although
they never occurred.” ~Elie Wiesel, Legends of Our Time

Let’s let the Führer clarify:

“The kind of existence which he leads forces the Jew to the systematic use of falsehood, just as naturally as the inhabitants of northern climates are forced to wear warm clothes.” ~Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Here are some examples of concise revisionism.

Auschwitz – Why the Gas Chambers are a Myth – examines the glaring fallacies regarding the supposed purpose and operations of German installed equipment at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Made in Russia, The Holocaust – an independent researcher examines the absurdities of the evidence of the Nuremberg Trials as presented by the Western Allies and the Soviet Union.

Last Days of the Big Lie – a rebuttal to the Zionist documentary, The Last Days, looking at lapses in logic and selective presentation that was used to fabricate a narrative.

McCalden’s Auschwitz – independent investigators take a look at Auschwitz I. Originally made in 1987.

McCalden’s Birkenau – independent investigators take a look at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Originally made in 1987. Accompanying piece to the above documentary.

McCalden’s Majdanek – independent investigators take a look at Majdanek. Originally made in 1987. Accompanying piece to the previous two on this list.

One Third of the Holocaust – an independent researcher’s thorough look at many official sources of Holocaust information.

The term “denial” has seen use in other parts of the Zionist Correct spectrum, notably in the rigged debate between liberal secularists and conservative religious traditionalists, who spar back and forth about the issue of whether there was some sort of creator entity responsible for constructing reality as we know it and who expects us to behave in certain ways. It has even become a “litmus test” for conservative candidates running for public office in the USA to affirm Judeo-Christian traditionalism and dogma.

To the Aryan, the refusal to adopt spiritual ideals and thus bank wholly on materials (secularism/liberalism) is just as folly as the belief that an entity transcendent of materialism trapped humanity in it (conservatism/traditionalism). To the Aryan, these schools of thought and their various permutations are part of the same Jewish Mobius strip mind prison.

Taboo in Society
Our present human society is sorely misguided in finding solutions to problems not just because of ineffective methods and tools (e.g. those meant to fail), but also due to a misunderstanding of the roots of the present problems. The political left and right bicker and squabble about every issue yet get virtually nothing done. That’s because they are both wrong and their respective shortcomings actually complement and sustain each other. A third way has emerged in the form of libertarianism, yet this is just a rearrangement of the left’s and right’s policies, there is nothing fundamentally different about it. Libertarianism is an alternative meant to fail and to contain people within the Zionist Correct spectrum.

Let’s examine some terms from the Aryan Glossary.

Conservatism (non-Aryan attitude)
Category of political positions based on the belief that people are unimprovable, and hence that the function of the state is to limit the damage done in a nation by the unimprovable people
* Compare with liberalism
* Contrast against radicalism

Liberalism (non-Aryan attitude)
Category of political positions based on the belief that improvement of people cannot be defined, and hence that the function of the state is to enable a nation to withstand the absence of absolutes
* Compare with conservatism
* Contrast against radicalism

False dichotomy (right/left) of economic theories, both based on the (non-Aryan) belief that production is valuable as an end in itself
* Contrast against National Socialism

License towards some action, granted in exchange for obedience towards the granter in other matters, thereby implying that possessors of liberties are slaves
* Contrast against freedom

License towards some action, granted by present authority
* Contrast against duty
* Compare with liberty


Due to political correctness and taboo, people are using “permitted” weapons, they are designed not to fail, but to be persistently ineffective. Using weapons and tools, essentially ones that that the enemy provides, is not a way to succeed. Society needs to rediscover the True Left and a Third Position that is rooted in different fundamentals, therefore free from the current corrupt spectrum.


Condition such that obedience to a slavemaster cannot be bought by any offer of liberty
* Contrast against liberty

Radicalism (Aryan attitude)
Category of political positions based on the belief that improvement of people is both definable and possible, and hence that the function of the state is to steer this improvement
* Contrast against conservatism, liberalism

National Socialism
1) Aryan political theory in which a non-democratic state controls demographics to ——facilitate the folk purpose (general context)
2) Aryan economic theory based on the belief that production is valuable only as a ——means and only in quantity sufficient to facilitate the folk purpose (economic context)

National Socialist
Supporter of National Socialism. Aryanists use the term “authentic National Socialist” to distinguish from racist useful idiots (e.g. golems) who call themselves “National Socialists”

Imperative towards some action, bequeathed by conscience
* Contrast against right

“Since the Jew is not the object of aggression but the aggressor himself, he considers as his enemies not only those who attack him but also those who may be capable of resisting him. The means which he employs to break people of this kind, who may show themselves decent and upright, are not the open means generally used in honourable conflict, but falsehood and calumny.” ~Adolf Hitler

The Future
The present misguided and clumsy structure of society is the inevitable result of the current preferred for of organization: the nation state. The entire false left/right dichotomy is a staged circus that continues to debate and argue over how to run this model with each side blaming the other for the nations failures and shortcomings. The false alternative is there to provide illusion of choice for those fed up with all of the fruitless commotion.

Nation (non-Aryan concept)
People with a common past (esp. common starting point), regardless of destination
* Contrast with Folk

This model fits perfectly with the Jewish notion of being “the chosen people” as the model, like Judaism, stresses the past as a rallying cry and uses it as means for justifying all future actions.

Aryanism does not completely disregard the past, as it seeks to re-establish many ancient concepts, albeit adopted to fit in the current world. The vital element is that Aryanism looks to the future as a rallying call.

Folk (Aryan concept)
People with a common future (esp. common destination) regardless of starting point; people who advance a shared purpose
* Contrast with Nation

This requires a new Worldview – WELTANSCHAUUNG – that includes the presence of defined absolutes. A Folk knows what they stand for and against. The nation’s only absolute is refraining from absolutes, beyond that is taboo. Questioning the veracity of the Holocaust is criminalized in some nations, thus seemingly moving towards a ZC Absolute (the illegality of doubting Jewish Lore), yet not even this is a true absolute as many nations do not criminalize this, they just make it taboo. And this is the ZC Weapon, an indirect manipulation technique in true herder (read: Jewish) fashion.

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture
will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” ~Plato

External Link: Empiricism vs. Rationalism

Think like Plato!

 And not like a slave/goy is made to think!

Additional Note: During the Cold War in 1979, there was a revolution in Iran and the current Islamic Republic of Iran was formed. The previous incarnation of the Iranian state was a US ally against the USSR, though now it had broken free from the Soviet-US false dichotomy. To this day, Iran’s national bank remains independent of Jewish high finance institutions. The Iranian President has openly announced doubts about the veracity of the Holocaust narrative and has asked the questions that he would like answered, yet the only thing that he was given was a regurgitation of the same old story. The questions he asked were avoided, because they are taboo. Additionally, Iran is not a democracy and hence vilified by Jews and Gentiles most notably in the film 300. This goes to show how powerful taboo is: one does not have to venture far into it to be hated.

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4 Responses to Taboo: The Information and Intuition Stranglehold

  1. TalmudAwareGoyim says:

    Hey,I’m new to Aryanism tho, I notice, I already was in lock step in many areas. I got a question about David Myatt- he seems to have disavowed national socialism and the holocaust but you all prominently quote him and link to his books.How come?This needs a good answer

  2. TalmudAwareGoyim says:

    Here’s a couple quotes by him,”But now I regard National-Socialism – of whatever variety – as an immoral set of beliefs, an example par excellence of hubris, with the Allied victory over NS Germany being a moral necessity, worthy of remembrance and celebration.” and,”That article led one person to quite naturally enquire why it had taken me nearly forty years to listen to those who had first hand experience of the brutality of National-Socialist Germany and to listen to those who had endured the inhumanity of the concentration camps and who thus knew the terrible reality of the holocaust.” Are you sure you should be quoting this dude?

  3. TalmudAwareGoyim says:

    Oh, I’m very excited about the basic philosophy though some specifics I’m not sure about.Love the Gentile, jew, aryan analogy and plan to tailor my political dialogue accordingly-thanks!

  4. TAG,
    Myatt used to be quoted, he isn’t anymore. We simply kept what he said when he was a genuinie anti-Zionist. As in any battle, information or otherwise, the loyalties of some can be bought off or converted.

    Go to the main page,, for a daily discussion.

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