Auschwitz: Traversing the Uncanny Valley

A while ago, I visited the Zionist museum that has been placed over the site of the former Majdanek concentration camp. By that time, I had been well aware of the fallacies and sheer absurdities of Holocaust claims and the visit only affirmed my distrust of Zionist historiography. More recently, I took a close look at Auschwitz.

The folly of it all is hidden in plain sight and to see it, all a visitor has to do is change how they look at Auschwitz. A great number of believers in Zionist claims, those popularly summed up as “The Holocaust,” have never actually visited any of the sites that have been condemned as “death camps” and “extermination camps.” Most believers in Zionist claims who have visited the condemned sites, have done so on an effectively guided tour that has been preceded by hours of Zionist propaganda exposure that is continued along the tour itself. Most believers in Zionist claims are simply moved by endless stories of human suffering. The Zionists, being Jews and their dogged Gentiles, exploit the universal human urge for compassion and turn it into a mechanism for a remarkably effective control that’s political and economic, philosophical and scientific, in short: total.

An Independent Look
There have been many independent looks at Auschwitz already, nonetheless I felt compelled to conduct my own. Auschwitz I is the central part of the state-run museum. It is here that we find the sign “Arbeit Macht Frei” meaning “Work Sets Free,” a German peasant saying that goes back centuries and is reflective of the agrarian societies that once thrived in Europe. This facility started as a barracks for the Polish military (to this day there is an army depot next door), thus was easily converted into a military prison by the end of 1939, both being secure facilities with military administration.

In this place, we also find the majority of the museum’s Zionist propaganda. The display on life in the camp has interpretive sketches of each of the day’s events showing miserable, skeletal figures trudging about that are contrasted with sharp, tough looking SS men. The whole thing has the feel of a bad comic book and is odd considering that a museum should rely on photographs and recorded data. Much of that can be found here, but it has been put into modern art style displays. It’s a crude, ugly and soulless art meant to evoke disgust and churn nightmares, it’s a program meant to psychologically scar and to enforce conformity via fear. Jews have for over two millennia physically scarred their own newborns with circumcision as a first step into traditionalist indoctrination. Jews now scar virtually the entirety of humanity with tall tales of morbid horror in a web spun across the whole spectrum of media and literature.

Photographs from Auschwitz
Let’s look at some photographs from Auschwitz II, the supposed “death camp” or “extermination camp,” as it has been called.

Photo: The Train Track

This photo was taken from the watchtower, underneath which is the main gate through which this track runs. It is through here that, as the lore goes, one million people arrived in order to be gassed or worked to death in a massive, secret genocide program. Note that the “one million” number has repeatedly been revised down from its initial eight million. What’s more is that the track is in the middle of the camp, in the open for all to see and looks like a simple train station. Many old train stations in Europe look very similar, especially in small towns and rural areas. The Zionist propaganda film, Schindler’s List, hid this fact by having a scene of the train arriving take place at night, thus giving the illusion of the supposed highly secretive and ominous nature of Auschwitz.

Photo: A Crematorium

Photo: Another Crematorium

The SS unit that was assigned to administer the camp took the photos of the crematoria. The photos were taken from quite a ways away in order to get the whole building and immediate surrounding area into frame. It can be plainly seen that the buildings, in which a supposed secret genocide program was being carried out, are hardly hidden from view. Both buildings are completely out in the open, albeit in a controlled area cordoned off by some standard wire fencing.

Due to the Holocaust Industry spanning all forms of media, this all seems strange and frightening, uncanny even, yet it all has a rational and decidedly not sensational explanation.

This is all that is left of the camp today. There are a few reconstructed barracks along the central part of the camp and then a ton of foundations in various states of ruin.

Photo: Camp Overview

Photo: Camp Ruins
Camp Ruin_1

The odd construction job goes on here and there to put up propaganda monuments in order to guide the tours. The whole point of leaving the abandoned camp in ruin is to be able to fuel misguided and false speculation from the visitors. Maybe eventually the Zionist-obedient museum authorities will actually build a functioning “former death camp!”

Photo: Crematorium Ruin, Cellar Entrance

Photo: Crematorium Ruin, Side

After hours of pre-visit propaganda exposure, the mass of ruins leaves much to the imagination. Again, this drives visitors’ perceptions into the uncanny valley. Who wouldn’t try to imagine what they had heard and read? Many do and they are quickly moved to unease, just as they were upon seeing a dark wood or an unlit basement for the first time. However, there are those who quickly detect fallacies in the mainstream narrative by sensing that some massive exaggerations must have been put into place to bolster the image of Auschwitz and other camps like it. This becomes all the more apparent upon viewing the crematorium layout as described by Zionists to fit the Holocaust narrative.

Photos: Crematorium IV key & layout

Using the key and diagram, let’s trace the route of a “gas chamber” victim, from arrival to corpse disposal.

Apparently, we have two possible starting points, either G (“Barrack where the victims had to undress before entering the gas chamber”) or D (“Room where the victims had to undress before entering the gas chamber”). Note that the barrack is a stand alone structure and that the room has no entrance from the outside, thus the victim would have to either enter through a tiny room (unmarked on diagram) just south of D, or through E (room with the “Crematorium incinerator”) just to undress.

After undressing, the victim would them have to be either marched out from G (which has no marked doors), along the main structure and to the tiny unmarked room and then into A (“Gas chambers”), or simply through the tiny unmarked room straight from D.

We also now see that there are three separate gas chambers providing us with a logistical problem at every step of the way thus far. What’s more is that only one can be initially entered, and the other two must them be accessed from this first one. Next, there are seven places marked as C (“Side hatches through which pellets producing Zyklon B gas were poured”) leaving two identical places strangely unmarked. Even stranger is that in virtually all mainstream Holocaust lore, including deliberately vague film representations such as The Grey Zone and The Boy with the Striped Pajamas (both are Zionist representations Auschwitz), the Zyklon B was implied or shown as being poured in from the top, through the infamous shower heads and not through the side. There was also only one gas chamber, so why are there three here?

After the gassing, the Sonderkommando (inmates recruited to help with camp functions) now had the laborious task of removing corpses from the three gas chambers, dragging them first through the tiny unmarked room, then through the initial undressing room, through one more tiny unmarked space, before finally arriving at the room with the incinerator. Or maybe the bodies were dragged outside, as E does seem to have two doors leading to the outside, though only the left one could have been feasibly used as it is along the same outside wall as the only outside door from the tiny unmarked room between the D and A.

After the incineration, the ashes were either dumped into I (“Pits used for disposal of ashes of the people murdered”) or into H (“Pond where ashes of the people murdered were dumped”). Once again, both locations are in plain view of anyone nearby. We have already seen from the official camp photos taken by the SS that the crematoria were not hidden from view. In the above diagram, the white line with black dots is a wire fence, beyond which are prisoners’ barracks.

Once examined closely, but not even scientifically, one can see the glaring errors in the processes that the Zionist described and enshrined as having happened in these crematoria. Interestingly, there is some accurate reconstruction at Auschwitz, but it’s not of any “gas chambers.”

Photo: Steam Chambers

These steam chambers, meant for disinfecting clothing, are in the reconstructed bathhouse. The official museum information states that this facility was used solely for sanitation, though “steaming to death” was initially a charge at Nuremberg. A good question is: why didn’t they reconstruct the “gas chambers,” better known as “the entire selling point of this place?” Well, they actually did, and in a very dishonest way.

The Scale Model
It is a scale model of another crematorium, with a different layout from the one examined above, that functioned at the internment camp.

Photo: Crematorium Model, Entrance

Photo: Crematorium Model, “Gas Chamber”

As with the previous diagram, this model runs into absurd logistical issues when it is given the application of a killing center. First, as the model shows, a group of people would be lead to the crematorium, in full view of everyone nearby since the buildings were out in the open, and then down some stairs into a long room. The model seen above manages to triple-exaggerate by showing a large approaching crowd, a full “undressing room,” and an absurdly over-packed “gas chamber” with bodies piled three or four high, which is a sheer impossibility if the people initially stood there. Notice that with each step, the crowd gets bigger. In the second picture here we can see the roof mounted “gas inlets,” yet no access via ladder or otherwise is shown, nor any member of the SS manning them in anyway. In fact, aside from one or two soldiers by the first door to the undressing room, the SS are strangely missing, as if they were never there and never engaged in the events depicted. More likely, it is just yet another example of the highly selective nature of Zionist historiography that focus solely on, and massively exaggerates, Jewish hardships for purposes of influence and profit. It’s Jewish Münchausen Syndrome.

The One Perspective Illusion
Allegedly machinated processes have been uncovered as staged illusions many times in history. A famous example is The Turk, which was a chess machine that could beat any human player and was made up to look like Turkish man at a desk, hence the name.

The machine was built in 1770 and went on tour having quite the successful chess career until it was destroyed in a fire in 1854. The Turk beat many chess masters and some famous chess enthusiasts, such as Napoleon. The machine was even opened and people could see moving parts, it was nothing short of bedazzling. However, there were some who sensed fallacy and quickly worked out that it all must be a hoax. The whole thing was conclusively proven false by the 1820s, but this did not prevent wild and elaborate theories from circulating, all adding to the publicity and fascination with The Turk.

External Link: The Turk

In many of the photos from the link above you can see a cushion at the right inside the machine. This is where a chess master sat hidden from view, and who could see the underside of the chessboard and move the pieces via magnets in a careful way say so as to make it seem like The Turk was “playing.” The opening of the panels was staged to allow the hidden chess player to hide. In short, the whole power of The Turk, as with any illusion, is to make the audience think that they see the big picture. Throw in something to churn high emotions, in the case of The Turk also technological awe, and in the case of the “Gas Chambers” also fear and disgust, and you have a show that literally pushed viewers’ buttons. However, once the big picture is really seen, the illusion falls apart. However, this does not mean that its proponents will admit it, no, not at all. The Turk continued to tour and impress people for decades after it was exposed. Cash was raked in and headlines made. Some were awed and some, namely the owners and operators, were laughing all the way to the bank.

The Turk is a much smaller illusion than “homicidal gas chambers,” but it demonstrates a key aspect of maintaining an illusion: it’s not what’s lied about; it’s how it’s lied about.

The Turk plays chess!” True. “It moves the pieces all by itself!” True. Once the fact is mentioned that there is a human operator, himself skilled at chess, inside the machine operating it, what the illusionist said doesn’t become outright untrue, but it becomes less sensational, the emotional coup is gone.

Jews died at Auschwitz!” True. “Jews were executed at Auschwitz!” True. Once the fact is mentioned that the executed Jews were partisans, thus enemy combatants, and that partisans of other ethnicities were dealt with just as harshly, and that not all Jews who died were executed, rather most who perished had succumbed to typhus due to shortages in the German supply chain that was caused by the round-the-clock aerial bombing of Germany and German-held territory by the UK and the USA (Operation Gomorrah), as well as the USSR, then the statements starting this paragraph do not become outright untrue, just much less sensational, and the notion of massive German-perpetrated crimes vanishes.

There were gas chambers at Auschwitz!” True, though once the fact is mentioned that the gas chambers, which were not located in crematorium cellars, those were morgues, but rather in separated structures and these gassing facilities were used for delousing, in other words, they were used to attempt to limit the spread of typhus, what the Zionists say does not become outright untrue, but it becomes less sensational, the emotional coup is gone, the uncanny valley has been successfully traversed, and the actions of the Germans and the other Axis forces can be understood. And the entire basis for huge Zionist profits vanishes.

Jews routinely fool non-Jews into seeing patterns that are not really there.

External Link: The Jewish Lie

Auschwitz was a huge camp that was not coincidentally next to a rubber factory. Rubber was a key resource for military operations. It was the basis for tires and engine belts that needed to be continually made and replaced for the Wehrmacht’s vehicles. Also, the Allied and Soviet air forces also had the ability to bomb individual industrial buildings, and they did, yet chose to ignore Auschwitz. Additionally, Auschwitz had medical and sanitary facilities, a theater, an orchestra, and even a brothel. No doubt, all under strict military and war-time administration, but would these facilities be included in a camp meant for killing everyone interned?

Lots of things you DIDN’T hear about happened at Auschwitz, too.

During the war, during the height of propaganda, ALL German internment camps were accused of being “death camps.” The camps captured by the Western Allies were subjected to forensic investigation and thus proven not to be killing centers, but rather standard detention facilities in line with ones such as the US war time internment camps for American citizens and residents of Japanese ethnicity. The eastern camps, captured by the USSR, were not subjected to forensic investigation as the Soviets intended to write their wartime propaganda into history and they did so with the construction of various architectural follies, the most infamous being the unconnected chimney in Auschwitz I. Seeing is believing, and those who control what the World sees, influence what it believes. The head Soviet propagandist was the Jew Ilya Ehrenburg who eventually fled to Israel to avoid any and all prosecution, as did thousands of other Soviet Commissars.

“Let the gas chambers remain closed to prying eyes, and to imagination.”
~Elie Wiesel, All Rivers Run to the Sea

Holocaust = Tanakh 2.0
Sickening as it may be, “The Holocaust” fits perfectly with the Jewish religion, which worships Yahweh, a deity that, as the lore goes, created all material existence and then trapped all sentient life within it. This “architect,” as the Freemasons call it, then demands constant expressions of obedience and puts its subjects through treacherous tests or by going on maniacally genocidal sprees with various plagues, giant sandstorms and planet-wide floods (to name a few) in order to remind its subjects of its power. Essentially, the people who most ardently support “the Holocaust” believe some of the most death-obsessed fairy tales ever uttered or noted. These people, the Zionists (being Jews and their dogged Gentiles), built entire cultural and religious identities around these very narratives. The Jews have gone a step further and added a racial element to this, the ultimate in-group, but what is only a highly developed form of favoritism, hence the expression: the “chosen” people. It might as well be, the most obedient (to Yahweh) people. And that’s all that matters, obedience to Yahweh, the biggest prison warden in the universe.

With the rise of secularism amongst the masses, many now care little for the tales of the Tanakh, but they absolutely uphold their faith in the Holocaust (aka, Tanakh 2.0) and from this we see that secularism is really a form of Judaism, which has been a purely materialist religion and worldview since its introduction long ago.

“An educated man retains the sense of the mysteries of nature and bows before the unknowable. An uneducated man, on the other hand, runs the risk of going over to atheism (which is a return to the state of the animal) as soon as he perceives that the State, in sheer opportunism, is making use of false ideas in the matter of religion, whilst in other fields it bases everything on pure science.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

That quote is from 1941 and contains a notion that has since been updated. Aryanists now would refer to “secularism” and not “atheism.” For one, Buddhism is atheistic and can agree with Aryan thinking. However, Hitler basically hit the nail square in describing the 20th century’s rise in secularism and the contradiction involved in a society basing things on “pure science” while simultaneously believing in “false ideas in the matter of religion,” better known as the Holocaust Industry.

Doublethink & Ignoratio Elenchi
The Jewish symbol is the Seal of Solomon, a hexagram of two interlocked triangles, one pointing up, the other down, and this is perhaps the most perfect symbol of what George Orwell described as “doublethink,” holding two contradictory ideas as true. Jews have always subscribed to doublethink, with perhaps the simplest example being their belief in the 5th Commandment, “Thou Shalt not Kill,” while also religiously slaughtering animals for “clean” (the meaning of “kosher”) consumption. And it is not just Jews who are guilty of this, so are those whom they manipulate into taking on doublethink, such as “Judeo-Christians,” who hold two antithetical religions as having the same origin and same prime deity. In conjunction to this, Zionist falsely promote Christo-Mohammedanism as being akin to doublethink, when it actually makes far more sense, given the great many similarities between Jesus and Mohammed’s teachings. Not coincidentally, reconciliation and worldwide alliance between Christians and Muslims could spell disaster for the Zionists, thus they do all they can to keep the two groups divided.

Another example of Zionist doublethink is belief that a secret, streamlined genocide in which millions perished took place in a few small, not hidden buildings that were not designed for and not even equipped for the processes said to have taken place there.

Additionally, the Zionists, being Jews and their dogged Gentiles, are all guilty of what Aristotle termed “Ignoratio Elenchi” – the ignorance of the nature of refutation – when it comes to accusing National Socialist Germany of a crime. The Zionists, instead of proving that “the Third Reich committed a horrible crime,” simply shout, scream, and belch out ad nauseam, “the crime that the Third Reich did was horrible.” They never bothered to connect the dots up to their grand claim and thus now, in the era of mass information in the form of the Internet, alternate media and revisionism the Zionist lies are coming to light.

A Critical Look at 20th Century History – A 30-minute documentary

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Further Reading
Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, May 1940 through December 1944 – Statistics taken directly from the Soviet Central Archives, the German Archives concerning German State Railways, and the German State Archives
Franciszek Piper and The Number of Victims of Auschwitz – a study of the Auschwitz tally
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3 Responses to Auschwitz: Traversing the Uncanny Valley

  1. delendaestziobot says:

    Excellent artcle kamerad. Re-construction is fraud, you will find that it is not just Auschwitz that is re-constructed, but most ruins are in fact just re-constructions, designed as stage sets for Judaic fantasies.

    • Indeed, many are. Jewish self-aggrandizement knows no bounds. They practically invented “historical revisionism” as re-construction of events and places to serve the material gain of the Jewish tribe.

      • delendaestziobot says:

        Aushwitz is the same as Schliemann’s Troy or Sir Authur Evans’ Crete, or Sir Flinder’s Petrie’s Egypt, etc, etc, all are well funded fabrications that fit in to the false Jewish Biblical narrative, they are all just expensive stage sets complete with all the props and actors, designed like an end of year Jewish play for all the masses to gawk at. It is all Bullshit!

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