Humor Nazis – 6

Episode #6: Meme Time with Cartoon Characters!

Super Cool Ski Instructor meme 1

…and now, a surprise appearance by Captain Picard!

In German, “Witz” means “joke.”
That puts a newer and truer meaning to “Auschwitz.”

Holy Holocaust Skepticism! It’s Batman!

About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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2 Responses to Humor Nazis – 6

  1. delendaestziobot says:

    LOL…..Yep, Jews believe if they say, then it really happened, just like the Jewish God Jehovah speaks in all Creation, in the beginning was the word, its the same thing, Jews speak in the Holocaust, it begins with words…At the end of the day they really just want someone to talk to, which is why Goebbels comment about “shutting their mouths” is so funny.

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