ZC Weapons: Hyper-Reality

The Folly of “Nazi Super Science”
The National Socialist movement that created the German Third Reich has long been accused of adhering to wild and bizarre scientific theories as well as of conducting science experiments to form the “perfect” human body usually in the form of a super-soldier. Comics, movies and video games routinely make use of this notion. Yet, it is a Zionist fabrication and has been from its inception.

The entire premise of the comic book character Captain America is about body altering “super science” and how it makes a feeble little man into the perfect soldier for the USA who then goes on to fight “evil Nazis.” The very first Captain America comic book cover art was the titular character punching Hitler well before US and German hostilities even began. Captain America was created by the Jews Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who needed their chemically pumped up super-hero to fight some chemically pumped up super-villains, and thus “Nazi super science” was born. The entire notion of scientifically engineered super soldiers that Hitler’s government was supposedly trying to create originates from this one false notion that was peddled by Jews in a garish storybook in which their own heroes do the same thing.

The fact is that the government of the Third Reich had the courage to be open about scientific practices that the public may have found distasteful or morally wrong. Hitler was well aware of this and explained at length in his book and speeches about why, in certain cases, sterilization and euthanasia are, in the context of that time, rightly called for. The governments of the Allied nations lacked the fortitude to be up front with this and thus continued to sterilize people in secretive programs about which only rumors circulated until their eventual exposure and halt by the 1970s. The subjects of these programs were mentally unhealthy and physically incapable people, who had no way to be free and creative individuals as a result of their unfortunate condition, were kept locked up in mad houses and subject to futile monitoring and study. It was a sadistic perpetuation of misery. In his time, Hitler had the courage to stand up and say that the time of these conditions has come to an end, and for the betterment of humanity it’s possible to get rid of these maladies.

“Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unfit must not perpetuate their own suffering in the bodies of their children. From the educational point of view there is here a huge task for the People’s State to accomplish. But in a future era this work will appear greater and more significant than the victorious wars of our present bourgeois epoch. Through educational means the State must teach individuals that illness is not a disgrace but an unfortunate accident which has to be pitied, yet that it is a crime and a disgrace to make this affliction all the worse by passing on disease and defects to innocent creatures out of mere egotism.”
———————————————~Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

“Nazi super science” is an engineered notion that is meant to give credibility to the idea of “Nazi death camps” which were supposedly evil and technology put together. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, it is meant to discourage people from actually reading Hitler’s own words and thus see his own ideas about the subject. A few examples of Hitler’s ideas about science from Table Talk follow.

“The great tragedy for man is that he understands the mechanism of things, but the things themselves remain an enigma to him. We are capable of distinguishing the component parts of a molecule. But when it’s a question of explaining the why of a thing, words fail us. And that’s what leads men to conceive of the existence of a superior power. If I have an observatory built at Linz, I’ll have the following words carved on its front: “The heavens proclaim the glory of the eternal.” It’s marvelous that this is how mankind formed the idea of God. The almighty being that made the worlds has certainly granted to each being that he should be motivated by awareness of his function.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

This is the kind of stuff that the Jew Sam Harris and the Jew Richard Dawkins take credit for leading the discussion on today. They’re over half a century too late and their blunt bash-the-atheist viewpoint is much more primitive than Hitler’s eloquent elaboration and vision.

“The essential conclusion to which these considerations leads me is that we must do everything humanly possible to protect for all time any further sections of the German people from the danger of mental deformity, regardless of whether it be religious mania or any other type of cerebral derangement. For this reason I have directed that every town of any importance shall have an observatory, for astronomy has been shown by experience to be one of the best means at man’s disposal for increasing his knowledge of the universe, and thus saving him from any tendency towards mental aberration.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

Adolf Hitler: better versed, more charismatic and decidedly less drunk than the late (and somehow much loved) Christopher Hitchens.

Now, just ask yourself: out of all the things you heard about Hitler, how many were from sources actually written by him or ones in which he was involved in putting together? Have you ever actually read Hitler’s own words in full and uncensored? Or did you just put your faith into others telling you about the subject?

The Folly of Jewish “Heroes”
Getting back to Captain America and other Jewish-created “heroes,” their super science origins aside, the more important fact is that these characters are almost impossible for the common person to emulate. Whether the character’s origin is body-altering super science, or some wild mutation from exposure to radiation, or extraterrestrial origin or whatnot, these “heroes” are completely removed from the realm of reality. An ordinary reader has no true way of connecting or feeling inspiration from these works. One can only blindly accept its absurdities and that has been a mainstay of Jewish propaganda since the writing of the Tanakh.

“Heroes” who are impossible to emulate. Just the way Jews want it. Additionally,
“The Thing” (reddish figure at left) is an allusion to the golem of Jewish lore.

Compare the above with Aragorn or Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. There are many fantastic and otherworldly characters in that story, however, many of the principal characters can be very much related to by ordinary readers, and thus Tolkien’s epic is among the masterworks of inspirational heroism. In fact, Hobbits are less capable than humans on many fronts and so a key part of Tolkien’s message was, if a Hobbit can do it, so can you!

The Ideals of Aryanism: Beauty and Heroism
The NSDAP government promoted an authentic appreciation of the human body and its beauty.

Emulation possible!

Notice that the men pictured are not steroid pumped up hulks like Conan the Barbarian or mad science golems like Captain America. Their hairstyles aside the men in the picture probably resemble Aragorn, King Arthur and other legendary and historical European heroes more than anything else.

Also, compare that National Socialist sponsored health promotion with some current health awareness posters. The current posters show the NEGATIVE effects of being UNHEALTHY with added shock value, while the National Socialist health awareness poster shows the POSITIVE effects of being HEALTHY. Current materialist society understands this latter point of view as body worship, voyeurism, soft porn, etc., but it’s not any of those petty things. It is a complete transcendence of all excess and a genuine appreciation of the beauty of the healthy human body and how the entire Folk can benefit together from it.

Some of today’s pro-healthy lifestyle propaganda is, in fact, inspirational to a certain degree. This can often be seen in the form of video workout programs, though several faults have been worked into this phenomenon.

The dilution of the Aryan message is as follows:
This kind of health propaganda has been implemented now only because it can sell and make money and profiting off of health issues is a mainstay in capitalism. This kind of health propaganda appeals to selfishness and to the vanity of having a healthy body, as well as to base instincts, and this is another mainstay of consumerism. This kind of health propaganda has been worked into the broad spectrum of mainstream brainwashing due to it keeping people simple-minded and therefore easily controlled, and it behooves the parasite to have a distracted and unaware host who misperceives their own pathologies. This kind of health propaganda has been made to steer people away from Idealism and back into Materialism, so that engorging consumption continues at all costs.

Zionist Imposed Hyper-Reality
Germany led by Hitler was the only country to effectively overcome the economic crisis of the 1930s, stabilize its currency, restore full employment, raise the standard of living for all of its citizens, successfully build the greatest public works projects of their era, discover many breakthroughs in various fields of science and medicine, and then later when under the pressure of war on all fronts, develop advanced technology and implement it into a military that fought with unrivaled dedication and discipline for years despite being completely outnumbered in the East, South and West of Europe.

Thus, how can it be that National Socialist Germany is mainly associated with prison camps, mass detention, summary executions, hideous medical experiments and all sorts of other wild theories?

It’s due to the Zionist imposed hyper-reality, a series of seamless simulations and selective reconstructions that have been injected with politicized exaggerations, which shock and control people from looking intuitively at National Socialist Germany.

“He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past.” ~George Orwell

For Zionists, this control is necessary to redirect observers from the fact that it’s because Hitler had certain parties and select individuals locked up that Germany could prosper from honest labor while all other countries were suffering from endemic corruption, shadow banking, and/or high finance speculations.

“Even to Schacht, I had to begin by explaining this elementary truth: that the essential cause of the stability of our currency was to be sought for in our concentration camps. The currency remains stable when the speculators are put under lock and key. I also had to make Schacht understand that excess profits must be removed from economic circulation.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk“The only thing is, one mustn’t let the Jew stick his nose in. The basis of Jewish commercial policy is to make matters incomprehensible for a normal brain. People go into ecstasies of confidence before the science of the great economists. Anyone who doesn’t understand is taxed with ignorance! At bottom, the only object of all these notions is to throw everything into confusion.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

Also, consider the fact that disagreeing with Zionist historiography, and in particular criticizing and independently investigating the Holocaust narrative, as well as pointing out that Jews dominate worldwide high finance, can get people detained for “hate crime” in many countries. What is it that they wish to discourage people from uncovering?

“Research must remain free and unfettered by any State restriction. The facts which it establishes represent Truth, and Truth is never evil. It is the duty of the State to support and further the efforts of research in every way, even when its activities hold no promise of immediate, or even early, advantage from the material or economic point of view. It may well be that its results will be of value, or indeed will represent tremendous progress, only to the generation of the future.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

Emulation possible!

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5 Responses to ZC Weapons: Hyper-Reality

  1. Beautifully reasearched, reasoned, composed and argued. Honestly, however, I can’t swallow the euthanasia part. That’s a bridge too far for me.

    States have had a horrible track record of justifying the taking of life. My faith that a National Socialist one could exercise superior judgement than all the rest of the pretenders in this regard is low.

    On the other hand, I immediately take notice when someone writes passionately in defense of Hitler’s ideas, proposals and actions. Something tells me that an ideology and a man so universally condemned as A.H. / Aryanism must have done / be doing something right.

    I look forward to reading more from you.

    • I may have to reword some of that this article for accuracy, as Hitler only encouraged euthanasia in extreme cases when an individual is not able to do anything on their own, thus being tragically revoked the ability of actually being a free and creative individual. This must also be taken in context as Germany was in dire economic straights at the time and every bit of resource was needed to secure a future for the country. However, in general, Hitler proposed that those with congenital diseases and birth defects simply not reproduce so as to stop the condition from spreading. And even this was more of an ideal to be recognized and implemented over time rather than a law to be strictly obeyed right away. For one, Goebbels had less than ideal physical stature, however his intelligence and intuition were exceptional, thus Hitler did not mind that Goebbels had five kids as some good traits would very likely be passed on to them.

      Additionally, it should be noted how serious he was about selective reproduction and valuing of healthy life: Hitler himself did not reproduce and he followed a vegetarian (meaning vegan by today’s standards) diet to do his part in preventing slaughter of non-human sentient creatures.

      • Thank you for clarifying @Miecz. While this doesn’t put the issue conclusively at rest for me, it goes a long way in making the position and the policy easier to understand. My own thought is that euthanasia would have to be voluntarily submitted to, although an admission that one believes they have nothing, absolutely nothing to contribute through the fact of their being is sad indeed.

        I’ll tell you where I am at with all of this right now. I am having the ‘I fall in love too easily’ syndrome. I am becoming hopelessly enamored with this ideology to the point that I worry about losing my discernment. Why do I think that this is happening? I would say it’s because I only see myself becoming more self-possessed through it and as I accept it on its own terms. Self-possession and courageous compassion are the qualities that I most admire in others.

        ‘Additionally, it should be noted how serious he was about selective reproduction and valuing of healthy life: Hitler himself did not reproduce…’ If you’re saying ‘yes, National Socialist Germany did practice a form of euthanasia for the greater good, and the standard-bearer of the movement was the first to volunteer himself in the exercise of it’, then I am impressed. Are you sure that this is why he did not have children; as a volitional act?

        • If you are being “hopelessly enamored” with National Socialism, it’s probably because it present such a comprehensive and non-utopian alternative to what’s currently going on in the world. Hitler promised good things, but he did so through sweat and labor AND he put forth a plan to accomplish the task. There is a profound honesty and authenticity to Hitler’s words and deeds once they can be studied without the Zionist distractions. MY advice to you is to take your time. If you haven’t already, read Mein Kampf, Table Talk, and Zweites Buch. Also, I highly recommend the research of Veronica K. Clark. Other authors such a Jürgen Graf, Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno and Robert Faurisson are also recommended. Don’t rush into anything. I was also “enamored” with NS for a time, though I have since calmed down to, among others, produce this blog’s better quality articles.

          Being “enamored” with NS is simply being reborn as an Aryan and that child-like idealism returns to you for a bit. However, Rationalism is the core of Aryan thought. Delirium and dogma have no place there. Continue to explore the subject you’ll figure out on your own how you fit in and how it fits into your life.

          Now, did Hitler make the choice of not having kids? I would say so. He certainly had the opportunity to do so and he had a stable life partner, Eva Braun, for years. Additionally, Hitler mentions in Table Talk the populating of Eastern Europe with farming communities. Given the losses of the war and the vast space there, population growth is obviously implied. However, at no point does he talk about a family caste system (British upper class style) or his own family and where it will fit in. On top of this, Hitler loved kids and greatly resented traditionalists for expected strict obedience from their children. Yet, as we have already covered, Hitler didn’t have kids of his own. Thus, I think that Hitler advocated a new, non-traditional understanding of family and he himself lived by this belief by choosing not to start a traditional family of his own.

          This quote comes from a discussion on Aryanism’s main site:
          “The “eu-” in “eugenics” is also found in “euthanasia”. Why is death in combat for a noble cause – surely one of the best ways to die! – not euthanasia? For the same reason, Aryanization is not eugenics. If you look up the etymology of “euthanasia” in older dictionaries published when standards of literacy were higher, “euthanatos” is translated as “EASY death”. The Greek “eu-” refers not to MORAL good but merely to EXPEDIENT good (this is why moral government was referred to as “aristocracy” and not “eucracy”). [NOTE: “ar” in “aristorcracy” refers to “aryan” -SoE]

          A “eugenos” is a “good” race in the sense that it is an EASY race: a race that finds it easy to survive under natural selection. Hence eugenics etymologically refers to the practice of creating a race that finds it easy to survive under natural selection. This is in line with Galtonism, which begins with the premises that: 1) civilization obstructs natural selection; 2) eugenics means artificially exerting selective pressure similar to that which natural selection would have generated in absence of civilization.

          Aryans find it generally DIFFICULT to survive as a race under natural selection, due to our lack of self-interest. Therefore Aryans are absolutely not a “eugenos”, and Aryan blood would in fact be eliminated by eugenics. In contrast, Jewish blood would be favoured by eugenics.”

  2. @Miecz Thanks again for your considered thoughts. I am inclined to agree with what you say and I welcome your recommendations.

    I just want you to know that your work is appreciated.

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