Ambulans: The Power of Nightmares

Let’s take a look at Ambulans, a 1961 Communist Propaganda film that ideally served Zionist purposes. The broader story behind the film also demonstrates Jewry’s meddling in the post-war Communist regimes of Eastern Europe and how that played out in a false dichotomy along with the Western Capitalist states. The film puts forth one of the more absurd notions, even by the already overall absurd standard of Holocaust cult morbidity, and that is the homicidal gas van. In this film, the “gas van” is meant to look like an ambulance; the film’s title is the Polish word. First, here’s the full film. It’s less than 10 minutes long.


The initial telling detail is that the titular vehicle doesn’t look anything like the one infamous photo of a supposed gas van that’s on display at Yad Vashem and other Holocaust cult sites. Thus, from the very start, we have at best a subjective impression of an event. As far as making a concise case for the extermination theory, it only gets worse from there.

A few things are shown to be going at once in the film, however let’s isolate the gassing process as it is shown in the film. The “ambulance” pulls up to the spot where the victims will be loaded. This is far out in an enormous open area at the end of what could be an airstrip for large aircraft. A section of this long stone way has been fenced and gated off with at least two guard towers standing in the corners of this loose and improvised looking arrangement. The officer in charge examines the vehicle, observes the fumes coming out from the exhaust pipe, and opens the rear doors. Then another SS man brings a hose, connects it from the exhaust pipe to another pipe, while the officer lights a cigarette. Then the engine is fueled and run for a bit, before the rear is opened once again to allow smoke that has accumulated in the interior to bellow out. Then the victims, children and a chaperone, are herded inside and the “ambulance” drives off.

This shows that a supposed top secret mass murder operation was so poorly planned that it could never be believed as being as effective as we’ve been led to believe. In fact, we must even doubt its existence, since when the absurd is pushed so hard, and when so many obviously fictionalized portrayals are used to represent it, we can only healthily assume that something is rotten in the state of Zion.

Here’s what reeks, point by point: The SS men in the film do not show any indication that they are operating on a military schedule and they even appear to test the engine of the truck. Then they fill it with fuel! That’s like putting someone before the firing squad only to then have the soldiers in the squad load their weapons. The location in the film is totally unbelievable since to get everybody – soldiers and victims – out there in the first place would use up more fuel than is then used for the killing. The victims do not show any sign of panic despite being shown what will happen to them, the kids have only some toys for distraction and their chaperone just silently accepts his fate, in fact he moves the kids towards the truck. Another “ambulance” is seen over the opening credits and this would imply that there is a schedule to the activities, yet that has already been shown as being unbelievable.

Then lastly, and most critically, revisionist researchers have scientifically disproven the homicidal gas van and this has been tacitly accepted the mainstream where this notion has been pushed off to the sidelines, though not outright accepted as fallacy and an intentional lie. Seeing things as they are, all things indicate that this bogus story would still be taught as fact had revisionists and freethinkers not disproved it.

“To date, no vehicle which clearly could have served as ‘gas van’ has ever been found. Allegations that the Polish town Konin near the former concentration camp Chelmno uses such a gas van as a memorial were refuted by the town’s officials. On the author’s inquiry regarding alleged photos of such vehicles, both the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem and the Auschwitz Museum in Auschwitz, Poland, sent the author a copy of the same photograph of unknown origin, showing the front view of a damaged heavy-goods vehicle of the type Magirus-Deutz with no indication that it was modified and subsequently used for sinister purposes. Aside from this, a Magirus-Deutz lorry was never claimed to have served as a homicidal gas van. Since the license plate was removed from the van, it is not even certain whether this vehicle was really used by German authorities. The Yad Vashem Institute responded to an inquiry by stating that no other photo of a ‘gas van’ is known to exist and that if the author were aware of any other, the Institute would appreciate receiving it.”
——–~Ingrid Weckert, The Gas Vans: A Critical Assessment of the Evidence

Despite the total lack of verified evidence for the homicidal gas van notion, this film was actually shown as a documentary and at least one major mainstream media outlet, the newspaper Der Spiegel, ignorantly out of blind Zionist obedience misused stills from this film as supposed extermination evidence. Given the Holocaust hysteria and goy guilt complex, especially in today’s Germany, we can give Der Spiegel the benefit of the doubt. They were probably not intentionally lying in that article, however that’s only if the writer(s) has not actually seen the film, thus missed the openly displayed absurdities. The version of Ambulans used as the “documentary” was cut to remove the opening credits, though that still left the film’s editing, which clearly indicates storyboarded and staged film production with shot/reverse shot, reaction shots, cut-away shots and all the standard narrative film camera angles. This is in addition to the music and dubbed sound effects, which are also standard narrative film production techniques. The film’s opening music resembles a propaganda newsreel which was very common in the era of World War II, and that’s what this film is, a state sponsored propaganda film commissioned by the post-war Polish Communist government.

At the time of the film’s production, the First Secretary of the Polish United Workers’ Party was Władysław Gomułka who spearheaded an intentionally ineffective “anti-Zionist” campaign between 1967-68. Nominally, this was just a ploy to aggressively reshuffle his government and get rid of competing inner factions as well as being a part of the Communist Bloc’s response to the Western backing of Israel’s seizure of the Golan Heights. The nationalist-leaning Gomułka who sought to line his government with like-minded members dismissed many Jews, who made up the bulk of the internationalist and liberal faction. This move basically copied what Hitler did, and like in the early years of the Third Reich, the Jews now removed from their positions emigrated elsewhere. Facing the previously calculated Zionist backlash, Gomułka, who was married to a Jew, “opted” to save face instead of continuing defiance like Hitler. He publically announced that he despised the Third Reich’s measures against Jews and that many Poles tried to save Jews during the war. Here we see the end result of the “anti-Zionist” campaign: to publically restate on the World stage the orthodox lore developed during and after WW2, while allowing a large portion of European Jewry to leave and get rich elsewhere, a plunder opportunity that would have been impossible in stagnating Marxist states.

It was an orchestrated trick that, in the short run, satisfied identitarian factions in Poland, while in the long run, served Jewish interest and this was the only lasting effect: to reaffirm in the minds of the goys the idea that motivates all Jews, and that is those who work against Jewish interests are wrong, while those who work for them, even to their own detriment, are right.

The same manipulation is used in herding animals – obedience results in reward, defiance results in punishment. Zionist Correct think tanks continue to exploit this maneuver today. A false dichotomy is set up where good is pro-Jewish and bad is anti-Jewish, and in which the anti-Jewish side shown in the most primitive light possible by only showing example of poor and primitive anti-Judaic thinking, such as skinheads and other useful idiots. Zionists wail about “the Holocaust” while neo-Nazis says it was great and “Hitler should have finished the job.” And there is the false dichotomy, both sides are actually in agreement, they are both Zionist obedient, even if the latter half is ignorant of the matter being useful idiots.

These manipulations routinely distract from the sound anti-Zionist discussion that actually gets at the root of Zionism by pointing out the corruptions Jews cause, such as the two banks that blew a hole in the world economy in 2008, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers, were founded and run by Jews, as well as the lies that they and their dogged gentiles continue to feed, and most importantly, the information that these very interested parties persist in shrouding, namely revisions of the extermination theory.

Back to the film and looking at the film’s credits we can see some Jewish names, most notably director Janusz Morgenstern. Thus people who had a vested interest in spawning the homicidal gassing myth and then keeping it alive all these years were directly involved in the making of Ambulans. The connecting of Hitler to the gassing story is done rather crudely. One of Hitler’s speeches is played over the opening credits the camera then pans to an exhaust pipe. In the speech used, Hitler talks about Jewish High Finance meddling in other countries’ affairs for its own benefit and the need to for the Jewish weed to be “uprooted” (the real meaning of the German word “ausrotten”), or removed with its root. With the pan over to the exhaust pipe, “uproot” becomes “kill” and the supposed method is shown. That’s not just pareidolia, the seeing of false patterns, it’s forcing it onto others, and once again, we are back to the Jewish herder mentality. And so, the only way to affirm that Hitler ordered the mass killing and gassing of Jews is to take his words out of context. Jews do it to support the Holocaust narrative and neo-Nazis do it to support the idea of white supremacy, and both are false.

Another detail to consider is the selective edit in both sound and image. The children and accompanying adult make no sound, not even foot falls, and sad music plays when they are on screen, especially the adult who seems to know his fate. However, the sounds involving the SS men are all exaggerated, from the footfalls that sound like the man is stomping with every step, to the doors of the van opening loudly. The truck’s engine rumbling and the dog barking are over the top as well. The dog is even beaten for attempting to give back a propeller toy that one of the children launched earlier. Initially, a soldier held the dog on a leash, as one would expect with a guard dog, yet it is then able to simply run off and fetch the toy. Also, the SS uniforms look incomplete with missing insignia on the tunic and the belts are on crooked. In fact, it likes the uniforms for the film were made by hearing recollections of those who sometime ago heard what real SS uniforms may have looked like. Thus, in this film they are just as incomplete and forced as the homicidal gassing myth itself based solely off of recollections, rumors and hearsay, by people suffering from a disease, typhus, whose symptoms include delirium.

The Power of Nightmares
A common myth that today mainly survives as bit of harmless lore is that if you break a mirror, you will have seven years of bad luck. Looking from where this notion originates, we can see why it came about. Mirrors used to be rare and expensive, thus to encourage people and especially house staff in upper class residences to be careful around mirrors, a scare story was invented and people came to believe it. It’s the same with opening an umbrella indoors or by walking under a ladder. There is said to be an element of bad luck originating from each event, yet they are just spook stories. It makes sense to be cautious, however it can be done better by making people informed.

Another old myth is that trolls live under bridges and they eat children, which was invented to keep unsupervised and unsuspecting children from wandering out of sight and being taken by the tide or simply slipping into the river. It would have been so much better to try and be honest with the children and explain to them in simple terms what could happen. However, it is also said that speaking to children of death is cruel, yet death and danger are real and honesty isn’t always rosy. What was cruel was to frighten those children with tales of murderous creatures that don’t even exist to begin with.

These kinds of dogmatic tales are the fault of Jewish thinking that has spouted scare stories since its inception. From the Great Flood to the Plagues of Egypt to Sodom and Gomorrah, Yahweh is ever demanding total obedience and never hinting at compassion. Thinkers and leaders such as Jesus and Mohammed tried to remedy this, though even their efforts have been sunk by Zionist Correctness to create the bipolar entity known as Judeo-Christianity with mainstream Islam (at least in the West) suffering a similar degradation. Even Buddhism has been lured to follow suit.

Today, we have the dogma of “evil Nazis” to coerce people into patterns acceptable for Zionist purposes. That is not to say that every man or woman who wore the NSDAP, Schutzstaffel or Waffen SS uniform was a perfectly honorable soul, not at all. What is to be said is the main reason that this group of radical reformers and soldiers has been so grossly misrepresented is because it was their organization that embodied the greatest threat to the traditions of the Tanakh and Zionism.

Groups interested in shrouding the truth are always the ones to uphold dogma. They use insidious myths like the Holocaust, which are pushed through and bored in by morbid propaganda in conjunction with by a corruption of scholarship to create the confines of Zionist Correctness. And ZC censorship actually gets people, those who push it as well as those who just believe it, to do what only psychotics do: that is to confuse reality with illusion. In the film They Live, Nada and Frank were faced with the same problem and the factions with a vested interest in keeping the illusory world, hunted them and others who saw and fought for the truth.

Ambulans is nothing more than an emotional manipulation just like all the “personal stories” of the Holocaust narrative. Over the decades these loose and morbid fantasy tales have been stitched ever tighter until the term “Holocaust” was finally adopted with the release of the 1978 Zionist propaganda miniseries on American television called, Holocaust. This time the word was used with an upper case “H,” though Jews used the term with a lower case “h” in addition to the “6 Million” mystical Kabbalah number as early as 1900.

Online Book: The First Holocaust – a rational mind can only accept the Holocaust on faith and not on knowledge. It’s dogma and the worst of its kind as it creates nightmares and the power of nightmares prevents reasoned discussion and sets the boundaries that work for Zionist Correctness, a shocking low for Western Civilization considering it also produced thinkers like Plato and Kant.


Above All Shadows
Previously, this blog had looked at how the truth of Holocaust skepticism can be seen through one of Arthur Schopenhauer’s ideas, that is the three stages of truth: ridicule, opposition, acceptance. Now, we can look at that same process from another point of view, one that is closer to those who hold the Holocaust narrative as sacred and have to deal with its death as the dogmatic hold weakens and peoples’ own intuition makes them skeptical about its claims. The Five Stages of Loss and Grief provide some light to explain the fanaticism and the accompanying monumental amount of energy devoted to upholding the Big Lie.

Five Stages of Grief and Loss:
1) Denial – The Tanakh and obedience to Yahweh always motivate Jews, thus anything that opposes this is decried as wrong. Jewish tradition is devoid of militarism and heroic archetypes making its adherents initially passive, thus the first stage is denial. “Not believing in homicidal gas chambers, how could anyone think like that?”

2) Anger – Due to their herder archetype, Jews are masters of manipulation, from behavioral to emotional. Thus, after the initial stage is passed, the ones who made it here resort to cunning and conniving by spreading rumors and slander about their opponents. The goal is to never paint a clear picture. Rather, it is to amass an enormous and malleable blob that can be then used as to manipulate as desired. And so, we have a totally ZC corruption of reasoned discussion with the reductio ad Hitlerum, which states: if you disagree with them and can’t quite offer a counterpoint, just call ‘em the N-word. “That’s what Hitler did! You’re just an evil Nazi!”

3) Bargaining – The herder archetype continues as eventual concessions to rationalist revision of the Holocaust narrative are made, however these concessions must be coordinated so that the dogmatic hold can be recalculated into something that still serves Jewish interests, preferably still at the expense of non-Jewish peoples. A great amount of Allied/Soviet propaganda from WW2 about National Socialism has been debunked and quietly conceded to in this way, though some of it a bit more loudly and embarrassingly than other parts. The first of these concessions was even quietly admitted during the war. That was the Soviet mass murder of Polish officers and intelligentsia at Katyń. Unlike the supposed Jewish mass graves sites (Babi Yar, Treblinka) that show no disturbance of the soil, the ground at Katyń indicated a mass grave. The corpses were recovered and examined and only then was the German claim against the Soviets made. Additionally, since 1945, the Auschwitz grand total has also been reduced to less than 1/8 of its initial claim.

Just think: if what the USSR claimed to have happened at Auschwitz is less than 12% true and the Western Allies went with it completely, can any of their reports still be trusted or at least not merit serious revision?

Here’s the Zionist bargaining, “Ok ok! So homicidal gas vans, human fat soap, human skin lampshades, shrunken human heads, Mengele sewing twins together, Lebensborn Aryan baby sex factories, Germany’s plan for world domination, Hitler’s supposed diaries, the authenticity of Anne Frank’s diary and an ethnically all-European Wehrmacht and Waffen SS were not all entirely true… or were even outright lies… but gas chambers are still definitely real and you’re still an evil Nazi!”

4) Depression – Some Jews and other Zionists have reached this stage and they have attempted to reassemble the previous failed narrative in to something new by claiming that all those morbid and Tanakh-inspired stories from the war that proved to be untrue were just used to scare the Jews so that they could be more easily gassed. “The evil Nazis made up those human fat soap and other stories to scare Jews!” Only they didn’t, it was Zionist propaganda assembled to stir their goyim into hate against each other.

5) Acceptance – Jews will likely never get to this stage, though many non-Jews, if they have traveled this particular path, have wound up here. Due to the wide availability of information today, more intuitive and daring individuals are getting ever closer to this step. This means that they stop with nonsense like the reductio ad Hitlerum, they stop seeing their new found knowledge as shameful or heretical, and if they truly are of sound mind they don’t fall into Hitler worship or another reactionary mindset as that would just put them into a deadlock with the Zionists, a final lure and trap for those who see past the confines of Zionist Correctness.

Seeing beyond the confines is not enough, we must step out of them. As for Jews, they will probably just add another section to the Tanakh and/or Talmud. This will give the religious Jews, as well as Judeo-Christians and other Western traditionalists, one more death-obsessed fairy tale to their repertoire, while the humanist Jews will continue to push for total secular materialism. Don’t join them!


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