Humor Nazis – 18

Episode #18 – The Bearaboo & Friends

Meet the Bearaboo

It has several levels…

…and solutions to all of life’s problems!

As well as some similarly-minded friends.

The Bearaboo★☭ has a remarkable track record of progress…

…it’s very thankful to those it didn’t kill over it…

…and to the master that created it: The Ksherb✡✡!
It also suffers from cognitive dissonance.
Probably all of that “dividing  & conquering” is getting the best of it.

The Zinists set up a monument to the Red Army in Netanya, Israel in 2012. Look it up. Just in case you thought Jewish appreciation of Cmmunism was an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.” Unlike the many other Red Army monuments that are mainly in Eastern Europe, this one was not set up with any involvement or coercion of the Soviet government. The Jews simply wanted it there.

And they still want you to know that “Jewish Blshevism” is “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.” Chutzpah!

About Miecz Elizejski

Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.
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