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Kindling a Kampf deep in Zionist-occupied territory.

Humor Nazis – 18

Episode #18 – The Bearaboo & Friends Meet the Bearaboo★☭ It has several levels… …and solutions to all of life’s problems! As well as some similarly-minded friends. The Bearaboo★☭ has a remarkable track record of progress… …it’s very thankful to … Continue reading

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Complacency within the Cave: The Third Wave

Sword of Elysium: The following is the personal account of Ron Jones, who led a daring experiment that ultimately demonstrated the effectiveness of well-intended authoritarian leadership, yet he was too afraid to follow through to the end due to his … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight: Turbulence of the Times

Written by Aryan Sanctuary The Dark Knight, released 2008, I consider to be one of the best-made movies of the 2000s, a pleasant surprise following the rubbish that was Batman Begins. Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman is my favourite among all the actors … Continue reading

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Robocop 3: Duty vs. Power

Written by Aryan Sanctuary Since I have been recently referring to this movie so often, I figured that I might as well review the movie itself! This should also help those who have not seen the movie but who see me … Continue reading

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Titus: Aesthetics of an Aryan State

Written by Elysium This article is a review of the film “Titus” – a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus.” However, I will not be covering the plot, characters or any scenes; as I wish to focus on something which … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 17

Episode #17 – The Vacation Day Further Information: National Socialism and Nazism – There IS a BIG difference “The battle that we have to wage can be won only with full national unity and determination.” ~Joseph Goebbels In the cartoon … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 16

Episode #16: Be This Guy A Special Motivational Episode!Keep your cool when others go wild. Know when there’s a time to be strong and a time to be gentle. Take a break, remain in form.  Forge new paths. Love life … Continue reading

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