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Shadows of the Demiurge II – Court History, Tribalism, & the Rotten Root

“Research must remain free and unfettered by any State restriction. The facts, which it establishes represent Truth, and Truth is never evil. It is the duty of the State to support and further the efforts of research in every way, … Continue reading

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Complacency within the Cave: The Third Wave

Sword of Elysium: The following is the personal account of Ron Jones, who led a daring experiment that ultimately demonstrated the effectiveness of well-intended authoritarian leadership, yet he was too afraid to follow through to the end due to his … Continue reading

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ZC Weapons: Hyper-Reality

The Folly of “Nazi Super Science” The National Socialist movement that created the German Third Reich has long been accused of adhering to wild and bizarre scientific theories as well as of conducting science experiments to form the “perfect” human … Continue reading

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Auschwitz: Traversing the Uncanny Valley

A while ago, I visited the Zionist museum that has been placed over the site of the former Majdanek concentration camp. By that time, I had been well aware of the fallacies and sheer absurdities of Holocaust claims and the … Continue reading

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Perceiving Aryanism and National Socialism

I can imagine that one day long ago when a system of mathematics, that eventually became one of Persia’s greatest achievements in the form of algebra, started to play a key role in various transactions and this made certain sneaky … Continue reading

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Luther: Questions and Struggle for Truth

Revolutionaries challenge established powers. This starts by asking a few, often simple, questions and then proceeds, if it indeed it reaches that key stage, into a struggle that redefines the limits of the revolutionaries’s will power. Success will make them … Continue reading

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Messages in Majdanek

I recently had an unexpected chance to go to the Zionist Propaganda Museum in Majdanek, just outside of Lublin, Poland. I took the opportunity and the visit was interesting, to say the least. By today, the city of Lublin has … Continue reading

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