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The World of Half-Life: We’re All Palestinians

The world of Half-Life­ and indeed the surrounding universe, especially as developed in Half-Life 2, bears many strong resemblances to our real world. In the game, the background story in broad strokes is as follows. A top secret research facility … Continue reading

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ZC Weapons: Hyper-Reality

The Folly of “Nazi Super Science” The National Socialist movement that created the German Third Reich has long been accused of adhering to wild and bizarre scientific theories as well as of conducting science experiments to form the “perfect” human … Continue reading

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Supernanny: The Way of the Gulag

Written by Anthony One of the best examples highlighting Aryanist complaints about childcare is the TV series, Supernanny, in which families with children who have ‘behavioural problems’ use the services of the ‘Supernanny’ to bring their children into line. Note … Continue reading

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Tunnel Vision over at the Occidental Observer

Avatar, James Cameron’s feel-good adventure story is wholly unoriginal on the Storytelling Front, though very imaginative in the visual department. Since it was a such a huge production with the highest budget thus far allotted for a movie project and … Continue reading

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On Talmudic Methods as Tactics: Occidental Observer

Boromir Syndrome (BS) is rampant over at The Accidentally Talmudic Observer. They recently published this article in effort to seem sound on the issue of violence. Little do they know, they are using definitions from history’s most nefarious book and … Continue reading

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Observations Around Society

Popular culture is in a pretty low state these days. Western culture has become driven by promise of plenty via little to no effort. Indulgence has become a good thing, as long as a worker doesn’t neglect their responsibilities more … Continue reading

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The Boromirs Among Us: Occidental Observer

Response to this 12/26/2010 article by Edmund Connelly in The Occidental Observer. Connelly makes some accurate observations about Zionist crime that is intrinsically tied to the supremacist and hate perpetuating ideology of Judaism, but his article is only a brushing … Continue reading

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