Gallery 6 – Armanen Rune Symbolism

Runes are an old writing system present throughout much of Europe. Other parts of the world have – more or less – corresponding systems of writing that are considerably less practical than the Latin alphabet and other contemporary writing systems. This is largely because the Runes are from a time where mass consumption of written information was not necessary, since people communicated more through symbols and ideas than they do now. Obviously, literacy has its significant advantages and should by no means be looked down upon; it’s a necessary science. However the art – and it is an art – of communication through symbols has been largely under-appreciated in today’s very busy world that increasingly focuses on commerce and business.

In fact, communication through symbolism has been largely pushed into the sphere of advertising for the purposes of perpetual promotion of proletarian mass consumption. This was never the intention of the Runes and similar systems. They intended to probe and explore the mysteries of life and the universe. To provide insight and to inspire. To encourage wonder and idealism, which is evermore important in the current age dominated my purely material concerns.

Here is an overview of the Armenen Runes as they appear in Miguel Serrano’s Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar with some added words to clarify the esoteric meaning and make it more currently applicable.

1 – FEOR
Breed your own luck and you will have it.

“God helps only those who are prepared and determined
to help themselves.” ~Adolf Hitler

2 – UR
Find yourself and know everything.

Do some soul searching.
“Each is to be measured solely by the greatness
of his individual soul.” ~Alfred Rosenberg

3 – THOR
Keep yourself.

“To thine ownself be true.” ~William Shakespeare

4 – OS
The power of your spirit makes you free.

“We must cultivate the values of honor, pride, inward freedom,
aristocracy of soul, and faith in the indestructibility
of the soul of man.” ~Alfred Rosenberg

5 – REID
I am my law.

Your conscience is your own.
“Because man has made laws he subsequently
comes to think that he exists for the sake of the laws.” ~Adolf Hitler

Your blood is your most costly treasure.

“The fight against pollution of the mind must be waged
simultaneously with the training of the body.” ~Adolf Hitler

Guard the center of the world within yourself and
you will be Lord of the Universe

“Myths inspire the realization of the possibility of your perfection, the fullness of your strength, and the bringing of solar light into the world… Myths are infinite in their revelation.” ~Joseph Campbell

Do not oppose your destiny, give it meaning.

“Every creature pursues its life with an aim even if it be unknown to it.
The human soul also has a destiny, that is, to arrive at a pure knowledge
of itself and a consciousness of god.” ~Alfred Rosenberg

9 – IS
Master yourself and thereby
control the powers of your enemy.

Your struggle.
“Man has become great through perpetual struggle.
In perpetual peace his greatness must decline.” ~Adolf Hitler

10 – AR
Safeguard the eternal fire.

“Through Myth alone can we rediscover
a distant epoch when men were directly subject to
the power of a divine world.” ~Otto Rahn

11 – THYR
Do not fear death.

“Only the Myth and its forms are truly alive.
This is the thing for which men are ready to die.” ~Alfred Rosenberg

12 – SIEG
The creative spirit will win.

Creation is the ultimate power.
“Technical progress, in all fields in which it does not
automatically imply cruelty towards man or beast (or plant),
is not a bad thing in itself.” ~Savitri Devi

13 – BIÖRK
Your life is in the hands of God.
Confide in the God who is within you.

“The noble soul of a man turned toward the eternal is the representative of god upon earth, not the church, bishop or pope. No one here on earth possesses the right to bind or release me—even less the right to do this as god’s representative. These words which every devout man of the Aryan family of peoples could proclaim as his own creed.” ~Alfred Rosenberg

14 – LAUGR
First learn to lead, then start marching.

Be prepared to teach your craft.
“Without the idea of an aristocracy
stability is not possible.” ~Carl Jung

15 – MAN
Be a man.

Contemporary rendition: Be heroic.
“In heroic conduct, whether of warriors, philosophers
or scientists, we see what is of essential nature, and we know
that all heroism groups itself around a supreme value.
This has always been the idea of honor, spiritual
and mental.” ~Alfred Rosenberg

16 – YR
Think of the end.

Keep goals in mind. Even the ultimate goal.
“One day the harvest will come, and nothing on Earth
will be able to prevent it from coming.” ~Adolf Hitler

17 – EHE
Magic marriage is the deepest root of
the Hyperborean Aryans.

“He [Alexander the Great] encouraged his pure-blooded Macedonians to marry Persian women — Aryans like themselves who merely spoke a different language and had different customs, — but, significantly enough, not women of other races. And both his own foreign wives were of Aryan blood. In other words… he seems to have been, in our advanced Dark Age, one of the first great forerunners of true racialism as opposed to narrow State-patriotism.” ~Savitri Devi

18 – GIBUR
Know thyself and be a God.

“The Aryan Collective Unconscious unites, seeks to complete, to conceive the unus mundus, the totality of the human being, deifying him. It is not exclusivist nor manically monotheist but pluralist and polytheistic. It lives and lets live. It is absolutely truthful and cannot lie.” ~Miguel Serrano