Reading Room

Some essential reading to grasp the idealistic and radical Weltanschauung of National Socialism & Aryanism.

Due to a saturation of post World War II victors’ propaganda from Capitalists & Communists alike, the revolutionary movement of National Socialism has been largely branded as brutish and simplistic. Very untrue! Here is a possible start to your exploration of this legendary movement.

  1. Sword of Elysium – Collected Texts
    Volume I – 2010
    Volume II – 2011
    Volume III – 2012-2016
    Volume IV – 2017-2020

  2. Aryanism – 5 key articles from the main site
    Introduction to Aryanism
  3. Bauer, Wilhelm
    German Economic Policy – version 1 & version 2
  4. Bouhler, Philipp – knew Hitler personally
    Adolf Hitler: A Sketch of His Life
  5. Burg, Joseph G. – former Auschwitz internee
    “Did Six Million Really Die?” – A Defense of Ernst Zündel
  6. Degrelle, Leon – knew Hitler personally
    The Enigma of Hitler
    Epic:  The Story of the Waffen ϟϟ
  7. Devi, Savitri
    Impeachment of Man – version 1 & version 2
    The Lightning & the Sun
  8. Eckart, Dietrich – one of Hitler’s close friends
    Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin – version 1 & version 2

  9. German Foreign Office – the other side of the lead up to WW2
    100 Documents on the Origin of the War

  10. Goebbels, Joseph (see D. Irving’s epic biography for a close look at this man)
    Nazi-Sozi: Questions & Answers for National Socialists – version 1 & version 2
  11. Gregor, A. James
    National Socialism and Race
  12. Heddesheimer, Don
    The First Holocaust – version 1 & version 2

  13. Hoggan, David L.
    The Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed
  14. Irving, David
    Goebbels – Mastermind of the Third Reich
  15. Kubizek, August – knew and was close to Hitler personally
    The Young Hitler I Knew
  16. Kuzniar-Clark, Veronica
    Black Nazis II! Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners in Hitler’s Armed Forces
  17. Mussolini, Benito
    The Doctrine of Fascism
  18. Rosenberg, Alfred
    Myth of the XX Century

  19. Schwarz, Dieter
    Freemasonry Report
  20. Smyth, Robert
    The Gleiwitz Incident: Nazi Plot or Allied Cover Up
  21. Stieve, Friedrich
    What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1939
  22. Stolfi, Russel H.S.
    Hitler: Beyond Evil & Tyranny
  23. Tedor, Richard
    Hitler’s Revolution
  24. Weckert, Ingrid
    The Bizarre Story of Kristallnacht
  25. Whisker, James B.
    The Gnostic Origins of Alfred Rosenberg’s Thought

Note: I only place texts that I have personally read and have access to place here.
Thus, this page can be considered to be in continual, though intermittent, development.

Very indicative of how the period has been treated, this one little discrepancy is
a part of a myriad and it is this that distorts an objective view of National Socialism.