“Research must remain free and unfettered by any State restriction. The facts which it establishes represent Truth, and Truth is never evil. It is the duty of the State to support and further the efforts of research in every way, even when its activities hold no promise of immediate, or even early, advantage from the material or economic point of view. It may well be that its results will be of value, or indeed will represent tremendous progress, only to the generation of the future.” ~Adolf Hitler, Table Talk

Resources on Adolf Hitler:
Mein Kampf – Hitler’s famous and most widely known book. It’s a great collection of ideas, however it is only a start to understanding Adolf Hitler. Written in 1924, at the very start of the National Socialist movement, it contains Hitler’s early ideas, ones not yet fully refined.

Zweites Buch – Hitler’s lesser known second book written some four years after Mein Kampf. Hitler expands on his views on the situation in Europe at the time. He expresses distaste for liberal pacifism and complacency, as well as for conservative revanchism and sabre-rattling.

Table Talk – A record of Hitler’s private conversations with various guests between 1941 and 1944. Many new ideas are discussed and old ones augmented or tossed out. This remains probably the best look into the mind of Adolf Hitler.

Political Testament of Adolf Hitler – Taken down by Martin Bormann in 1945 as the War ended. Hitler gives his final impressions on what happened and why. Ultimately, even in the face of impending personal doom, Hitler retains a fairly positive outlook that his revolution was not entirely futile.

Note: The above books contain the bulk of the popular Hitler misquotes (e.g. – “the big lie”) and when these works are read in full, Hitler’s full context can be seen, and some of the biggest lies spread about him can begin to be undone.

Hitler: Beyond Evil & Tyranny – A biography that dares to challenge the mainstream and politically correct notions about Hitler by stating that “the hunt for Hitler has been for the wrong man in the wrong historical background” and preoccupied with antipathy instead of the usual impartial outlook (or outright favoritism) granted to virtually all other historical figures.

Hitler’s Revolution – a detailed look at the ideology, social programs, and foreign affairs as implemented and overseen by Hitler and the NSDAP. Drawing from a wide range of German-language sources, this is a real close and objective look at the German III Reich. ~~~~~Available in English & German.

Hitler Historical Museum – “The Hitler Historical Museum is a non-biased, non-profit museum devoted to the study and preservation of the world history related to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party. True to its role as an educational museum, these exhibits allow for visitors to understand and examine historical documents and information for themselves.” Includes a page on Hitler’s artwork.

“Truth is the highest thing in a man’s keeping.” ~Geoffrey Chaucer

Introduction to Historical Revisionism – On this page “you will find the questions which are most frequently asked about Holocaust Revisionism.”

Resources critical and skeptical of Zionist historiography:
Debating the HolocaustA monumental debate is currently raging on these issues, but it is largely hidden from sight.  Here, for the first time, all the main arguments are discussed and examined.  Here, the reader can be his own judge.

Hoax or Holocaust – A fantastic introduction into debunking the Holocaust/Tanakh 2.0 by looking at the case of independent researcher Jürgen Graf.

The Giant with Feel of Clay – A thorough rebuttal of “paper historian” Raul Hilberg’s “seminal” work The Destruction of the European Jews by Jürgen Graf who consulted German, Polish and Soviet archives, as well as visiting many “death camps” to provide concise sources for this work.

Dissecting the Holocaust – A collection of concise and meticulously documented essays and research papers that pulverize the popularly peddled notions of “the Holocaust.” Examining historical documents and photographs, the laws of chemistry and physics, transportation logistics and population figures, maps and diagrams, and everything Zionist historiography is afraid of, the “morbid myth” is dealt a deathblow each time someone new reads this book. Zionist attempts to “correct” and “counteract” revisionism are also addressed.

The First Holocaust“Jewish fund raising  campaigns with “holocaust” claims during and after World War One.” Also includes a chapter on this activity before WW1.

VHO’s Book Archive – A collection of book in downloadable PDF format.

Aryanism Books Archive – A collection of books in downloadable PDF format.

“Sapere Aude! – Dare to Know!”

Black Nazis“Military Historian Weronika Kuzniar Clark has “dared” to challenge the absurdly one-sided version of the Third Reich.” There’s more than what they’ve told you about the Third Reich, Wehrmacht, and Waffen-SS.

Holocaust Handbooks – “Taboo Breaking Books and Documentaries” explore the fallacies used to uphold Zionist imposed thought control, aka the Holocaust narrative.

Nazi Gassings – an online library with resources demonstrating the impossibility of homicidal gassings in German-run detention facilities during World War 2, as well as a look at real, existing gas chambers that curiously weren’t used.

The Gas Chamber Hoax – Plenty of sources, photographs, videos, and links.

What Really Happened? – This site’s headline asks, “Do you want to look at all the evidence and form your own opinion?” and then presents a huge swath of information from Holocaust Skepticism and Revisionism to strict Zionist Holocaust Orthodoxy for the reader to consider.

Inconvenient History“A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry” that explores the history that politically correct school curricula eschew.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them
that they have been fooled.” ~Mark Twain

“What happens in history is less important than
what people believe to have happened.” ~Norman Davies

Exposing the Holocaust™ – “A HolyHoax Museum” that’s not funded by Zionist money, thus achieves more objectivity than the establishment would like on this subject.

Holocaust Deprogramming Course – “Free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about ‘Six Million’ Jews ‘gassed’ in ‘Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms’ ” A very well put together independent research website. Sources abound here.

Historical Tribune – The Factual Review – An independent research blog.

Holocaust History Channel“Wisdom and truth, the offspring of the sky, are immortal; while cunning and deception, the meteors of the earth, after glittering for a moment, must pass away.” An independent research blog.

More in the Reading Room.