The Words of Adolf Hitler

An overview of the thoughts and ideas of the most famous man in history. You heard what others said about him, now you can read what he had to say about:

Society, politics, economics, taxes, military affairs, international relations, sciences, history, religion, arts, vegetarian diet, personal experiences, and others.

Contrary to popular opinion, he didn’t waste much time ranting and raving about Jews.

Quotes from:

Mein Kampf (1924)

Zweites Buch (1928)

Table Talk (1941-1944)

Political Testament
of Adolf Hitler

Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin
(with Dietrich Eckart, 1923)


“We apply to the behaviour of our own governments a generosity of interpretation which we do not extend to others. People regard Hitler as wicked; and then find proofs of his wickedness in evidence which they would not use against others. Why do they apply this double standard? Only because they assume Hitler’’s wickedness in the first place.”
————————-~ A.J.P Taylor, Origins of the Second World War

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