Quotes from “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin”

The following are highlights from a 1923 conversation, which Hitler had with Dietrich Eckart, who was a good friend of his and who like him came to be aware of Jewish involvement in politics and the corrosive effect it had on the heart of a healthy folk. Eckart was much older than Hitler, yet he very quickly sensed Hitler’s relentless and youthful idealism, as well as his profound knowledge. It was through Eckart’s meeting of Hitler that the initially small DAP became the legendary NSDAP, which transformed Germany and much of Western and Near Eastern World before being brutally crushed by the very things Eckart and Hitler warn about here.

NOTE: In the following selection of quotes I refers to Eckart, while He refers to Hitler.

“Yes!” he cried. “We’ve been on the wrong track! Consider how an astronomer would handle a similar situation. Suppose that he has been carefully observing the motion of a certain group of celestial bodies over a long period of time. Examining his records, he suddenly notices something amiss: ‘Damn it!’ he says. ‘Something’s wrong here. Normally, these bodies would have to be situated differently relative to one another; not this way. So there must be a hidden force somewhere, which is responsible for the deviation. And, using his observations, he performs lengthy calculations and accurately computes the location of a planet, which no eye has yet seen, but which is there all the same, as he has just proved. But what does the historian do, on the other hand? He explains an anomaly of the same type solely in terms of the conspicuous statesmen of the time. It never occurs to him that there might have been a hidden force, which caused a certain turn of events. But it was there, nevertheless; it has been there since the beginning of history. You know what that force is: the Jew.” — SoE: Hitler providing an apt metaphor.

“Similarly, the influence of the Jews with Augustus was so great that they completely intimidated Pontius Pilate, who, as deputy of the Roman Emperor, was certainly not a nobody. Thus he said, ‘For God’s sake, away with this sordid Jewish affair!’ as he reached for the washbasin and condemned Christ, whom he considered guiltless, to death.”
SoE: Hitler referring to John 19:12.

“‘There,’ he cried, ‘the recipe from which the Jews always brew their hellish broth! We anti-Semites are really something. We manage to find out everything except that which is really important.’ Word for word, he emphatically read with a hard voice:
And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother and every one against his neighbor; city against city and kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt shall fall in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof: and they shall seek to the idols, and to the charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards.’” — SoE: Hitler reading from the Jewish holy text, Isaiah 19:2-3.

“Thus will the charmers and wizards prattle on and on, till one night the blood sign will appear on all the Jewish houses, and the infuriated masses, led by the Jews, will swarm forth to smite all the firstborn in the land again as in Egypt” — SoE: Hitler reading from the Jewish holy text, Exodus, and revealing that the Demiurge didn’t commit mass infanticide in Egypt, rather it was the Jews themselves.

“That portion of the Egyptian nation that had remained patriotic turned the tables and booted Moses, Cohn, and Levi out of the country, followed by the inhabitants whom they had incited. During this exodus they carried along as much stolen booty as they could manage, the Bible reports with satisfaction. It also reports, in no uncertain terms, that the Egyptians were glad to be rid of them. The best, though, was the reward the Jews gave their stupid accomplices. Suddenly they began calling them rabble,* whereas formerly they had called them ‘comrade’ and pretended to love them. Imagine the faces these deluded ones must have made in the desert when they heard this.” — SoE: Further reading from Jewish holy texts, Exodus 12:35-36 & Psalms 105:38, as well as revealing the Jews’ appreciation of the goys who helped them.

*The German original here is Pöbelvolk, which is only an approximate as Jewish terms are specific to Jews, though the negative connotation of this one fits the typical Jewish attitude toward non-Jews.

“The Jews call our Sedan Day celebration barbarous,” I remarked. “But they find entirely in order the fact that, year in and year out, they still, after all this enormous time, celebrate in the synagogues their heroic deed concerning the seventy-five thousand Persians, in the feast of Purim.” — SoE: Eckart pointing out the Jewish hypocrisy of considering a wartime military victory (Sedan Day commemorates the September 2, 1870 Prussian battle victory over France) as “barbarous,” while religiously celebrating the Jewish orchestrated mass-slaughter of Persians.

“Really, the Book of Joshua should suffice; such a thing of uninterrupted genocide, of bestial cruelty, of shameless rapacity and cold-blooded cunning — Hell incarnate! And everything in the name of Jehova [YHWH], in fact, according to his express wish! When the city of Jericho fell victim to the Jews through the treachery of the harlot Rahab, neither man nor beast, neither young nor old remained among the living; only the harlot was spared. She and her whole, noble family were rewarded with the privilege of living in Israel.” — SoE: Hitler referring to the Jewish holy text, specifically Joshua 6:25.

“‘The Lord is angry at all the Gentiles; he will deliver them to the slaughter; their land will became burning pitch; it will become a wasteland, soaked with their blood; there will be no nobles in the land; their princes will die out.’ Between Isaiah and Joshua were hundreds of years, but in that whole time the infernal rage of the Jews against non-Jewish royalty hadn’t changed a bit.” — SoE: Eckart quoting the Jewish holy text, Isaiah 34.

“Our leadership can be truly strong, however, only if it is based completely in our people; only if it concerns itself with the welfare of the least among them just as much as with that of the wealthiest of them.” — SoE: An early iteration by Hitler of the core of his Nationalist and Socialist ideals.

“I assert this: a time will come when all the elite nations of the world will have such a leadership; and then everyone will be astonished to see that, instead of grating on one another as has previously been the case, they will treat one another with respect and consideration. For then there will be no more whipping up of land greed, of an itching for power, of suspicion — sentiments which exist in unmixed form only in the isolated few, and not in the more trusting general populace, anyhow. There will be an end to the lying praise of an indiscriminate human brotherhood, which would be possible, if at all, only under the supposition that one had from the first excluded that eternal mischief-maker, the Jew. But had this been done, there would be no need to push the universal brotherhood idea; the various peoples would find themselves compatible of their own accord.” — SoE: Autarky & Autocracy for peace & human development.

One who really feels international has as much regard for the rest of the world as he does for his own nation. Were our so-called international swarms really like that — fine. But I fear that they are secretly more concerned with the attitude of the rest of the world toward themselves than with their own attitude toward the world. Internationalism requires basically good intentions. But the Jew fundamentally and completely lacks these. He hasn’t the remotest idea of classifying himself with the rest of humanity. His aim is to dominate others in order to extort from them at his leisure. Were he really interested in comradeship, he has had the longest and most abundant opportunity for it. Jehovah’s command to him to make no alliances with foreign peoples, but, on the contrary, to devour one after the other, went straight to his heart.” — SoE: Hitler points out that Jewish holy texts, namely Exodus 34:12 & Deuteronomy 7:16, encourage Jews to turn non-Jews against each other.

“If I had my way, I’d require placards to be hung in all the schools, at every street corner, and in every public room, on which would be printed nothing but Schopenhauer’s description of the Jews: ‘Great masters of the lie!’ There is no better description. And it applies without exception to every Jew equally, whether high or low, stock exchange tycoon or rabbi, baptized or circumcised.” — SoE: Hitler quoting his favorite philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, from Parerga und Paralipomena.

“How many Galician Jews have first become Germans, then Englishmen, and finally Americans! And every time in the twinkling of an eye. With startling rapidity they change their nationality back and forth, and wherever their feet touch, there resounds either the ‘Watch on the Rhine,’ or the ‘Marsellaise,’ or ‘Yankee Doodle.’ Dr. Heim does not once question the fact that our Warburgs, our Bleichroders, or our Mendelssohns are able to transfer their patriotism as well as their residence of today to London or to New York on the morrow.” — SoE: Jewish Internationalism is for in-tribe advantage.

“The American, Ford, well knew. He has written of the faithlessness of the so-called ‘German’ Jews toward the country where they live, of the fact that they have united themselves with the rest of the world’s Jews toward the ruin of Germany. ‘Why?’ jeers the Jew. ‘Because the German is a vulgar scoundrel, a backward, medieval creature, who hasn’t the faintest idea of our worth. And we should help such rabble? No, he has the Jews he deserves!’ Such arrogance is indeed staggering to behold.” — SoE: Hitler points out that during WW1 as the Jews realized that they could gain more from a German defeat, they turned against Germany.

I reminded him of Russia. ‘Before the revolution, the Jews condemned her as a downright sewer of vileness, even though they were the evident vermin in that sewer; now, the same Jews are at the helm, and, wuppdiwupp, the same Russia is a great nation.’”
SoE: Eckart’s immediate response to the above, pointing out that Jews similarly turned against Czarist Russia, once they realized they could gain more from a Communist Russia.

“‘In the year 1870,’ he rejoined, ‘we Germans had the privilege of being a great people. The Jews considered that the time had arrived for replacing the French emperor, who had become undependable, with a pliable president. This also seemed an excellent opportunity to establish the Commune; thus the ‘heroic German people.’ No wonder that right behind our princes and generals a pack of gesticulating Jewish financiers rode into Paris. Meanwhile, though, we have sunk back down into the pack again. The press, ‘that select tool of the Anti-Christ,’ as Bismarck called it, has designated us as Boches and as Huns. But have patience! The more quickly we approach Bolshevism, the more glorious we will become again.’” — SoE: Hitler pointing out another example of Jewish opportunistic internationalism.

“‘The stronghold of European Jewry had its origin in the period between Cromwell and Edward VII,’ I emphasized. ‘Since then, however, the center of Jewish activity seems to have been transferred to America. They have had a good footing there for a long time. [Werner] Sombart maintains that it was Jewish money, which made the first two voyages of Columbus possible. A Jew, Luis de Torres, is supposed to have been the first European to step on American soil. And, topping everything else, the Jews have recently claimed Columbus himself as one of them.’” — SoE: Eckart pointing out the engrained Jewish arrogance that compels Jews to link every event perceived as good publicity to their tribe. Jewish appreciation of colonialism also revealed.

“‘That’s not surprising,” he laughed. “Everyone who has somehow played a role in the world, the dear Lord included, is a Jew. They even have Goethe and Schopenhauer on their list.’” SoE: Hitler’s immediate response to the above remark.

“In 1915, at a time when the true Americans hadn’t the slightest thought of a war against us and, in fact, were so disposed toward us that any indication of a possible conflict of interest could have been smoothly and amicably settled, a secret advisory committee met with President Wilson for the sole purpose of preparing the country for war against Germany. And who was the chief wire-puller in these nefarious activities, which were set into motion a full two years before the engagement of the United States in the war? The previously unknown Jew, Bernard Baruch.” — SoE: Eckart revealing what pulled the USA into WWI. Roughly 5 years after this discussion between, William J. Flynn, former head of the US Secret Service, would publish an article in Liberty magazine detailing Baruch’s Zionist activities.

“The word ‘Jew’ says everything. There is no need for any further distinction!” — SoE: Hitler greatly appreciated concision.

“When Cyrus gave the Jews permission to return to Palestine (from their Babylonian ‘captivity’) the overwhelming majority ignored Zion and remained in immeasurably rich Babylonia. Completely content there, they continued their financial speculations and other activities.” — SoE: Likewise, many Jews opted to evacuate from the “death camps” with the SS (their supposed killers and torturers), instead of wait to be “liberated” by the Red Army.

“The resolution of the Pan-Jewish Conference of 1919, in Philadelphia: ‘the Jews are citizens of the new Jewish state of Palestine, but at the same time they have complete rights of citizenship of whatever countries they choose to live in.’ One must read that non plus ultra of arrogance twice, indeed, a hundred times, in order to be sure one isn’t dreaming.” — SoE: Hitler pointing out Jewish double-standards, which are rooted into their worldview of “Jews & Goyim.”

“It is a rank growth over the whole earth, sometimes advancing slowly, sometimes leaping ahead in great bounds. Everywhere it sucks voraciously at the lifeblood of the planet. What was in the beginning a swollen abundance will become in the end nothing but dried-up sap. Zionism is the visible, surface aspect. It is connected underground to the rest of the monstrous growth.” — SoE: The “monstrous growth” underground is tribalism, which is best exemplified by Jews, though other groups also make use of it.

“One thing of which we must always remind ourselves: ‘Great masters of the lie!’ One need only forget Schopenhauer’s words for an instant in order to begin slipping under the influence of their deceptions. To be sure, we also lie but, in the first place, not as a matter of habit and, in the second place, clumsily.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“A Jew is only embarrassed when he inadvertently blurts out the truth. If he should happen to deliberately tell the truth, it is always with a mental reservation, thus making a lie even of the truth.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“‘Indeed, Luther,’ I replied, ‘said to the Jews: You are not a German, but a deceiver, not a Frenchman, but a faker. His synonym for Jew was liar!” — SoE: Eckart quoting Martin Luther’s famous work, On the Jews and their Lies.

“‘That’s what everyone who knows them says of them.’ he rejoined, ‘from the Pharaohs up to Goethe and our time. It has been said in every dead and living language: in Greek, Latin, Persian, Turkish, English, French, or what have you. One would hope that these universal condemnations, throughout the whole world, would give our charmers and wizards at least a little to think about. God forbid! Not even Christ was able to reach them. He stood there among the cringing Jewish rabble, his eyes flashing, the very image of scorn, and his words fell among them like whiplashes: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.’”
SoE: Hitler’s immediate response to the previous remark with the final part being John 8:44.

“The outstanding point is that the real population, composed of oppressed peasants, was of an entirely different race than the Hebrews. Gradually the Jews forced their religion on them. Christ himself growled about that: ‘Woe onto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye encompass sea and land to make one proselyte…’(Matthew 23:15). To the Jews, Galilee was the land of the Gentiles, whose population ‘sat in darkness,’ as they impudently imagined (Matthew 4:15-16). They said: ‘Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?’ and ‘Art thou also of Galilee? Search, and look: for out of Galilee ariseth no prophet’ (John 1:46; 7:52). The Hebrews were so firmly convinced of the non-Jewish ancestry of Christ that they counted him among the especially hated Samaritans (John 7:48). We live and learn! There are many more such examples.”
SoE: Hitler quoting various New Testament passages to make his point about the Jews, in a way similar to what Martin Luther did in his famous anti-Judaic work.

“Christ was not so tolerant. With a whip he put a stop to the business of the children of the devil, even though he had said, ‘Love your enemy!’”
Eckart speaking.

“‘Yes,’ he replied, ‘but we must understand what Christ meant by enemy. We can love an honorable and decent enemy, even a brutal one, who is frank and forthright in his enmity. And at the same time we can beware of him. But Christ never dreamed that we should love men whom no love whatever could dissuade from their implacable determination to poison us, body and soul. Indeed, he himself did not do that. On the contrary, he continued to strike with his whip as hard as he could.’” — SoE: Hitler’s immediate response to the previous remark.

“The Bavarian People’s Party, for instance, knows quite well that we are defending the Christian foundations of our nation without mental reservations. They also know, however, that we can make no common cause with them as long as they adhere to their present policies. And so they turned to the Jews, hoping to remain in power with their help. They surprised themselves. Dripping with friendliness at first, the Jews turned on them murderously when they had gotten the upper hand.
SoE: Hitler speaking. What he describes echoes the implementation of Communism in the USSR.

“So far, never and nowhere has there been a truly social state. Everywhere and always the upper crust has leaned much more strongly to the principle, ‘what is yours, is mine,’ than to, ‘what is mine, is yours.’ These wise ones have only themselves to blame for the fact the lower stratum, full of rage, now is committing the same error. The Jew is able to take advantage of both these groups. One of them provides for his affairs, the other carries them out. Therefore, we oppose them both. We will put an end to unfair privileges as well as to slavery.” — SoE: Hitler laying out some basics for the National Socialist vision.

“The Reds scream at us as reactionaries, and to the reactionaries we are Bolsheviks. From both sides the Jew directs the attack on us. The lower stratum doesn’t see him yet and, thus, hates us from sheer stupidity; the upper stratum sees him but thinks it can serve its own selfish purposes with him and thus, shoots us in the back more from unscrupulousness than stupidity. One really needs a good deal of faith under such circumstances in order to maintain one’s courage.” — SoE: Eckart speaking about the difficulty of breaking out of the false dichotomy of Left/Right politics.

Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society. Likewise, the Kant Society in his work, in spite of the fact that — or, rather, because — Kant summarily declared the Jewish people to be a ‘nation of swindlers.’ The same with the Goethe Society. ‘We tolerate no Jews among us,’ said Goethe. ‘Their religion permits them to rob non-Jews,’ he wrote. ‘This crafty race has one great principle: as long as order prevails, there is nothing to be gained,’ he continued. He categorically emphasized: ‘I refrain from all cooperation with Jews and their accomplices.’ All in vain; the Jewish Goethe Society is still there.” — SoE: Hitler pointing out that many famous philosophers have spoken out against Jews, yet the Jew merely started to present them in a false way that was beneficial to the tribe.

“To him impudence has no meaning. He is only able to think in terms of advantage or disadvantage, profit or loss. One must approach him with a different sort of measuring stick.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“Not even the saintly Thomas Aquinas is able to reach these people. The great father of the Church has described in his writings our relationship with the Jews in terms of a voyage on a ship. The Jews, embarked on the same vessel with the Christians, play a characteristic role: while the Christians are occupied with sailing the ship, the Jews plunder the storeroom and bore holes in the hull. St. Thomas recommends that they should be relieved of their booty and chained to the rudder. What an atrocity! How un-Christian! Poor Jews! One can learn so much from them!” — SoE: Hitler speaking with, once again, an apt metaphor.

“The disguised Hebrew, together with his cuckoo eggs, will have been thrown out of the Christian community! He has set not only the Egyptians but also the Christians against one another so that ‘they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor,’ and he is still at this game. He works from the outside, carefully building his pitfalls and making his destructive influence felt in the press. But he also works from the inside, where he is even more dangerous, in the mask of the Christian minister.” — SoE: Eckart speaking. Noteworthy is his mention of Jews working as Christian ministers. Today people like this head the Christian Zionist movement in the USA.

“Hebrew is a difficult language. Luther translated a certain word, for example, as ‘racial kinsman.’ But then the rabbi came in and said that the word means ‘neighbor.’ And so we have the translation: ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ rather than, as it should be: ‘Love thy racial kinsman as thyself.’ A small piece of cunning, but — it served its purpose of giving the Jews the aspect of real humanitarians.” — SoE: Hitler pointing out how Jews manipulate language for their tribe’s needs and appearances. Hitler’s disgust with Jewish racism is also apparent.

“The Jews desire to make all their affairs ambiguous,
so that nothing about them is really certain.”
An apt concision by Hitler.

“The Jew often plays the role of a benefactor only in order to accomplish his destructive aims without notice. It’s always been that way.”
Another apt concision by Hitler.

“‘This ambiguity,’ I completed, ‘one finds even in Spinoza. One can hardly imagine a bolder, more outspoken worldview than his; but his ethics would horrify a pig. ‘In all things seek that which is advantageous’ is the quintessence of his moral philosophy — the genuine Jewish viewpoint.’” — SoE: Eckart’s immediate response to the previous remark. Baruch Spinoza’s exact words are: ‘Reason demands nothing contrary to Nature, it demands that everyone love himself, seek his own advantage, what is really useful to him.’

“Luther was a great man, a giant. With a shock, which pierced the twilight he saw the Jews as we have only begun to see them today. But, unfortunately, too late, and even then not there, where he had done the most damage — in Christianity. Oh, had he only seen them there; had he only seen them in his youth! Then he would not have attacked Catholicism, but, rather, the Jews behind it! Instead of a wholesale condemnation of the Church, he would have let his whole, passionate impetus fall on the true villains. Instead of glorifying the Old Testament, he would have branded it as the arsenal of the Antichrist. And the Jew — the Jew would have stood there in his abominable nakedness, as an eternal warning.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“The ‘geniality of the heart’ of which the Jew, Fritz Kahn, has spoken, through which ‘Israel has become the ethical mother of mankind.’ These fellows are really quaint in their impudence. Kahn has called Moses ‘an almost unique phenomenon in the history of civilized peoples: a national hero without weapons.’ At the same time he reproves us with the remark that ‘on stormy nights the distressed wail of widows may be heard around the bronze heroes of our market places,’ that is, around the statues of Prince Eugene, Marshal Blucher and so on. I wonder what he thinks Moses used to massacre the Egyptian firstborn, if not weapons.” — SoE: Eckart aptly summarizing both the conceited and hypocritical qualities intrinsic to the Jew.

“A few hours spent browsing in the Talmud,” I proceeded, “is quite sufficient to remove any doubt about the Jews.” — SoE: Eckart speaking.

“‘The Talmud is an unimpeachable authority,’ trumpeted the rabbi Dr. Gronemann, before a Hanover tribunal in 1894. ‘The legal doctrines of the Talmud have precedence,’ a Professor Cohen imperiously told a criminal court in Marburg in 1888. And he added — now pay attention to this! — that it applied also to non-believing Jews who, however, were nonetheless still a part of the Jewish community, ‘since they acknowledge the moral doctrines of the Talmud.’” — SoE: Eckart quoting what Jews have said about the Talmud.

“‘Whatever it is in the Talmud we acknowledge to have absolute precedence over the whole law of Moses,’ a group of so-called reformed Jews testified in Paris in 1860, with the concurrence of the Alliance Israelite.” — SoE: Eckart speaking.

“No one, though, has a stomach capable of digesting even this one passage from the Talmud: ‘Rabbi Johanan said the penis of Rabbi Ishmael was as large as a six-kab* wineskin; according to others, three kabs. The penis of Rabbi Papa was as large as one of the baskets of the inhabitants of Harpania.’ The high- minded competitive zeal of the three old rabbis could knock an unprepared person off his chair.” — SoE: Eckart speaking and pointing out that “dick measuring” is quintessentially Jewish.

*NOTE: A “kab” is an ancient Hebrew unit of measure equivalent to about two quarts.

“‘I really doubt that there is any sort of medical encyclopedia which contains terms suitable for describing the Jewish megalomania,’ he said. ‘But what an incredible talent they have for disguising it!’” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“‘Their book Sirach,’ I completed, ‘howls: Terrify all peoples; lift your hand up against strangers, that they may see your power. The fire of wrath must burn them. Crush the heads of the princes, who are our enemies! (Sirach 36:2-12). And the Schulchan Aruch rages: ‘Pour out, oh Lord, your fury over the goyim, who do not know you, and over the kingdoms which do not invoke your name. Pursue them in wrath and extinguish them beneath God’s heaven!’ (Schulchan Aruch, Orach Gaijim, 480). They make the same threat in both places, with the distinction that the Schulchan Aruch emphasizes that all must be exterminated who do not swear on Jehova.’” — SoE: Eckart quoting Jewish holy texts to reveal the Jews’ worldview.

“What the Jews call their religion coincides exactly with their character.”
An apt concision by Eckart.

“They are incessantly boasting, too, that their religion is such a masterful creation that it stands alone in the world. Then bring the Talmud forward! It contains the Jewish religion in its purest form — theology, dogmatics, morality, everything together in the same place. Why do they hold back the magnificent book so nervously, if indeed ‘the millennia have given the breath of its existence’ to it? As born benefactors of mankind they should have long since made it accessible to the general populace. Instead, it still hasn’t been completely translated, even today.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“Some religion! This wallowing in filth, this hate, this malice, this arrogance, this hypocrisy, this pettifogging, this incitement to deceit and murder — is that a religion? Then there has never been anyone more religious than the devil himself. It is the Jewish essence, the Jewish character, period!” — SoE: Hitler speaking about the Talmud.

“Dostoevski depicted the hair-raising conceit of the Russian Jew. For a long time he lived with all kinds of convicts, including several Jews, sleeping on the same wooden bunks with them. Everyone treated these Jews in a friendly manner, he reported, not even taking offense at their raving-mad manner of praying. Probably their own religion had once been like that, thought the Russians to themselves, and they quietly let the Jews do as they pleased. But, on the other hand, the Jews haughtily rejected the Russians, didn’t want to eat with them, and looked down on them. And where was this? In a Siberian prison! All over Russia, Dostoevski found this antipathy and loathing of the Jews for the natives. Nowhere, however, did the Russian people resent their behavior, indulgently believing it to be a part of the Jewish religion.” — SoE: Eckart talking about the writings of Fyodor Dostoevski (Dostoyevsky).

“It is the character of a people which determines the nature of their religion, not the other way around.” — SoE: An apt concision by Hitler.

“The Communist Party in Germany still has fewer than a quarter of a million members; yet it owns over fifty newspapers. What that costs is simply incalculable. Millions. Who pays these enormous sums? We National Socialists have our hands full just keeping our one [Völkischer] Beobachter going. If we had an arrangement with the Jews, we would have a prodigious number of party newspapers in an instant.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“When one shows them that the Jews have, in their official religious books, the most hair-raising statements about the plundering and murder of all Gentiles, it makes no difference at all to them. They either dispute it or, when that seems hopeless, say that most Jews haven’t been that religious for a long time and don’t concern themselves with that stuff anymore. It never occurs to them that the Jewish character is the source of their vile literature.” — SoE: Hitler speaking.

“‘But this,’ he said, ‘tops it all: all — and I mean all — social injustices of any significance in the world today can be traced back to the subterranean influence of the Jews. The workers seek, therefore, to eliminate with the help of the Jews those evils which none other than the Jews themselves have consciously and deliberately established. One can imagine what kind of help they will receive.’” — SoE: Hitler pointing out the dangerous folly of Marxism.

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