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Humor Nazis – 18

Episode #18 – The Bearaboo & Friends Meet the Bearaboo★☭ It has several levels… …and solutions to all of life’s problems! As well as some similarly-minded friends. The Bearaboo★☭ has a remarkable track record of progress… …it’s very thankful to … Continue reading

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Soldier: Eugenics, Golems, & the Reluctant Hero

Contents 1-Eugenics: The Adam Project 2-Golems: Designer Killers 3-The Struggle 4-The Reluctant Hero 5-Old Order Destruction 6-Other Details The 1998 science fiction action film Soldier is an interesting obscure gem of a movie. Produced on a big budget with high … Continue reading

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The World of Half-Life: We’re All Palestinians

The world of Half-Life­ and indeed the surrounding universe, especially as developed in Half-Life 2, bears many strong resemblances to our real world. In the game, the background story in broad strokes is as follows. A top secret research facility … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist Graphics

All anti-Zionists, especially Aryanists, distribute! Enough Zionist symbols for now, let’s end with something positive. Save Save Save

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