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Humor Nazis – 14

Episode #14: Srulik Thinks TL;DR – God chose us, we can do what we want. The funny thing is that the Jews accuse Hitler of using strength to achieve peace, however when the Führer did it, the Jews were at … Continue reading

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Soldier: Eugenics, Golems, & the Reluctant Hero

Contents 1-Eugenics: The Adam Project 2-Golems: Designer Killers 3-The Struggle 4-The Reluctant Hero 5-Old Order Destruction 6-Other Details The 1998 science fiction action film Soldier is an interesting obscure gem of a movie. Produced on a big budget with high … Continue reading

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Hidden History: The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

In 1922, American author F. Scott Fitzgerald published a scathing indictment of the brutal and overlooked history of the United States in the form of a short story called, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz. He was so exacting … Continue reading

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The World of Half-Life: We’re All Palestinians

The world of Half-Life­ and indeed the surrounding universe, especially as developed in Half-Life 2, bears many strong resemblances to our real world. In the game, the background story in broad strokes is as follows. A top secret research facility … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 13

New Season! New Banner! Episode #13: Hitler vs the Fright Wing Geert Wilders Presents: The Most Zionist Show on Earth™! Hitler and Trump (along with other trolls): Yes, there’s a BIG difference. That’s all for now!

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Humor Nazis – 12

Episode #12: Denied Stay Tuned!

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Anti-Zionist Graphics

All anti-Zionists, especially Aryanists, distribute! Enough Zionist symbols for now, let’s end with something positive. Save Save Save

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