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Humor Nazis – 15

Episode #15: Meme Time with Wehrmacht & Waffen ϟϟ Volunteers! Ok, so in all earnestness, our great army did not start out this way, however we did soon recognize that peoples liberated from British Imperialism, Soviet Communism, and rampantly speculative … Continue reading

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Prisoners: The Illusion of Escape

Entrapment or enslavement can be rendered more effective by making the way out more complicated. Physically obstructing or convoluting the exit path, such as making it a maze, can accomplish this effectively. The movie Prisoners makes use of this technique. … Continue reading

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Video Tribute

Here is a video tribute to the soldiers who fought for National Socialism. “The great protagonists are those who fight for their ideas and ideals despite the fact that they receive no recognition at the hands of their contemporaries.” ~Adolf … Continue reading

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Taboo: The Information and Intuition Stranglehold

Any society that stands against freedom will resort to censorship. The blunt form of censorship is legally barring something from being distributed or being openly discussed. The much more subtle form of censorship, something which Jews have practically mastered, is … Continue reading

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The Handed Victory vs. Gnostic Struggle

One of the core distinctions between Aryan and Jewish thinking is how results are achieved and how victories are won. The Aryan idea is that material existence is inherently evil and is to be ultimately transcended with the journey being … Continue reading

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Swastika Sightings

The World’s most universal symbol. Ironically, it was in a country from which the symbol was a largely absent for most of its history that a coherent, radicalist movement inspired by it was mobilized. Here are examples of the Swastika, … Continue reading

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Communication in Aesthetics – Part II and Beyond

Aesthetics of Civilization When we go above and beyond the body, the spirit, the state, and the symbols we use, there we can see how all of those elements interact and compliment each other. This is a grand scale of … Continue reading

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