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Kelly’s Heroes: The Golden Side of WW2

On the surface, the 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes seems like a fairly routine Hollywood “war” movie with many standard tropes of the Allies’ court history. There are funny, relatable and colorfully characterized US Army soldiers; there’s a load of action … Continue reading

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Elysium: Leadership Vacuum Crisis

The 2013 film Elysium offers an interesting look at a possible future of unrestrained technological development, class division and mistrust, which all stem from the relentless profiteering that capitalism is prone to. Nevertheless, the film offers a rather naive or, … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight: Turbulence of the Times

Written by Aryan Sanctuary The Dark Knight, released 2008, I consider to be one of the best-made movies of the 2000s, a pleasant surprise following the rubbish that was Batman Begins. Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman is my favourite among all the actors … Continue reading

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Repo Men: The Traps of Debt & Transhumanism

Contents 1-Pillory and Stocks 2-Citizens and Subjects 3-Struggle and Conflict 4-Veils and Traps 5-The Call to Arms 6-The Hero 7-Further Information An interesting movie from 2010, Repo Men, examines two popular ideas. One of these is old and the other … Continue reading

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Die Hard: Satire of the False Dichotomy

There is an interesting notion that can be extracted from the first and third movies in the Die Hard series. Those particular entries had the same director, related villains, and similar plots, thus it seems that the subtly conveyed idea … Continue reading

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Traces of Aryanism in a Heavy Metal Song

In my post on the Storytelling Front of the ongoing Aryan Kampf, I mentioned that little bits of Aryanism can be seen in many places and, perhaps, even in greatly unexpected places. Films and television programs are perhaps the easiest … Continue reading

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American Psycho: The Madness of Materialism

It’s movie time again. Today’s feature presentation is the psychological thriller from 2000 called American Psycho. The film was directed by Mary Harron who also co-wrote the screenplay, which is based on the novel of the same name by Bret … Continue reading

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