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Shadows of the Demiurge II – Court History, Tribalism, & the Rotten Root

“Research must remain free and unfettered by any State restriction. The facts, which it establishes represent Truth, and Truth is never evil. It is the duty of the State to support and further the efforts of research in every way, … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Heroes: The Golden Side of WW2

On the surface, the 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes seems like a fairly routine Hollywood “war” movie with many standard tropes of the Allies’ court history. There are funny, relatable and colorfully characterized US Army soldiers; there’s a load of action … Continue reading

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Olympia Part II – The Festival of Beauty

In Olympia Part II – Festival of Beauty, Director Leni Riefenstahl focused more on the athletic forms being presented rather than the specific events themselves. The film is edited into sequences that are separated by fade outs followed by fade … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 18

Episode #18 – The Bearaboo & Friends Meet the Bearaboo★☭ It has several levels… …and solutions to all of life’s problems! As well as some similarly-minded friends. The Bearaboo★☭ has a remarkable track record of progress… …it’s very thankful to … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 15

Episode #15: Meme Time with Wehrmacht & Waffen ϟϟ Volunteers! Adolf Hitler’s Armed Forces: A Triumph for Diversity? ϟϟ Ok, so in all earnestness, our great army did not start out this way, however we did soon recognize that peoples … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 14

Episode #14: Srulik Thinks TL;DR – God chose us, we can do what we want. The funny thing is that the Jews accuse Hitler of using strength to achieve peace, however when the Führer did it, the Jews were at … Continue reading

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Hidden History: The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

In 1922, American author F. Scott Fitzgerald published a scathing indictment of the brutal and overlooked history of the United States in the form of a short story called, The Diamond as Big as the Ritz. He was so exacting … Continue reading

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