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Humor Nazis – 12

Episode #12: Denied Stay Tuned!

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Humor Nazis – 10

The first video episode! Episode #10: eLIE wiesel You can’t spell “Elie” without “lie.”

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Humor Nazis – 9


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Ambulans: The Power of Nightmares

Let’s take a look at Ambulans, a 1961 Communist Propaganda film that ideally served Zionist purposes. The broader story behind the film also demonstrates Jewry’s meddling in the post-war Communist regimes of Eastern Europe and how that played out in … Continue reading

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Auschwitz: Countering the Parallax View

A while ago, I visited the Zionist museum that has been placed over the site of the former Majdanek concentration camp. By that time, I had been well aware of the fallacies and sheer absurdities of Holocaust claims and the … Continue reading

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Taboo: The Information and Intuition Stranglehold

Any society that stands against freedom will resort to censorship. The blunt form of censorship is legally barring something from being distributed or being openly discussed. The much more subtle form of censorship, something which Jews have practically mastered, is … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Progression – Part III: Acceptance

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer The truth about Adolf Hitler has become self-evident, for those who care to look, but this … Continue reading

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