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Complacency within the Cave: The Third Wave

Sword of Elysium: The following is the personal account of Ron Jones, who led a daring experiment that ultimately demonstrated the effectiveness of well-intended authoritarian leadership, yet he was too afraid to follow through to the end due to his … Continue reading

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Titus: Aesthetics of an Aryan State

Written by Elysium This article is a review of the film “Titus” – a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus.” However, I will not be covering the plot, characters or any scenes; as I wish to focus on something which … Continue reading

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Communication in Aesthetics – Part II and Beyond

Aesthetics of Civilization When we go above and beyond the body, the spirit, the state, and the symbols we use, there we can see how all of those elements interact and compliment each other. This is a grand scale of … Continue reading

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Communication in Aesthetics – Part I

Aesthetics are a form of communication. Arguably, they are the first things to be a source of continuous communication long before the information superhighway with all its radio waves, television programs and phone calls was topped off with the Internet. … Continue reading

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Perceiving Aryanism and National Socialism

I can imagine that one day long ago when a system of mathematics, that eventually became one of Persia’s greatest achievements in the form of algebra, started to play a key role in various transactions and this made certain sneaky … Continue reading

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The Carnegie Deli: A Den of Jewish Indulgence

New York City, a sprawling metropolis, there are so many places and things to see here that it would take probably a lifetime. There is one particular little locale, however, that I would like to bring to my fellow Aryanists’ … Continue reading

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The Lone Wolf Archetype

The Action/Adventure Film is one of the most popular genres in cinema. Virtually every big studio regularly releases films that fit into this category. These films are relatively easy to market to a wide audience and have consistently provided big … Continue reading

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