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Faces in Film I: First Blood

Sword of Elysium: An examination of an interesting and under-explored aspect of film casting from the blog Aryan Anthropology. Many film-watchers are aware of the artistic techniques and aesthetic choices such as camera angles, music, and lighting which are used … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 20

Episode #20 – What People Say National Socialism Is “The lies shall one day come tumbling down, and truth shall triumph over all.” ~Joseph Goebbels

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Robocop 3: Duty vs. Power

Written by Aryan Sanctuary Since I have been recently referring to this movie so often, I figured that I might as well review the movie itself! This should also help those who have not seen the movie but who see me … Continue reading

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ZC Weapons: Hyper-Reality

The Folly of “Nazi Super Science” The National Socialist movement that created the German Third Reich has long been accused of adhering to wild and bizarre scientific theories as well as of conducting science experiments to form the “perfect” human … Continue reading

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Supernanny: The Way of the Gulag

Written by Anthony One of the best examples highlighting Aryanist complaints about childcare is the TV series, Supernanny, in which families with children who have ‘behavioural problems’ use the services of the ‘Supernanny’ to bring their children into line. Note … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Progression – Part II: Opposition

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed….” After ridicule alone had become ineffective at maligning the German National Socialists and their allies, the ZC Propaganda machine cranked out some new ammunition for … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Progression – Part I: Ridicule

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed….” The idea of National Socialism has been the single most lied about thing in the past century and very likely in the whole second millenium anno domini. These lies have … Continue reading

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