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Complacency within the Cave: The Third Wave

Sword of Elysium: The following is the personal account of Ron Jones, who led a daring experiment that ultimately demonstrated the effectiveness of well-intended authoritarian leadership, yet he was too afraid to follow through to the end due to his … Continue reading

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Video Tribute

Here is a video tribute to the soldiers who fought for National Socialism. “The great protagonists are those who fight for their ideas and ideals despite the fact that they receive no recognition at the hands of their contemporaries.” ~Adolf … Continue reading

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Communication in Aesthetics – Part I

Aesthetics are a form of communication. Arguably, they are the first things to be a source of continuous communication long before the information superhighway with all its radio waves, television programs and phone calls was topped off with the Internet. … Continue reading

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Observations Around Society

Popular culture is in a pretty low state these days. Western culture has become driven by promise of plenty via little to no effort. Indulgence has become a good thing, as long as a worker doesn’t neglect their responsibilities more … Continue reading

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The War of Words: Storytelling Front

We are in a War of Words. There are many frontlines in this highly amorphous conflict. The Political Front may be the most obvious, but I believe that storytelling is also vital for this. “An important prerequisite of a movement … Continue reading

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A correction on "failure"

I feel compelled to offer a correction or slight clearing up about my last post. I stated that “National Socialism is seen as a vicious idea that failed” and this statement was juxtaposed next to one stating that Communism too … Continue reading

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USA – United States of Arya

The United States is both a very good location as well as a difficult location to boot up a strong Aryanist movement. The problem is most of Europe is even probably even more difficult. However, it is in the West … Continue reading

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