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Starship Troopers: The Merits of Militarism

“I know people who read interminably, book after book, from page to page, and yet I should not call them ‘well-read people.’ Of course they ‘know’ an immense amount; but their brain seems incapable of assorting and classifying the material, … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Heroes: The Golden Side of WW2

On the surface, the 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes seems like a fairly routine Hollywood “war” movie with many standard tropes of the Allies’ court history. There are funny, relatable and colorfully characterized US Army soldiers; there’s a load of action … Continue reading

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Humor Nazis – 13

New Season! New Banner! Episode #13: Hitler vs the Fright Wing Geert Wilders Presents: The Most Zionist Show on Earth™! Hitler and Trump (along with other trolls): Yes, there’s a BIG difference. That’s all for now!

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Repo Men: The Traps of Debt & Transhumanism

Contents 1-Pillory and Stocks 2-Citizens and Subjects 3-Struggle and Conflict 4-Veils and Traps 5-The Call to Arms 6-The Hero 7-Further Information An interesting movie from 2010, Repo Men, examines two popular ideas. One of these is old and the other … Continue reading

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Ambulans: The Power of Nightmares

Let’s take a look at Ambulans, a 1961 Communist Propaganda film that ideally served Zionist purposes. The broader story behind the film also demonstrates Jewry’s meddling in the post-war Communist regimes of Eastern Europe and how that played out in … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Progression – Part II: Opposition

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed….” After ridicule alone had become ineffective at maligning the German National Socialists and their allies, the ZC Propaganda machine cranked out some new ammunition for … Continue reading

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ZC Weapons: Harnessing of Hate

The Zionists are a kind of absurdity in addition to being a pestilence. They always want war yet they never want to fight, so they create loads of propaganda in order to set groups of goyim into conflict with one … Continue reading

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