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ZC Weapons: Hyper-Reality

The Folly of “Nazi Super Science” The National Socialist movement that created the German Third Reich has long been accused of adhering to wild and bizarre scientific theories as well as of conducting science experiments to form the “perfect” human … Continue reading

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The Weird World of ZC Censorship

ZC censorship has a relatively simple objective: “serve Zionist interests.” However, they often go about it in an absurd way, especially when it comes to with the National Socialism in fiction. Here is a case in point. Bionic Commando was … Continue reading

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Still Being Revived: Clichés and Propaganda in “Dead Snow”

Is ZC Propaganda running out of ideas? That just might be and the Norwegian horror/comedy film Dead Snow directed by Tommy Wirkola is a case in point. The film is a well-executed little goof-ball of zombie gore, though that is … Continue reading

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ZC Hounds Unleashed: Persian Demonization and the Perversion of Aryanism in “300”

The film 300 is one of the most powerful examples of Zionist propaganda to come out in recent years. Also, in contrast to the other films I have looked at here, this was a big budget blockbuster with cutting edge … Continue reading

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Wolfenstein 3D or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Nazis

One of the most influential computer games of all time would have to be Wolfenstein 3D, which was developed by ID Software and released in May of 1992. The game was a sort of revamp of a game released in … Continue reading

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ZC Weapons: Vilification and Demonization

The Zionist machine’s most active set of gears would have to be the one that spouts information. It is active everyday all day all the time. The information that this massive contraption produces is its own special brand of information … Continue reading

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Aryanism – a misunderstood word and concept

Villification is an effective way to combat an enemy, since it is in effect, getting others to fight the enemy for you. With some carefully chosen words and images, hate can be incited and the masses will “remove” someone… sometimes … Continue reading

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