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Humor Nazis – 15

Episode #15: Meme Time with Wehrmacht & Waffen ϟϟ Volunteers! Adolf Hitler’s Armed Forces: A Triumph for Diversity? ϟϟ Ok, so in all earnestness, our great army did not start out this way, however we did soon recognize that peoples … Continue reading

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Forgotten Realities: The Bridge at Remagen

Introduction After quite a stretch of no film reviews, its time once again to look at a film: The Bridge at Remagen from 1969. It is quite an unconventional war film by both the standards of 2014, as well as … Continue reading

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Cross of Iron: Short of Greatness

Out of all of the films about the Second World War, Cross of Iron, directed by Sam Peckinpah, stands out as among the most unique due it showing that great war from the perspective of the Wehrmacht. By the time … Continue reading

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“Battle of Britain” and Allied Boasting

The 1969 film Battle of Britain is a decently made war film that attempts to portray the air campaign of the Fall of 1940, which was fought over the English Channel and the southern UK. It is a British production … Continue reading

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